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Planet Calypso - 05 Mar 2021:

Robot Spring Offensive

Entropia Universe - 03 Feb 2021:

Merry Mayhem 2020 Results

From the Entropia Universe 'Buzz' Blog

Preview of Upcoming Interface Changes

The sneak-peek of the upcoming interface changes will be split into two parts. The first part features screenshots, and the second a video.

MindArk would like to remind everyone that these previews represent a work-in-progress, and are not the final version of the interface changes. Therefore, we welcome opinions and feedback from the community to help us refine everything.

Feedback can be shared in this on PlanetCalypsoForum.com, or by contacting Community Relations Manager MyAnt on the Entropia Universe Discord: https://discord.gg/9YhKpFaF5C.

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