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Entropia Enjin Collaboration

Ever evolving with new technologies, MindArk has been assessing recent blockchain developments and what they might offer to established virtual communities such as Entropia Universe. MindArk’s management team has determined that many of the recent gaming-related announcements in the blockchain space bear a lot of similarities to the experience that Entropia Universe has offered for nearly two decades, and thus large-scale integration of such technologies would not add significant value to the virtual universe experience.

There are, however, opportunities for targeted partnerships and system integrations which could extend the reach of Entropia Universe to new audiences, specifically enthusiasts of the “metaverse” and “play-to-earn” concepts that have received a lot of media attention recently. As such, MindArk has begun a collaboration with Enjin to release five unique eggs as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) on the ERC-20 Ethereum network via the beta launch of their new project,

Each of the five NFT eggs will provide the holder with the opportunity to become an Entropia Universe Affiliate and earn 10% rewards for any Entropia Universe avatar accounts recruited by the holder through their unique URL. These rewards will persist with the entire life of the affiliated accounts. Each egg is also associated with one of Entropia Universe’s planets, and avatar accounts recruited via the holder’s unique affiliate link will spawn on the associated planet. In addition, once Entropia Universe Unreal is launched, each of the five eggs will hatch into a unique virtual companion for the NFT holder.

It is MindArk’s view that the certificate of ownership utility that these eggs provide is an ideal use of NFT technology. Unlike purely speculative NFT sales that thrive on scarcity over function, these unique eggs provide rewards-earning opportunities over time via the holder’s affiliate account. The NFT may be sold at any time, allowing a new owner to build upon previous marketing and recruitment efforts. MindArk is confident that these unique eggs not only provide utility to the NFT owners, but offer value to the Entropia Universe community as a whole.

Additionally, as Enjin’s Efinity is released in the near future, these tokens will be tradable with significantly reduced fees on the Polkadot parachain network if the owners choose to do so.

To participate in this auction, please visit the Entropia Universe page on linked below to learn how you may obtain these first-of-their kind NFTs when the auctions begin in August 2022.

Mayhem prize adjustments distributed

The prize adjustments for past Mayhem events in which the final scores were affected by abuse of the Yog exploit have been distributed to the rightful winners.

We appreciate your continued patience during the delayed distribution of the prizes.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Introducing Utrust - Digital Currency Deposits

MindArk is pleased to introduce Utrust as a new deposit method for Entropia Universe. Digital currencies through Utrust are now available to be used as a regular deposit method.

“Allowing our customers to use cryptocurrencies to deposit into their Entropia Universe accounts has been part of our long-term strategy. The Utrust system fits with our business model which facilitates fiat money transfers to avatar accounts.” – Henrik Nel, CEO.

With Utrust, Entropia Universe participants can now add funds to their avatar accounts using cryptocurrency. The unique real-cash economy of Entropia Universe allows participants to fund their avatars’ activities for entertainment or to build their own businesses inside the unique MMO game experience of Entropia Universe. The Entropia Universe currency (PED) is tied to the value of the real-world USD at a rate of 10 PED to 1 USD.

Utrust is available for transfers of 5 USD or more in digital currencies.


Like many of you, MindArk is saddened and angered by the unjustified and unlawful Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

The MindArk PE AB Board of Directors has therefore decided to indefinitely suspend all financial transactions to and from Russia. This includes disabling of new accounts from Russia, as well as deposits to and withdrawals from Entropia Universe by persons and/or entities located in Russia.

Later today, MindArk will be donating 50,000 USD to the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) to help Ukrainians in need due to the conflict. For more information about the UNHCR, visit:

In addition, 10% of MindArk’s revenue generated in Entropia Universe between March 10, 2022 and April 10, 2022 (minus today’s donation of 50,000 USD), will be donated to the UNHCR, allowing Entropians to also help those in need via their activity in Entropia Universe.

New Treasure Island Shares Update

After the server downtime for release 17.13.0, New Treasure Island shares will be tradable on the Entropia Exchange.