Entropia Universe offers several means of transportation. To travel from one place to another, on the same planet, either walk, run, swim, use a teleporter or use a vehicle. If you want to visit another planet you have to fly through space.

Tip! Additionally, on the planets you can always press T (default button) and in 60 seconds you are transported to nearby revival terminal.

Travelling by Foot

Depending on your preferences and your current activities you might want to use different controls for moving around by foot. Some of these controls are presented below, divided in aim and cursor mode.

Tip! Use Space (default key) to switch between aim and cursor mode.

Aim Mode

Either only use the keyboard shortcut commands, as described in Command Mappings, or combine keyboard shortcut commands and moving the mouse in the direction you want to go.

Cursor Mode

Either only use the keyboard shortcut commands, as described in Command Mappings, or double click somewhere on the ground to automatically go there. You can also select direction by double clicking in the sky. To stop the automatic moving forward, either click both mouse buttons or press W or S.

Travelling in Vehicles

There are several types of vehicles in Entropia Universe: cars, helicopters, VTOLs, boats, hovercrafts and spacecrafts. Each have different features and functions; most can be armed, some are airborne, some can fly into space and so on.

To read more about how to fly space ships, see the Space Guide.

If you want to use a vehicle (that is not a mothership) you have in your Inventory this is how you do:

  1. Open your Inventory (default key I) and find the vehicle you want to use.
  2. Right click the vehicle and select Spawn vehicle in the context menu.
  3. Place the vehicle on flat-enough terrain; indicated by the green or red placing icon.
  4. Add oil to fuel the vehicle: drag oil from your Inventory to the spawned vehicle.
  5. Double click the vehicle to take a seat in it (Operate it).

Controls mappings for driving the vehicle are described in the vehicle's Item Info:

  1. Open the Inventory.
  2. Open the Item Info by double clicking desired vehicle.
  3. Select Show Item Description to view the control actions and their default mappings.


You can use teleporters to quickly travel over large distances. However, there are teleporters that you have to physically locate before you can use them.

You can teleport between available teleporters on each planet, from space to planets and between some teleporters located on different planets within the same planetary system:

  • Crystal Palace and Planet Calypso
  • Club Neverdie and Planet Calypso
  • Hell and ROCKtropia
  • Ancient Greece and Next Island

This is how you teleport yourself:

  1. Enter the teleport area.
  2. Place the cursor on the teleporter and double click on the teleporter or right click and select Operate. This opens the Navigator interface.
  3. Select planet and from the list of possible destinations, in the list to the left, select desired one.
  4. Click the teleport button to start teleporting. In a few seconds you will arrive at the selected destination.