Discussion with MindArk about the current direction of Entropia Universe

Community relations manager My Antonsson sits with Mindark's CEO and COO, discussing the current direction of Entropia Universe.

Watch the interview on the Entropia Universe official Youtube Channel.


University of California Riverside & Next Island Partnership

Greetings Entropians!

As originally mentioned in the preliminary announcement in June 2020, Next Island has partnered with the Social & Spatial Cognition Lab at the University of California Riverside to recruit Entropians for a paid research opportunity. 

In the finalized rendition of this experiment, all participants will receive their own unique shirt to be delivered by a University of California Riverside or Next Island official on Next Island for answering the first few questions of the experiment. Those that qualify and progress through the rest of the experiment (Approximately 30 Minutes) will be compensated with 50 PED in game. 



We are seeking Entropians who play another game as much as Entropia Universe. 

If that describes you, click this link to see if you qualify for the research opportunity.  If you qualify, you will be compensated 50 PED for approximately 30 minutes of your time. If you do not play any other games other than Entropia, simply input that you only play Entropia Universe in the ‘Other’ field and you will still receive a free shirt for your avatar!

Discussion Thread:

UCR Social & Spacial Cognition lab

*Note: Mobile device / tablet users are not eligible for this opportunity. Please only click the above link from a desktop / laptop computer.


Toulan and Monria | A New Beginning

It is with great pleasure that we can announce a new and exciting partnership between Monria and Planet Toulan. We are delighted with our new beginning, and henceforth Virtualsense will be responsible for all Development Operations, Marketing and Community Management of both Planet Toulan and Monria.

The Background

We’ve been friends for quite some time now having lengthy discussions about Entropia and gaming, emerging technologies and how to improve the environments for our respective communities. Over these long talks we have grown our friendship into an alliance, and have come to a mutual respect for each other's strengths and where they lie. It was during these chats that our focus turned toward exploring ways we could work together for the benefit of both Monria and Toulan. 

Since inception, Virtualsense has been created as a business within the Entropia Universe with the goal to add value to the virtual world, create communities, engaging content, storylines and gameplay, and now this dream has become a reality.

Throughout this journey Mindark has been very supportive and positive about ideas that can add value to the Entropia Universe. Since our experience of managing and marketing Monria in partnership with Mindark has been so positive it has only fuelled our desire to make a greater contribution to the Entropia ecosystem.

Toulan’s Team has put great effort into the beauty of the planet and has been extremely impressed by what the Virtualsense team have been able to achieve with Monria. With more development autonomy we have every confidence that the right team is in place to build a bright future for both Toulan and Monria.

What this means for Planet Toulan

  • All future development will be undertaken by Virtualsense.
  • Virtualsense will be responsible for all Marketing and Promotion of Planet Toulan.
  • The Virtualsense Team will Manage the Planet Toulan Community including all future events.

What this means for Monria

  • Monria will continue to be developed, marketed and managed as it is today.
  • We have a greater capacity to develop and will bring even more content to Monria!

Future Plans

We have already started work on future content but we need to be very careful in how we go forward with our development. We don’t want to make promises that we cannot keep. It is evident on Monria that Virtualsense takes things at a steady yet achievable pace. We now have more control over this pace than we have ever had before but we will continue to proceed with purpose whilst prioritizing the content we feel will have the most benefit to our communities.

We would like to share the areas we are focussing on, and our vision of the future possibilities in this new age.

  • The shops and apartments on Planet Toulan will be released and attainable through in-game activity.
  • Monria will be expanded and new content added over time.
  • We will focus on introducing more uses for Planet Toulan resources.
  • We want to continue working with the community to support the growth of both locations through community initiatives.
  • Cross location events/missions are something that we would like to make possible at some point.
  • We intend to connect the lore between Monria and Toulan, through storyline and missions whilst maintaining their own identities. 
  • We will apply our learnings from Monria to Toulan and grow the community through new player acquisition.
  • We will continue to support the Monria Flight Programme managed by Anny Thundergirl and wish to extend the benefit to future Toulan Borns and Toulan estate owners at the appropriate time.
  • For each VU we will be concentrating on resolving existing and new bugs in as timely a manner as possible.
  • We will focus on player content to serve gameplay with a purpose and utilise the platform systems to that end.


Virtualsense is currently going through a transition and handover period so that we’re fully operational but we wanted to share this information with the community as early as possible. The team at Mindark is fully supporting us to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Some of the current efforts underway are:

  • Construction of a new Virtualsense website for the purpose of marketing both Monria and Toulan.
  • Preparation of a migration of the Toulan and Monria forums to a single forum shared by both communities.
  • Development of concepts/roadmaps for both Monria and Toulan.
  • Research of Planet Toulan including Lore, missions, content and reported bugs.
  • A renewed focus on the utility and purpose of loot on Toulan.
  • Review of all community initiatives and events.

Final Words

We would like to thank the loyal and positive supporters from both communities. Although we have a lot of work to do we are really excited about the potential for the years ahead and look forward to the continued growth of both Toulan and Monria.

The primary goal of Virtualsense has always been to make a positive contribution to the Entropia Universe and to bring more players to our community. We will continue to work hard toward this goal into the future.

On a final note, we have always worked very closely with the team at Mindark and none of this would have been possible without their guidance. Over the years we have built relationships with some really good people who share the same goals and passion as we do. 

Thank you for all you have done to support us.

Here's to a New Beginning!


the Toulan & Monria teams


Yog Pet Buff Issue

In this announcement we’d like to provide a further update on the pet buff issue that was addressed last week.

Understandably, there has been intense community interest in this issue since the bug was corrected last week, in the form of forum discussions and support cases. We have had time to dig deeper into how the buff issue happened, why it was not caught by our normal testing procedures, and how it was able to persist for so long without being corrected.

The initial bug that allowed all tools and weapons to benefit from the reduced delay buff (rather than just excavators, as intended) arose in September 2018, approximately 6 months after the Yog pet was introduced. Subsequently over the next few months, several support cases were submitted describing the issue with varying degrees of detail.

Unfortunately, these support cases were not escalated to the testing and development teams and/or flagged with a sufficient level of urgency that reflected the seriousness of the issue. We will be taking steps to improve our internal processes to prevent such situations in the future.

As soon as the issue became more widely known late last week, we moved very quickly to correct the issue via a server hotfix. Note that for approximately 30 hours after the server hotfix, the Entropia Universe client still showed that the buff was affecting tools other than excavators, even though the server was not actually providing any buff for those items. This has led to some participants reporting that the issue has not been resolved, despite it having been resolved.

Along with the server hotfix which corrected the pet buff issue, Summer Mayhem scores for 12 participants were removed, due to the possibility that the incorrect pet buff may have been active during those sessions. Please note that those removed scores do not necessarily constitute clear evidence of cheating or abuse on the part of the affected participants. For that reason, those participants were not disqualified from the event, as some participants have called for. However, out of an abundance of caution to ensure the integrity of the Summer Mayhem event, it was decided to remove those scores, even if it was not absolutely certain that there was an intention to gain an unfair advantage in the event.

Additionally, some participants have demanded a review of the results from previous Mayhem events where the unintended Yog pet buff may have provided an advantage, inadvertently or intentionally. We will be conducting this investigation over the next few weeks, with the intention of increasing the prize rewards for any participants who were pushed down in the final standings due to another higher-placing participant benefitting from the unintended pet buff.

Due to the unintended Yog pet buff being available for such an extended period of time, despite support cases that should have resulted in the issue being addressed, and considering that it is not possible to definitively conclude that use of the pet was in every case intended to exploit the buff to gain an advantage, MindArk has decided it would be unfair and impractical to punish participants who directly or indirectly benefited from the unintended buff, for example stripping prizes awarded in previous Mayhem events.

Once again, we want to extend our apologies for the confusion and inconvenience this issue has caused. We are continually improving our processes to hopefully prevent and minimize such incidents in the future.


Summer Mayhem Update

A pet buff issue was identified earlier today, which allowed an avatar to receive an unintended attack speed buff beyond the normal buff limits.

This issue has been corrected in a server hotfix that was implemented during the past two hours.

Our team was able to identify a small number of Summer Mayhem participants who had this unintended buff active, and their Summer Mayhem scores have been reset. This affected only a small number of avatars: 5 participants in Summer Mayhem Annihilation, and 7 participants in Summer Mayhem Assault.

We appreciate your patience during the unexpected downtime caused by this issue.


University of California Riverside & Next Island Partnership

Pre-Survey Announcement for all Entropians

Greetings Entropians!

Next Island has partnered with the Social & Spatial Cognition lab at the University of California Riverside and we will be sharing paid opportunities to be involved in scientific research with the Entropia community soon. But first, we want to find out what other online games Entropians regularly play. As a reward, Next Island will issue a unique shirt with the lab logo to each avatar that takes the time to participate in this initial poll.

If you spend as much time (or more) in another online game as you spend in Entropia Universe, please respond to this quick one-question poll on the Next Island forum.


If your Next Island forum account name does not exactly match your full avatar name be sure to include your avatar's full name in the comments on the Next Island forum poll. The Next Island team will need this to hand out your shirt after this fall's partner content update.

Thanks in advance, and more to come soon!

Best regards
The Next Island team


Summer Mayhem Annihilation Issues

There is currently an issue with the Summer Mayhem Annihilation instance timers and point accumulation.

These issues will be corrected in a hotfix scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, June 11. Until then, the Annihilation instances have been disabled.

Apologies for any inconvenience these issues have caused.


Mindark's First Ever Video Interview About a New Version Update!

Community relations manager My Antonsson meets two of the product owners of Entropia Universe in an informative interview to talk about the upcoming version update release 17.2.

Watch the interview on the Entropia Universe Official Channel on Youtube.

Who knows if this will continue as a series in the future?


Arkadia Moon Deeds - Limited Edition Cyborg Suit

A new series of Arkadia Moon Deed packs are now available. The brand new 50-pack features a Limited Edition Cyborg Suit of unprecedented style that will make any avatar stand out in the crowd. 

The new Moon Deed packs also feature Hacking Devices that can be used on Arkadia Moon to circumvent security terminals installed by PTECH industries.


The Moon Deed packs, available for a limited time only, are sold as;

  • Arkadia Moon 5 Deed pack - 3 Hacking Devices
  • Arkadia Moon 10 Deed pack - 6 Hacking Devices
  • Arkadia Moon 20 Deed pack - 15 Hacking Devices
  • Arkadia Moon 50 Deed pack - 1 Cyborg Suit + 25 Hacking Devices

All the new Moon Deed packs including the 50-pack Limited Edition is available in the Entropia Universe Webshop right now!


Hacking Device

Hacking devices have been created by the underground movement called The Smugglers to break through the security that was put into place by PTECH industries.

These devices deactivate all surrounding turrets and lower the security of whatever network it is inserted into.
These devices are currently used to override PTECH security installations on the Arkadia Moon. 


Official Policy Regarding Participant-Organized Events

Recently, certain types of participant-organized events in Entropia Universe have become increasingly popular that include a raffle, sweepstakes or other randomized or chance-based component.

Because the marketing of such “raffle” and “sweepstakes” events has become more aggressive over time, and the events have an increasing emphasis on random selection of prize winners, it has become necessary for MindArk to announce and enforce a detailed policy for such events and activities.

Section 8.14 of the Entropia Universe End User License Agreement states:

Gambling activities are expressly forbidden in the Entropia Universe.

In accordance with that section of the EULA, the following policy will be in effect and enforced starting on May 1, 2020:

All participant-organized events or activities that include any sort of randomized winner selection and/or prize distribution process or component are prohibited in Entropia Universe.

This policy is important to ensure that MindArk and Entropia Universe remain in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

If you are uncertain whether an event or activity violates this policy, please open a support case with a detailed description of your proposed event or activity, and the support team will provide guidance. For previously-existing ongoing events that may be in violation of this policy, please contact support for assistance.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.



Introducing Skrill

MindArk is pleased to introduce Skrill Wallet as a new deposit method for Entropia Universe. Skrill Wallet is now available both as a regular deposit method and in the Entropia Universe Webshop at https://account.entropiauniverse.com.

By using Skrill Wallet, participants in Entropia Universe can add funds to their avatar accounts. The unique real-cash economy of Entropia Universe allows participants to fund their avatars’ activities for entertainment or to build their own businesses inside the unique MMO game experience of Entropia Universe. The Entropia Universe currency PED is tied to the value of the real-world USD at a rate of 10 PED to 1 USD.

Skrill Wallet is available for transfers over 10 USD or the equivalent in other currencies. A currency exchange fee of 9% will be included in deposits from Skrill Wallet to PED. No exchange fee is added when using Skrill Wallet in the Entropia Universe Webshop.



As our users around the world remain at home to combat the spread of COVID-19, it has never been more important for you to bond together and welcome new people into the community. Video games offer a unique way for people to spend quality time together through gameplay while also practicing social distancing. 

That’s why MindArk is proud to announce that we are sharing the World Health Organization’s (WHO) message on ways to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by encouraging everyone to stay home and #PlayApartTogether!

How you can help: 

  • Follow the WHO’s five steps: (1) Wash your hands, (2) Cover your mouth when coughing, (3) Don’t touch your face, (4) Keep 6 feet distance, (5) Stay home. 
  • Stay connected with your friends, family, and community through Entropia Universe. 
  • Share your gaming setup and favorite moments with us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook using the #PlayApartTogether hashtag.


Click here to learn more about Covid-19 from the World Health Organization

Click here to learn more about MindArks statement about Covid-19

Click here to learn more about the #PLAYAPARTTOGETHER campaign


Let's Stay Healthy and #PlayApartTogether!


Entropia Universe Merchandise Sale!

It's time for a spring cleaning in the Entropia Universe Merchandise Store! This is a unique opportunity to get that gorgeous Entropia Universe Hoodie, T-shirt, Commuter Mug or to simply upgrade your desk with a stylish Entropia Universe Mouse Mat.

For a limited time the items in the Merchandise Store are available with up to 75% discount! The items in stock are limited so hurry up to order! https://store.entropiauniverse.com/


A Message from MindArk Regarding Coronavirus

MindArk is following all Swedish government recommendations and is closely watching how the situation develops. We will take any steps we can to ensure the wellbeing of our employees while at the same time ensuring the availability of Entropia Universe.

Ever since the outbreak was confirmed in Sweden, we have taken precautionary actions to minimize the risk that our employees become exposed, both for the sake of their wellbeing and to ensure that we can continue delivering Entropia Universe during this situation. One of those precautionary measures we have put in place is to encourage any employee that can do their work from home to do so. The vast majority of our employees have been working remotely since then. MindArk has a well developed infrastructure in place that makes this possible without jeopardizing our ability to develop, maintain and deliver Entropia Universe. The ability to remotely perform all important tasks relating to the availability of Entropia Universe is just part of the nature of providing a live service that is for the most part available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If it is expected that the COVID-19 outbreak will affect the availability of Entropia Universe, this will be communicated to the user base.

No government mandated shutdown is in place in Sweden at the time of writing, nor are we aware of any such plans.

Thank you all for your concern.

I know it has been a while since I’ve last been able to engage with you here. Although I believe we’ve done a lot of good with Entropia Universe in the last year, one area I still strive to improve significantly is the continuous communication between us, MindArk, and the Entropia Universe community. To this end, we have recently hired a dedicated full-time community manager, who will not just engage with the community here on the forum and on other platforms, but will work to maintain continuous communication between developers and the community in new and creative ways. She will introduce herself to you all shortly.

Be safe and take care.


Henrik Nel
MindArk CEO


Ancient Greece Shares

Next Island is proud to announce the redevelopment of Ancient Greece and the upcoming offering of Ancient Greece shares via the Entropia Universe Exchange.

As the current Entropian population may have noticed, Next Island has been evolving more consistently over the past 18 months to be a valued planet within Entropia Universe, including a recent increase in new and rewarding content. In addition to the optimization of the main planet throughout 2019, our development team has been working tirelessly to improve the first of many destinations accessible through Next Island, Ancient Greece.

Ancient Greece will be the second company to list shares on the Entropia Exchange, which was introduced to Entropia Universe in late spring of 2019. The 750,000 shares of Ancient Greece will be offered at 10 PED each and will receive a revenue share of 50% of Next Island’s planet partner revenue for all activity on Ancient Greece.

Ancient Greece is accessible through the Orpheus Cave teleporter on the planet of Next Island. In this latest release, Ancient Greece has introduced a wide variety of new content, as well as optimization of pre-existing content for your enjoyment.

Next Island intends to use the proceeds of the Ancient Greece share offering to support ongoing development and marketing of Next Island.

Ancient Greece Share Information

  • Price per share: 10 PED
  • Total shares: 750000
  • Revenue is generated from all activity within the designated server area of Ancient Greece.
  • 100% of share revenue is paid as dividends to shareholders. 
  • Share revenue represents 50% of Next Island’s planet partner revenue for all activity on Ancient Greece. 
  • Dividends are distributed on Mondays at 00:00 UTC. 
  • Minimum dividend payout is 1 PEC per share. If the payout per share is less than 1 PEC, the amount is carried over to the following week’s dividend. 

Ancient Greece Features Overview

  • Complete overhaul of 3D models, missions, terrain and landscape. 
  • New terraforming to improve previously ill-developed areas. 
  • Redesign and addition of a complete teleportation system including terminals for server access. 
  • Implementation of previously non-existent auctioneers and terminals. 
  • 3 new unique bosses.
  • 8 new and completely reworked creatures.
  • Improved and complete mining zones across the entire server.
  • 2 complex mission chains containing treasure hunts, kill-point missions, crafting objectives, mining runs, and in-depth storyline.
  • 1 upgradeable armor obtainable only in unique wave events. 
  • 6 unique, customizable hero estates tied to Ancient Greece hunting/mining/crafting mission economics.
  • 21 new blueprints unique to the theme of Ancient Greece.

Unique Feature Details

Upgradable Gorgon Armor

Gorgon Armor and upgrade components can be looted by participating in the shared-loot Gorgon Wave event accessible through the new ‘Deliver us from the Dark Queen’ mission chain on Ancient Greece. Armor stats for all upgrades are listed below.

Name   Set Value   Durability   Impact   Cut   Stab   Acid   Total
Gorgon   15 PED   900   6   3   3   3   15
Gorgon Adjusted   42 PED   1200   14   7   7   7   35
Gorgon Improved   86 PED   1650   24   12   12   12   60
Gorgon Modified   220 PED   2000   40   20   20   20   100
Gorgon Augmented   390 PED   2800   64   32   32   32   160
Gorgon Perfected   620 PED   3500   86   43   43   43   215

Customizable Hero Estates

Those that defeat the Gorgon and complete the new ‘Deliver us from the Dark Queen’ mission chain will be awarded with a special token that will allow the purchase of an estate deed for one of the six new unique ‘Hero Estates’ located on Ancient Greece. These estates have been developed utilizing the Entropia Universe Plot system, allowing the placement of new buildings and the upgrading of various features of the estate over time.



Dev Notes #21 - Tiering & Enhancer System Changes

In the upcoming Version Update 17.0, several changes and improvements have been made to item tiering and enhancers to make those systems easier to use and less expensive. 

Our main goals for these changes are to increase usage of those systems (mainly by decreasing cost) and to stimulate increased crafting activity through increased demand for enhancers. Additional improvements to these systems are planned for upcoming Version Updates.


Tiering System Changes

  • Increasing the Tier Level and salvaging ingredients during the Tier Upgrade process are no longer skill dependent.
  • 100% of the Trade Terminal value of the ingredients required to increase the Tier Level of an item is now always returned in the form of Shrapnel.
  • A second decimal place has been added to item Tier Levels. After the Version Update, all existing items will have a 9 added in the second decimal place. For example, an item that currently has a Tier Level of 3.9 will have a Tier Level of 3.99 after the VU. 
  • It is no longer necessary to drag items from inventory to the Tier Upgrade interface. Items from your avatar's Inventory as well as from an open Storage Terminal will automatically be used in the Tier Upgrade UI. Items in storage containers, vehicle inventories etc. will however not be used.
  • It is now possible to increase the Tier Level of an item in storage.


Tier Upgrade Profession

  • Given the change to the item tiering process described above, the Tier Upgrader profession will no longer have any purpose, and will be removed completely in early 2020. Any remaining Tier Upgrading skill points will then be converted to their corresponding Tier Upgrading Skill Implant value and compensated at a markup of 20000%. 
  • In the meantime, anyone wishing to convert their existing Tier Upgrading skill points to PED can list Tier Upgrading Skill Implants on the auction and a MindArk Official avatar will periodically (once per week) buy any implants listed for 20000% markup or lower.


Enhancer System Changes

  • Enhancers inserted into (L)imited items will now break much less often.
  • 100% of the Trade Terminal value of enhancers will be returned in the form of Shrapnel when an enhancer breaks.
  • It is now possible to attach and remove attachments and enhancers to/from items without unequipping the base item.



Upgraded Graphics Engine in the Next Release

The upcoming release of Entropia Universe, scheduled for early December 2019, will include the biggest visual update of Entropia since the switch to CryEngine. This is a massive update that takes the engine to a whole new level, with modern physically based shading and greatly improved processing of light and colors.

Physically based shading enables MindArk and the Planet Partners to create assets that look better than ever before, since they interact with light in a way that's based on how it works in real life. Improved lighting, post processing, bloom and color curves gives the picture a natural and photographic appearance.

This is not an engine switch but an upgrade of the existing renderer so all gameplay systems are unaffected. 

With this update we are sure that you will find some treats when you revisit  your favourite areas throughout the Universe so head to the nearest teleporter or fuel up your spacecraft and go explore!


Additional note:

As this render engine upgrade uses DirectX 11 that is only compatible with Windows Vista and later it will not be possible to start Entropia Universe on Windows XP after this release. Mindark kindly asks any players that still uses Windows XP to upgrade their computers to a DirectX 11 compatible version of Windows.


Arkadia Moon - Limited Edition Robot Assistant Pet

In celebration of the one-year anniversary of the Arkadia Moon, a new Arkadia Moon Deed 50-pack featuring a Limited Edition robot assistant pet named S0ph13 is now available.

The Arkadia Moon Deed 50-pack is available in the Entropia Universe Webshop after the release of Version Update 16.5.0.

The Robot Assistant Pet features both a Pet Focus buff of 15% and a 32m Auto Loot buff, and is spawnable from level zero on all planets in Entropia Universe. 

Be sure to grab one of these special pets by obtaining a 50-pack of Arkadia Moon Deeds today, before they sell out!



Dev Notes #20 - Mission System

Hunting Mission System
Since the Entropia Universe mission system was introduced in VU 10.8.0, there have been continuous updates to the system to increase usability, improve features and expand into new areas of gameplay.

With the original introduction of the mission system, there were only five missions available; this number has grown over the years to more than 4000 missions currently available in Entropia Universe. In this Dev Notes article we’d like to inform you of our plans for the most significant overhaul of the mission system to date, which is planned for release in the third quarter (Q3) of 2019.
Planet Calypso will be the first planet to introduce the new mission system. The other Planet Partners will transition to the new system soon afterwards, once any issues are resolved and any necessary tweaks and adjustments are implemented.

Main Features

  • Hunting within a team or participating in a Shared Loot event will now reward all contributing participants relevant progression in their missions based on relative contribution (whether the contribution is made by damage dealing, healing, or scanning).
  • Missions requiring kills of a specific creature will automatically begin whenever a qualifying creature is killed, removing the need to first interact with an NPC or mission terminal.
  • Once a mission stage is completed, an interface will appear with reward(s). The next mission stage will automatically begin, even if you decide to choose rewards for the preceding stage at a later time.

The Bestiary is where you will find all relevant information regarding your avatar’s current progression in Hunting Challenge missions.

As this is a completely new system that will replace the current mission system, progress in existing missions unfortunately cannot be carried over into the new system. Therefore, we are taking this opportunity to give all participants an alert to the upcoming changes several months in advance so that they have time to complete any active missions.

There will also be a grace period where both the new and old systems will work in tandem, during which time kills on qualifying creatures will result in progress on both the old and new versions of the Hunting Challenge missions. This grace period will extend approximately one year from the implementation of the new mission system.

You have the current “Iron Atrox IV” mission active. After the implementation of the new mission system, for each kill of a qualifying Atrox creature, you will receive progress on the new Atrox Hunting Challenge mission as well as on the legacy "Iron Atrox IV" mission. If you fulfill the requirements for the Iron Atrox IV mission during the grace period, you will receive the usual reward, but you will not be able to begin the legacy Iron Atrox V mission. Instead, you will automatically receive the next stage of the (new system) Atrox Hunting Challenge mission.

When the one year grace period has elapsed, all missions from the old system will be disabled for all participants. Progress will no longer be possible for the deprecated missions, and uncompleted missions will not provide any rewards.

There will be a similar grace period of one year from the implementation of the new mission system for Planet Partners. More info and specific dates will be provided as the Planet Partner implementation draws nearer.


Share System - Crystal Palace Space Station Shares

In Entropia Universe update 16.3 the new Share Center was introduced which allows avatars to acquire shares in virtual companies and receive revenue in the form of dividends from estates controlled by those companies.

The first company to be listed on the new share exchange will be Crystal Palace Space Station, with shares available starting on Thursday, May 2, 2019 at 11:00 UTC.

Crystal Palace Space Station has been one of the most popular Planet Calypso hunting destinations since 2004 and features four biodomes with unique alien creatures.

Crystal Palace Space Station shares can be acquired via the new Share Center interface (accessed by right-clicking on the PED card), or in the Entropia Universe Webshop.

Share Information

  • Price per share: 10 PED
  • Total shares: 500,000
  • Revenue is generated from hunting activity in the four Crystal Palace biodomes (caves not included).
  • 95% of revenue is paid as dividends to shareholders.
  • 5% of revenue is allocated for fertilizer costs, event prizes, and other estate maintenance and improvements.
  • Dividends are distributed on Mondays at 00:00 UTC.
  • Minimum dividend payout is 1 PEC per share. If the payout per share is less than 1 PEC, the amount is carried over to the following week’s dividend.
  • The estate will be managed by the official avatar MindArk CrystalPalace Manager.
  • Tax rate in all biodomes will be set to 4.5%. This setting can potentially be voted on by shareholders in the future.
  • 2018 Crystal Palace revenue - 524,261.36 PED (average of approximately 10054.33 PED per week).

Additional Info

  • Crystal Palace shares will become tradable in the Version Update currently scheduled for mid September (approximately 120 days from initial sale).
  • The seller of the Crystal Palace shares is the current estate holder, Buzz Erik Lightyear.
  • Energized Fertilizer necessary to maintain creature spawns in the biodomes will be acquired on the normal auction at market prices by the MindArk CrystalPalace Manager avatar.