Genesis Visual Update

Welcome to this graphics update overview for the 18.1.0 version update in the Q1 release 2024. You will find before and after images of various textures, the new look of multiple Entropia Universe armors, updated creatures, and the major graphical changes!


Some environmental and character art elements started to feel old, so we updated a wide range of art assets in Entropia Universe. We have upgraded a large collection of elements in the game, including armors, terrain textures, creatures, vegetation, and general lighting improvements, with modern industry quality standards.


We have been focusing on updating terrain textures, creatures, and character armor. All these assets have been crafted from the ground up with new models and textures.

Changes in the Release

  • Updated Terrain Textures: We’ve updated several ground and landscape textures to be more realistic, using high-quality standards (2k and 4k)
  • Enhanced Texture Details: We added an extra layer of detail to our base textures, making surfaces like grass and sand look more intricate and natural
  • Improved Visual Effects: We introduced new visual effects to make materials like grass and sand react more realistically to light
  • 3D Texture Effects: We’re using a technique called parallax occlusion mapping that makes flat surfaces look 3D, adding depth and making the ground texture look more realistic
  • Improved Lighting: We’ve made multiple improvements to how light works in the game, making the environment feel more natural
  • New Creature Designs: We completely redesigned several creatures, giving them new looks and more detailed appearances
  • New Armor Designs: We also completely redesigned armors for a more modern and detailed look
  • Gameplay and Visual Fixes: We fixed issues with certain effects not displaying correctly, such as particles not interacting with enemies properly, shade on hairstyles, and issues with strange colored clouds and vegetation appearing strangely


Updated Armors

This update enhance the existing armor components' compatibility, making different armor pieces fit better together, and providing more options to mix and match.

We have organized the graphical appearance of a series of armors that use the same model into 3 Tiers. Tier 1 is the Basic model, Tier 2 is the Adjusted upgrade, and Tier 3 is Improved, Modified, Augmented, etc. Second Golden Age (SGA) and other special edition-related upgrades are included in the Tier 2 category.

From the left to the right: Tier 3, Tier 2, and Tier 1.

The armors receiving the graphical update are the following: Angel, Bear, Boar, Eon, Jaguar, Nemesis, Paradox, Pote (Protector Of The Empire), Salamander, Shadow, Thunderbird, Tiger, Vigilante, and Viking.


Updated Creatures













Environmental Overview

New Textures


In conclusion, this release marks a significant step forward in the visual experience of Entropia Universe, bringing our universe to life with more vibrancy and detail than ever before.

We would love to see your favorite part of this update! Share your images on social media with the hashtag #EntropiaUniverse for a chance to get featured on our official social channels.


Thank you for being a part of our Universe!