Command Mappings

beginners guide

When you log in for the first time, you have the default settings on your keyboard, mouse buttons and mouse wheel. You can display these settings by pressing F10 (default key).

The sections below shortly describe some of the default control settings for both the keyboard and the mouse. You can change these settings yourself to match your needs.

Keyboard Settings


W Move forwards by holding key down
A Move sideways to the left by holding key down
D Move sideways to the right by holding key down
S Walk backwards by holding key down
Z Rotate Left
C Rotate Right
Q Toggle between walk and run mode (affects keys W, A, D and R)
R Auto move. Start and stop automatic movement forward by pressing key once


V Swap Camera between 1:st / 3:rd Person View
V [Hold] Activate Photo Camera. In Photo Camera Mode movement keys moves the camera, not the avatar
Middle Mouse [Hold] Rotate camera, Release to Re-center
Mouse Wheel Zoom from 3:rd person view to 1:st person view or reverse. When a scope is available on e.g. an equipped weapon zoom can continue into scope whereby avatar enters ready mode
Left Shift Toggle Scope (when available on e.g. an equipped weapon)


Alt Switch Aim/Cursor mode
E Use tool
E [Hold] Auto use tool
X Ready/Relax tool, also Toggle Vehicle Lights when in a Vehicle
G Unequip Tool
TAB Selects, Switches or Deselects Target depending on context
F Interact/Do prefered action
F [Hold] Open context menu
ESC Aborts auto use tool, deselects target or closes UI window depending on context
T Teleport to nearest Revive Terminal

General UI windows (Open/Close)

Y Message Center
U Contacts
I Inventory
O Options
P Professions
H Hall of Fame
J Mission Log
K Skills
L Edit Panel
B Event List
N Action Library
M Map of Current Planet/Territory
F11 Open Society UI

Chat related

Return Start Chat or Send Message in Chat
, (comma) Show Position in Chat Window
. (period) Show Current Entropia Time in Chat Window

Misc Functions

- (minus) Recall All Spawned Vehicles to Planet Storage
L Edit Panel (Open to Edit Keybindings and Desktop Icons)
F1 - F9 Select Key Map Set
F10 Show Keyboard Map On Screen
F12 Exit
Print Screen Take a Screenshot, See Chat Window for Save Location