New Treasure Island Deeds

In early December the Entropia Exchange will be expanded with a new listed company, New Treasure Island. The Entropia Exchange allows participants to acquire deeds in virtual companies and receive revenue in the form of dividends from estates controlled by those companies.

New Treasure Island is the third company to be listed on the Entropia Exchange, with deeds available starting on Wednesday, December 1, 2021 at 11:00 UTC.

Treasure Island has been one of the most popular destinations on Planet Calypso, and features the unique Globster creature as well as the unique Second Entity and Miner Bot robots.

New Treasure Island deeds can be acquired via the Entropia Exchange (accessed by right-clicking on the PED card).

Deed Information

  • Price per deed: 10 PED
  • Total deeds: 800000
  • Revenue is generated from activity on the 64 square kilometer area of New Treasure Island.
  • Deed revenue represents 50% of Planet Calypso’s planet partner revenue for all activity on New Treasure Island. 
  • Dividends are distributed on Mondays at 00:00 UTC.
  • Minimum dividend payout is 1 PEC per deed. If the payout per deed is less than 1 PEC, the amount is carried over to the following week’s dividend.
  • There will no longer be any land area taxes for activity on New Treasure Island.

Additional Info

  • New Treasure Island deeds will become tradable between avatars in the Version Update currently scheduled for mid Q1 2022 (approximately three months from initial availability).
  • Size of New Treasure Island: 64 square kilometers
  • New Treasure Island Creatures
    • Allophyl
    • Bristlehog
    • Cornundacauda
    • Estophyl
    • Foul
    • Frescoquda
    • Furor
    • Globster
    • Hiryuu
    • Hogglo
    • Kerberos
    • Letomie
  • Robots
    • Drone
    • Miner Bot
    • Second Entity
    • Trooper
    • Warrior
  • Sea Creatures
    • Calypso Cod
    • Leviathan
    • Razortooth
    • RipperSnapper
    • Sonic Squid
  • Extraterrestrial Creatures (subject to change)
    • Cornoanterion
    • Daspletor

Skrill Deposit Method Update

Mindark has discontinued its collaboration with payment provider Skrill that was introduced as a deposit method in April 2020. Skrill will no longer be offered as an option for deposits to or withdrawals from Entropia Universe.

We are currently investigating alternative payment options for the webshop.

We apologize for the lack of communication of this matter and any inconvenience this may have caused our participants.



Entropia Universe Unreal Engine 5 Migration FAQ

Press Release: MindArk Signs Deal for Unreal Engine 5


Q: When does MindArk plan on migrating Entropia Universe over to Unreal Engine 5?
A: Development of the Unreal Engine 5 version of Entropia Universe is already underway. However, no target release date has yet been determined or announced. Keep an eye out for future announcements on the Entropia Universe official website.

Q: Will the current version of Entropia Universe continue receiving updates during the Unreal Engine 5 development period?
A: Yes. New content will continue to be developed and released for Entropia Universe by MindArk and the planet partners during the Unreal Engine 5 development period.

Q: What exciting new features will be included in the Unreal Engine 5 version of Entropia Universe?
A: MindArk plans to release numerous previews and sneak peeks during the Unreal Engine 5 development process. Stay tuned to MindArk’s various communications channels for more info.

Q: What will the minimum system requirements be for the Unreal Engine 5 Entropia Universe client?
A: While the final system requirements for the Unreal Engine 5 Entropia Universe client are not yet determined, MindArk is aiming for the following: Windows 10 64-bit, Quad-core Intel or AMD processor 2.5 GHz or faster, 8 GB of RAM, DirectX 11 or DirectX 12 compatible graphics card. Some features or options may require better hardware for optimal performance.

Q: Can I continue using the current Entropia Universe client after the migration to Unreal Engine 5?
A: Once the Unreal Engine 5 client is released, the previous (current) CryEngine2 client will no longer be active or available.


Additional FAQs, previews, and announcements regarding the Unreal Engine 5 migration will be published during the development period.



Entropia Universe Developer Diary - Laboratory C1

Behind the scenes with some of the designers of the Laboratory C1 expansion.
Watch the video on the Entropia Universe official Youtube Channel.


Interface Update Postponed

We have received lots of valuable feedback from the community regarding the Preview of Upcoming Interface Changes announced last month, and we thank you for all the great suggestions.

Our goal is to incorporate as many of those suggestions as possible into the User Interface update. However, because the scope of the project has expanded significantly, it is not feasible to get that update implemented in time for the summer Version Update deadline.

Therefore, the decision has been made to postpone the User Interface update until later this year. We hope to share additional updates and previews of the new interfaces in the meantime.

Thanks again for all of the wonderful feedback and suggestions!



Preview of Upcoming Interface Changes

The sneak-peek of the upcoming interface changes will be split into two parts. The first part features screenshots, and the second a video.

MindArk would like to remind everyone that these previews represent a work-in-progress, and are not the final version of the interface changes. Therefore, we welcome opinions and feedback from the community to help us refine everything.

Feedback can be shared in this on PlanetCalypsoForum.com, or by contacting Community Relations Manager MyAnt on the Entropia Universe Discord: https://discord.gg/9YhKpFaF5C.


The screenshot above displays new HUD elements. At the bottom of the screen there is a new infobar panel that houses icons that previously crowded the screen. We have also included other information there, and compacted it down towards the bottom of the screen to remove it from the normal eye-level view. The small white icons at the bottom left of the bar provide quick access to the most commonly used menus, such as Options, Message Center, and more.

The bottom-middle of the screen shows the new Dashboard, where avatar health, current equipped weapon/tool, ammunition type, and cooldowns are displayed. We have moved the buff icons away from the Dashboard and placed them in the top right corner of the screen to reduce information overload.

The Tracked Missions panel at the top-right has also been improved. Our goal is for it to be as unobtrusive as possible, while maintaining readability and immersion. It can also be fully minimized, if desired.


This screenshot shows the improved Item Information panel, along with the new Inventory panel, featuring more modern, minimalist icons and styles for the windows. We made an effort to employ a color scheme that works well in both daytime and nighttime lighting, so that the windows are always visible and readable. We have also made minor changes to the layouts to improve usability and navigation.


A good example is the new Action Library. This is an improved version of the previous “Action Book” with a more minimalist style and some added features, such as direct keybindings and an improved overview of both keys and actions. All Actions are searchable, to more easily find the action you are looking for. Once an action has been located, it can be directly dragged onto the Action Bar while in edit mode.

The design of Action Bar interface has been made more similar to familiar MMO conventions, with different pages of modifiable actions that can be dragged to the Action Bar, which can also be moved and locked to ensure it is not accidentally altered.


This last screenshot provides a sneak-peek at some of the redesigned panels mentioned earlier, such as Options, Skills, and others. We have added new tabs, buttons, backgrounds, fonts and colors, synthesizing the combined look of the UI to further consolidate the overall look and feel of the interface as a whole.


Disclaimer: This is a work-in progress and not the final version.



Entropia Universe AMA 2020 Video Responses

Happy holidays!

Check out the video blow to find responses to many of the submitted AMA questions.

For written responses, please visit the AMA section on PlanetCalypsoForum:


Today (December 18, 2020) Paysafe, the online cash payment solution provider, has been reenabled in the US for deposits into Entropia Universe.

The classic Paysafecard option where a value voucher is purchased at a local sales outlet and then used for online payments has been expanded, with new Gift Card options.
As of today, December 18, 2020, gift Cards from CVS, Dollar General and Obucks can be redeemed for deposits into Entropia Universe through Paysafe for residents in the United States.

In time for the holiday season, Santa now has new ways to send gifts to your favorite Entropia Universe avatar.


Version Update 17.5.0 Sneak Peek

A new Version Update Sneak Peak video has been released on the Entropia Universe YouTube channel.


Special Edition AMA now under way!

MindArk will be conducting an AMA (with a new twist) on Planet Calypso Forum, starting on October 14, 2020. The question submission period will run for two weeks, until October 28.

A special AMA sub-forum has been added to the Dev’s Corner forum section on PlanetCalypsoForum.com. This AMA sub-forum allows each member to submit a single question for the AMA, in the form of an individual forum thread. This will help to keep the discussion of diverse topics separate and easier to follow for everyone involved.

To raise the stakes from the last AMA, this version will feature a video of responses directly from members of the MindArk team!

Each participant may submit a single question thread in the AMA sub-forum before the submission deadline, October 28, 2020. During the submission period, thread replies are disabled. After the video is released, the question threads will be opened up for community discussion.

Submission Deadline: Wednesday, Oct. 28, 17:00 UTC

MindArk Participants

  • Henrik Nel - Chief Executive Officer
  • Magnus Eriksson - Chief Operating Officer
  • Dennis Antonsson - Entropia Universe Product Owner
  • Justin Sorrell - Planet Calypso Product Owner
  • Magnus Ryme - Lead Developer
  • Mathias Gustavsson - Marketing Manager
  • My Antonsson - Community Relations Manager
  • Robert Persson - Sound Designer / Musical Composer
  • Sally - Balancing Manager
  • Hank - Junior Level Designer
  • Jennefer Lind - Technical Game Designer
  • Andreu Ramírez - Senior Software Engineer

AMA Question Guidelines


  • Post questions that are clear and concise.
  • Post questions that are directly related to Entropia Universe or MindArk.
  • Post questions in a mature and polite manner.
  • Post questions that MindArk representatives can reasonably be expected to be able to answer on a public internet forum.



  • Post more than one question thread, or creature multiple forum accounts to bypass the limit.
  • Post requests for in-game support, or questions relating to open support cases, account bans, etc.
  • Post questions directly related to internal Entropia Universe balancing mechanics (e.g. 'Why is my loot so bad?!' or 'When will more of xxxx start dropping?' etc.).
  • Post questions directly related to specific Entropia Universe avatars or societies.
  • Post rhetorical and/or loaded questions whose only purpose is to promote a particular response or viewpoint.
  • Post questions whose content is defamatory or slanderous to MindArk or to any of MindArk's affiliates, employees, or planet partners.
  • Post questions or content in violation of the Entropia Universe EULA or TOU.



  • Any questions not adhering to the above guidelines will be removed from the AMA sub-forum and will not receive a response.
  • Question threads for duplicate or very similar topics may be merged.
  • Due to time constraints, there is no guarantee that the MindArk team will be able to answer every question posted. However, we will do our best to cover as many questions and topics as possible.
  • Questions that require a more in-depth or detailed response may receive a supplemental response in text format, and/or may not appear in the video.



Discussion with MindArk about the current direction of Entropia Universe

Community relations manager My Antonsson sits with Mindark's CEO and COO, discussing the current direction of Entropia Universe.

Watch the interview on the Entropia Universe official Youtube Channel.


University of California Riverside & Next Island Partnership

Greetings Entropians!

As originally mentioned in the preliminary announcement in June 2020, Next Island has partnered with the Social & Spatial Cognition Lab at the University of California Riverside to recruit Entropians for a paid research opportunity. 

In the finalized rendition of this experiment, all participants will receive their own unique shirt to be delivered by a University of California Riverside or Next Island official on Next Island for answering the first few questions of the experiment. Those that qualify and progress through the rest of the experiment (Approximately 30 Minutes) will be compensated with 50 PED in game. 



We are seeking Entropians who play another game as much as Entropia Universe. 

If that describes you, click this link to see if you qualify for the research opportunity.  If you qualify, you will be compensated 50 PED for approximately 30 minutes of your time. If you do not play any other games other than Entropia, simply input that you only play Entropia Universe in the ‘Other’ field and you will still receive a free shirt for your avatar!

Discussion Thread:

UCR Social & Spacial Cognition lab

*Note: Mobile device / tablet users are not eligible for this opportunity. Please only click the above link from a desktop / laptop computer.


Toulan and Monria | A New Beginning

It is with great pleasure that we can announce a new and exciting partnership between Monria and Planet Toulan. We are delighted with our new beginning, and henceforth Virtualsense will be responsible for all Development Operations, Marketing and Community Management of both Planet Toulan and Monria.

The Background

We’ve been friends for quite some time now having lengthy discussions about Entropia and gaming, emerging technologies and how to improve the environments for our respective communities. Over these long talks we have grown our friendship into an alliance, and have come to a mutual respect for each other's strengths and where they lie. It was during these chats that our focus turned toward exploring ways we could work together for the benefit of both Monria and Toulan. 

Since inception, Virtualsense has been created as a business within the Entropia Universe with the goal to add value to the virtual world, create communities, engaging content, storylines and gameplay, and now this dream has become a reality.

Throughout this journey Mindark has been very supportive and positive about ideas that can add value to the Entropia Universe. Since our experience of managing and marketing Monria in partnership with Mindark has been so positive it has only fuelled our desire to make a greater contribution to the Entropia ecosystem.

Toulan’s Team has put great effort into the beauty of the planet and has been extremely impressed by what the Virtualsense team have been able to achieve with Monria. With more development autonomy we have every confidence that the right team is in place to build a bright future for both Toulan and Monria.

What this means for Planet Toulan

  • All future development will be undertaken by Virtualsense.
  • Virtualsense will be responsible for all Marketing and Promotion of Planet Toulan.
  • The Virtualsense Team will Manage the Planet Toulan Community including all future events.

What this means for Monria

  • Monria will continue to be developed, marketed and managed as it is today.
  • We have a greater capacity to develop and will bring even more content to Monria!

Future Plans

We have already started work on future content but we need to be very careful in how we go forward with our development. We don’t want to make promises that we cannot keep. It is evident on Monria that Virtualsense takes things at a steady yet achievable pace. We now have more control over this pace than we have ever had before but we will continue to proceed with purpose whilst prioritizing the content we feel will have the most benefit to our communities.

We would like to share the areas we are focussing on, and our vision of the future possibilities in this new age.

  • The shops and apartments on Planet Toulan will be released and attainable through in-game activity.
  • Monria will be expanded and new content added over time.
  • We will focus on introducing more uses for Planet Toulan resources.
  • We want to continue working with the community to support the growth of both locations through community initiatives.
  • Cross location events/missions are something that we would like to make possible at some point.
  • We intend to connect the lore between Monria and Toulan, through storyline and missions whilst maintaining their own identities. 
  • We will apply our learnings from Monria to Toulan and grow the community through new player acquisition.
  • We will continue to support the Monria Flight Programme managed by Anny Thundergirl and wish to extend the benefit to future Toulan Borns and Toulan estate owners at the appropriate time.
  • For each VU we will be concentrating on resolving existing and new bugs in as timely a manner as possible.
  • We will focus on player content to serve gameplay with a purpose and utilise the platform systems to that end.


Virtualsense is currently going through a transition and handover period so that we’re fully operational but we wanted to share this information with the community as early as possible. The team at Mindark is fully supporting us to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Some of the current efforts underway are:

  • Construction of a new Virtualsense website for the purpose of marketing both Monria and Toulan.
  • Preparation of a migration of the Toulan and Monria forums to a single forum shared by both communities.
  • Development of concepts/roadmaps for both Monria and Toulan.
  • Research of Planet Toulan including Lore, missions, content and reported bugs.
  • A renewed focus on the utility and purpose of loot on Toulan.
  • Review of all community initiatives and events.

Final Words

We would like to thank the loyal and positive supporters from both communities. Although we have a lot of work to do we are really excited about the potential for the years ahead and look forward to the continued growth of both Toulan and Monria.

The primary goal of Virtualsense has always been to make a positive contribution to the Entropia Universe and to bring more players to our community. We will continue to work hard toward this goal into the future.

On a final note, we have always worked very closely with the team at Mindark and none of this would have been possible without their guidance. Over the years we have built relationships with some really good people who share the same goals and passion as we do. 

Thank you for all you have done to support us.

Here's to a New Beginning!


the Toulan & Monria teams


Yog Pet Buff Issue

In this announcement we’d like to provide a further update on the pet buff issue that was addressed last week.

Understandably, there has been intense community interest in this issue since the bug was corrected last week, in the form of forum discussions and support cases. We have had time to dig deeper into how the buff issue happened, why it was not caught by our normal testing procedures, and how it was able to persist for so long without being corrected.

The initial bug that allowed all tools and weapons to benefit from the reduced delay buff (rather than just excavators, as intended) arose in September 2018, approximately 6 months after the Yog pet was introduced. Subsequently over the next few months, several support cases were submitted describing the issue with varying degrees of detail.

Unfortunately, these support cases were not escalated to the testing and development teams and/or flagged with a sufficient level of urgency that reflected the seriousness of the issue. We will be taking steps to improve our internal processes to prevent such situations in the future.

As soon as the issue became more widely known late last week, we moved very quickly to correct the issue via a server hotfix. Note that for approximately 30 hours after the server hotfix, the Entropia Universe client still showed that the buff was affecting tools other than excavators, even though the server was not actually providing any buff for those items. This has led to some participants reporting that the issue has not been resolved, despite it having been resolved.

Along with the server hotfix which corrected the pet buff issue, Summer Mayhem scores for 12 participants were removed, due to the possibility that the incorrect pet buff may have been active during those sessions. Please note that those removed scores do not necessarily constitute clear evidence of cheating or abuse on the part of the affected participants. For that reason, those participants were not disqualified from the event, as some participants have called for. However, out of an abundance of caution to ensure the integrity of the Summer Mayhem event, it was decided to remove those scores, even if it was not absolutely certain that there was an intention to gain an unfair advantage in the event.

Additionally, some participants have demanded a review of the results from previous Mayhem events where the unintended Yog pet buff may have provided an advantage, inadvertently or intentionally. We will be conducting this investigation over the next few weeks, with the intention of increasing the prize rewards for any participants who were pushed down in the final standings due to another higher-placing participant benefitting from the unintended pet buff.

Due to the unintended Yog pet buff being available for such an extended period of time, despite support cases that should have resulted in the issue being addressed, and considering that it is not possible to definitively conclude that use of the pet was in every case intended to exploit the buff to gain an advantage, MindArk has decided it would be unfair and impractical to punish participants who directly or indirectly benefited from the unintended buff, for example stripping prizes awarded in previous Mayhem events.

Once again, we want to extend our apologies for the confusion and inconvenience this issue has caused. We are continually improving our processes to hopefully prevent and minimize such incidents in the future.


Summer Mayhem Update

A pet buff issue was identified earlier today, which allowed an avatar to receive an unintended attack speed buff beyond the normal buff limits.

This issue has been corrected in a server hotfix that was implemented during the past two hours.

Our team was able to identify a small number of Summer Mayhem participants who had this unintended buff active, and their Summer Mayhem scores have been reset. This affected only a small number of avatars: 5 participants in Summer Mayhem Annihilation, and 7 participants in Summer Mayhem Assault.

We appreciate your patience during the unexpected downtime caused by this issue.


University of California Riverside & Next Island Partnership

Pre-Survey Announcement for all Entropians

Greetings Entropians!

Next Island has partnered with the Social & Spatial Cognition lab at the University of California Riverside and we will be sharing paid opportunities to be involved in scientific research with the Entropia community soon. But first, we want to find out what other online games Entropians regularly play. As a reward, Next Island will issue a unique shirt with the lab logo to each avatar that takes the time to participate in this initial poll.

If you spend as much time (or more) in another online game as you spend in Entropia Universe, please respond to this quick one-question poll on the Next Island forum.


If your Next Island forum account name does not exactly match your full avatar name be sure to include your avatar's full name in the comments on the Next Island forum poll. The Next Island team will need this to hand out your shirt after this fall's partner content update.

Thanks in advance, and more to come soon!

Best regards
The Next Island team


Summer Mayhem Annihilation Issues

There is currently an issue with the Summer Mayhem Annihilation instance timers and point accumulation.

These issues will be corrected in a hotfix scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, June 11. Until then, the Annihilation instances have been disabled.

Apologies for any inconvenience these issues have caused.


Mindark's First Ever Video Interview About a New Version Update!

Community relations manager My Antonsson meets two of the product owners of Entropia Universe in an informative interview to talk about the upcoming version update release 17.2.

Watch the interview on the Entropia Universe Official Channel on Youtube.

Who knows if this will continue as a series in the future?


Arkadia Moon Deeds - Limited Edition Cyborg Suit

A new series of Arkadia Moon Deed packs are now available. The brand new 50-pack features a Limited Edition Cyborg Suit of unprecedented style that will make any avatar stand out in the crowd. 

The new Moon Deed packs also feature Hacking Devices that can be used on Arkadia Moon to circumvent security terminals installed by PTECH industries.


The Moon Deed packs, available for a limited time only, are sold as;

  • Arkadia Moon 5 Deed pack - 3 Hacking Devices
  • Arkadia Moon 10 Deed pack - 6 Hacking Devices
  • Arkadia Moon 20 Deed pack - 15 Hacking Devices
  • Arkadia Moon 50 Deed pack - 1 Cyborg Suit + 25 Hacking Devices

All the new Moon Deed packs including the 50-pack Limited Edition is available in the Entropia Universe Webshop right now!


Hacking Device

Hacking devices have been created by the underground movement called The Smugglers to break through the security that was put into place by PTECH industries.

These devices deactivate all surrounding turrets and lower the security of whatever network it is inserted into.
These devices are currently used to override PTECH security installations on the Arkadia Moon. 


Official Policy Regarding Participant-Organized Events

Recently, certain types of participant-organized events in Entropia Universe have become increasingly popular that include a raffle, sweepstakes or other randomized or chance-based component.

Because the marketing of such “raffle” and “sweepstakes” events has become more aggressive over time, and the events have an increasing emphasis on random selection of prize winners, it has become necessary for MindArk to announce and enforce a detailed policy for such events and activities.

Section 8.14 of the Entropia Universe End User License Agreement states:

Gambling activities are expressly forbidden in the Entropia Universe.

In accordance with that section of the EULA, the following policy will be in effect and enforced starting on May 1, 2020:

All participant-organized events or activities that include any sort of randomized winner selection and/or prize distribution process or component are prohibited in Entropia Universe.

This policy is important to ensure that MindArk and Entropia Universe remain in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

If you are uncertain whether an event or activity violates this policy, please open a support case with a detailed description of your proposed event or activity, and the support team will provide guidance. For previously-existing ongoing events that may be in violation of this policy, please contact support for assistance.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.