Responsible Gaming – Play Consciously

Entropia Universe is 3D virtual online entertainment at its best. While Entropia is free to join and use, the Open World design and the unique Real Cash Economy allows everyone to take part on their own terms. In Entropia there are no musts or predefined actions your avatar needs to take part in. Entropia can be used as a social chat room or to boost your entrepreneurial spirit and build an enterprise – or anything imaginable in between.


While Entropia and all its subsystems are designed to be immersive and entertaining it is important to remember the real world too;


If you choose to invest financially in your Avatar do so at a level that is comfortable for you. Is your budget the equivalent of buying a paperback, visiting the movies or getting those fancy designer sneakers? You decide, but we advise you to be conscious of your choices and play responsibly.


Spending time in Entropia is meant to be fulfilling, entertaining and add value to your life. As you probably will make new friends from all over the world inside Entropia and want to spend a lot of time with them, don't forget the people that are close to you.
– You matter to other people, whether it is family, long time friends, coworkers or just your friendly neighbour. If you feel that you are starting to spend a little too much time online in favor of other relations why not make a time budget? Limiting the time online can make your sessions in Entropia more valuable and something to look forward to even more.


As said, being online is meant to be fun, fulfilling and entertaining and we strive to make Entropia even better for each release. While spending time to learn the detailed and sometimes even intricate works of the subsystems inside Entropia your body might not always get the attention it deserves. Exercise is as we all know important to keep the body fit but studies also show that the brain and our mental health benefits immensely from physical exercise. Even small things like getting off one stop earlier in the daily commute or to walk around a city block helps. To get the most out of your time online why not also give your body that little extra?


MindArk has spent more than twenty years making Entropia the vivid and immersive online experience of today. We will continue to develop the unique Entropia experience for many years to come and hope that you can be a part of the continuous evolution of the Universe. Play consciously, responsibly and stay healthy and we’ll see you online!

If you need any help with your online time or want to change your deposit limits please contact Entropia Universe support by filling a support case at