2018-09-17 12:31

ComPet Announcement

Late in 2017, MindArk performed a major overhaul and update to ComPet with the goal of improving conversion and retention of new players. After this overhaul was implemented and refined, a comprehensive marketing campaign was initiated early in 2018. Analysis of that marketing campaign and the resulting conversion rates indicated that the current model was not sustainable. The marketing analysis was conducted by a leading mobile marketing firm.

As such, the MindArk Board of Directors has decided to suspend any further development or marketing of ComPet, and is exploring options for potential development and/or publishing partnerships with established mobile game organizations.

In order to minimize the impact of the decision to suspend development of ComPet, MindArk is offering ComPet Deed holders the ability to exchange ComPet Deeds for Arkadia Moon Deeds at a ratio of five ComPet Deeds for two Arkadia Moon Deed. The upcoming release will place two different NPC:s on Planet Calypso which will handle the transfer, one in Port Atlantis Mall Teleporter and one in Twin Peaks. The NPC:s will be available until December.
Best regards,
Henrik Nel
CEO MindArk

2018-09-06 13:22

MindArk Test Workshop

Would you like to visit the MindArk offices and help test a new camera system for the Entropia Universe client?

MindArk is hosting a special testing workshop at its offices in Gothenburg, Sweden on October 12, 2018. The purpose of the test is to gain valuable feedback from both new and veteran Entropians to put the final touches on the new camera system.

The workshop will include a tour of the MindArk offices and a complimentary lunch with several MindArk staff. Selected participants will also be reimbursed for one night hotel accommodation in Gothenburg (up to 1500 SEK).

Interested parties should complete the following application before September 16th, 2018. Up to eight participants will be selected from the pool of applicants to offer a range of opinions from a cross-section of the Entropia Universe community. Selected applicants will be contacted via email around September 21, 2018 to confirm their participation in the workshop.

2018-08-22 12:46

22 August 2018

The Arkadia team are proud to announce the launch of Arkadia Moon.

Make sure you don’t miss out on the surge of activity this week as Entropian's from all over the universe rushes to explore and discover the first hidden secrets on this new moon.

Featuring cities to explore, hidden caverns, vast areas for mining, new creatures and more the new moon is still open for all Entropian's to invest in. Get hold of some Arkadia Moon Deeds from the Entropia Universe Web Shop while they are still available.

Your journey into a new part of the Arkadia story is about to begin…

Arkadia Moon Deeds

There has never been a better time to purchase deeds than now! Claim your stake in the revenue generated by the Arkadia Moon today and get in at launch by purchasing Arkadia Moon Deeds from the Entropia Universe Web Shop

Future Development

A number of future expansions are already planned and are in development. In the next phase of the moon, we will release a collection of missions dedicated to one of the Arkadia factions. With this a new storyline will unfold.

The Smuggler faction will also get a new branch of missions, to delve deeper into the underworld of smuggling items between Arkadia and Arkadia Moon.

The IFN (Imperial Federal Navy) faction will in turn be called upon to secure Arkadia Moon and restrict the activities of the Smugglers and other unknown forces.

Miners and crafters – we also have something in store for you in the next update of the moon. 

Prepare yourselves.  Exciting times ahead.

See you on the Moon!

2018-06-20 16:27

Gold Card Announcement

The time has come for the venerable Gold Card Security system to be phased out.

As mentioned in the 2016 State of the Universe Address, MindArk has been planning for some time to eventually phase out the Gold Card Security system.

Support for the Gold Card Security system will officially end on September 30, 2018.

MindArk considers account security one of its highest priorities. As such, we are announcing this change well in advance so that Entropia Universe participants have ample time to migrate over to the Entropia Pocket solution before the September 30th deadline.


About Entropia Pocket
If you have not yet upgraded to Entropia Pocket, now is a good time to do so. Entropia Pocket is available for free for both iOS and Android devices and offers secure Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) system for your Entropia Universe account.

Entropia Pocket will generate a unique code every 30 seconds that can be used to securely log into one's Entropia Universe account, providing optimal security and peace of mind.

Security systems similar to Entropia Pocket are used by numerous online banks around the world. We believe that your Entropia Universe account deserves the same state-of-the-art security as your real-world bank so we offer Entropia Pocket to all participants, free of charge!

Entropia Pocket is an invaluable companion for every EU adventurer, providing real-time information about system updates, in-game events and news. We also recommend that you accept notifications as we will utilize this system to notify you of important announcements such as Developer Notes and Support information.

Read more about Entropia Pocket on the Account Security Pages.


2018-06-07 12:28

Lootable Summer Strongboxes!

Is a limited-edition Summer Ring 2018 waiting for you inside…?

Summer Strongboxes are lootable within Summer Mayhem 2018 instances and in the Eomon Migration. 

Please see the Strongbox page for details. 

2018-05-25 14:03

GDPR Update to Entropia Universe Privacy Policy and EULA

On May 25th, 2018, new European Union legislation regarding personal data handling goes into effect. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaces the old rules and defines how companies must handle personal data and the privacy of individuals.

This is a great opportunity to update you about MindArk PE Aktiebolag (publ) policies and to inform you that our Privacy Policy and End User License Agreement (EULA) have been updated.

Here is a quick summary of the changes:

  • We are not asking to collect more data, or to use the data we collect any differently than in the past.
  • We are being more transparent and specific on how we collect and utilize customer data.
  • We are adding information on your ability to access and control the data we have collected related to your Entropia Universe account.

You are entitled to certain rights that affect the processing and handling of your personal data. For example, you have the right to confirm whether or not we shall process personal data concerning you, as well as the right to object to data processing for marketing purposes.

We process your personal data mainly for the following purposes:

  • to provide the Entropia Universe service to your device;
  • to manage your user account;
  • to communicate with Entropia Universe participants, for example via the chat interface;
  • to process transactions in Entropia Universe;
  • to comply with applicable laws, regulations and decisions as required by public authorities;
  • to send Entropia Universe-related newsletters.

If you wish to exercise any of your rights, or if you otherwise wish to contact us regarding your personal data, please log in to your account on the official Entropia Universe website and submit a support case under the ‘Account’ category.

All details can be found on our Rules & Policies web page:


2018-05-07 17:17

Statement Regarding Arkadia Land Plot Prizes in the "Gold Rush 2017" Event

Planet Arkadia and MindArk would like to issue an official statement regarding the Arkadia Land Plot prizes that were won in the Planet Arkadia “Gold Rush 2017” event.
Due to the delay in the delivery of these prizes for which the event was advertised with, Planet Arkadia and MindArk have come to an agreement which will grant each winner of the Land Plots a compensation consisting of 40 Arkadia Moon Deeds.
The Arkadia Land Plot Deeds will be spawned directly to the eligible avatars as soon as the estates are available in game which is scheduled to be in the September content release.
The Arkadia Moon Deeds will be spawned directly to the avatars inventory in connection to this announcement.
The Arkadia Moon Deeds are still available for purchase on the Entropia Universe Web Store as well, with less than half deeds left don’t miss your chance of acquiring additional Deeds before they all are sold. 

2018-04-27 17:22

Developer Notes #18 - Volatility Improvements

Based on the data gathered from the volatility test conducted last month and discussed in Developer Notes #16 and #17, our balancing team has decided on a set of new permanent settings that will be implemented over the next several days.

These changes will affect manufacturing and mining activity as follows:

Overall volatility will be reduced, while the overall success rate will be increased by approximately 5 percentage points. Based on feedback, the range of Near Success outcomes will include larger outcomes than during last month’s test, to ensure that it is possible to recover a wider range of blueprint ingredients when a Near Success happens.

Overall volatility will be reduced, mainly by implementing a smoother distribution of the various claim sizes. In addition, the value of the smallest possible claims has been increased slightly.


***NOTE*** Please keep in mind that these are macro-level changes to the manufacturing and mining systems and thus the results or experiences for individual avatars and/or for small sample sizes may not be immediately noticeable. Also note that the overall (macro-level) expected return for these systems will be unaffected.

2018-04-22 22:48

Deeptoken Airdrop Campaign

Dear Entropians,

We are excited to announce an upcoming AirDrop for the final days of the first round of funding for our new cryptocurrency project - DeepToken and the IPX. MindArk’s vision is to create a global ecosystem for the exchange and sale of intellectual property and digital assets on the world's first IPX - Intellectual Property Exchange. With plans to establish the world's first real-world bank to hold its capital in a digital currency, MindArk will be well positioned as a custodian of this ecosystem, while also pursuing additional research and development in deep technologies. These systems will be exclusively fueled by DeepToken.

We have made the decision to make this Airdrop exclusive to you, our loyal patrons, for the first day of the airdrop campaign because we want you to be among the first to benefit from the platform and stand with us as we promote our token.

We are distributing 20,000 DTA to the first 5000 supporters of our social presence by following our Twitter and joining our Telegram group.

To participate and receive your free 4 DTA (worth 40 PED, when the platform is integrated with Entropia Universe), you must complete the following actions, which should only require a few minutes of your time);

Once you have completed these actions, submit your details on the following form:

DeepToken AirDrop Submission

Distribution will take place after the close of our current Token Generation Event, likely in the first weeks of May.

If you are new to cryptocurrency or Ethereum-based ERC20 tokens, please visit https://deeptoken.io and contact live support through this website for assistance on how to set up a wallet on https://metamask.io/ or https://www.myetherwallet.com/

2018-04-20 14:36

Developer Notes #17 - Volatility Test Completed

The recent success rate & volatility test announced in Developer Notes #16 has now been completed. The balancing team has gathered a large amount of usage and economic data during the test, which will be analyzed over the coming days.

The initial analysis of the data is very promising with regard to increased success rates and overall volume of activity. We plan to fully implement a version of the settings used during the test period, with additional tweaks, in the near future.

Thanks for your patience and activity during the test period.

2018-03-13 20:15

DeepToken Website Launched

The DeepToken website, DeepToken.io, is now online and will be announced to the general public on Thursday, March 15, 2018. In the meanwhile, finishing touches are being made to the website.

The official DeepToken sale will begin on March 15, 2018, at 13:00 CET. Press releases and marketing efforts will commence several hours beforehand.

MindArk is very excited about this new venture, and looks forward to the development possibilities for Entropia Universe and the IP Exchange (IPX) that will be facilitated by sales of DeepToken.

For more information, please visit the DeepToken website.

2018-02-26 12:53

Developer Notes #16 - Buff Improvements & More

A quick update on some of the adjustments and improvements that are currently in progress.

Buff Improvements
We are currently working on further adjustments to buff stacking logic which will address issues related to heal over time, buff renewal, unintended buff stacking, and more. One of the priorities of this effort is to restore previous functionality of healing tools with over-time effects.

The current plan is to refine and test these improvements over the next 10-14 days and implement them in a patch soon thereafter.

Success Rate / Volatility Improvements
Starting within the next couple of days, and planned to last for 7-14 days, our balancing team will be testing adjustments to the manufacturing and mining systems.

Overall volatility will be reduced during the testing period, while the overall chance of success will be increased slightly. In addition, Near Success outcomes will return more of the initial input.

Overall volatility will be reduced during the testing period, by increasing the size of the smallest possible claims.

***NOTE*** Please keep in mind that these tests will incorporate macro-level changes to the manufacturing and mining systems and thus the results or experiences for individual avatars and/or for small sample sizes may not differ significantly from current settings. Also note that the overall (macro-level) expected return for these systems will be unaffected.

Team / Shared Hunting Loot Distribution
Our team is also investigating the distribution of hunting loot for teams and shared loot scenarios, with an eye toward implementing a more equitable, balanced, and engaging distribution of both stackable and non-stackable loot. We expect the improvements from this investigation to be implemented within the next 1-2 months, after a full review and testing phase are completed.

Looter Professions
Continuing with the improvements implemented in Loot 2.0, our design team is finalizing the details of an exciting new group of professions focused on specialized hunting loot acquisition. Three new professions will be added: Animal Looter, Mutant Looter and Robot Looter, along with several associated new skills (including unique unlockable skills for each profession). We expect the new professions to be implemented during the spring.

2018-01-23 10:36

Developer Notes #15

In the latest release of Entropia Universe (15.15.7) a persistent issue related to lag and connectivity that had affected an increasing number of Entropia players was resolved. 

The Entropia community reported their experience of lag in support cases and on community forums. These reports helped our developers to pinpoint the causes of the problem within the many layers of IT-technology that constitutes the core of the Entropia Universe platform.

What makes Entropia stand out among other MMOs are, among many other things, the highly secure Real Cash Economy and its borderless server architecture that provides a seamless and immersive virtual universe. Events such as economic transactions should be visible to all affected participants instantaneously, no matter where they are located within Entropia Universe. 

For players within visible range of each other even more information needs to be shared. This includes the smallest things such as avatar movement, clothing or armor equipped by avatars or the firing of weapons. Some events such as creature attacks will also include calculations of varying complexity within various systems.

All game events that occur between Entropia Universe clients around the world and the Entropia Universe data centers are securely transmitted over the internet. To achieve a smooth and reliable Entropia Universe experience, all components in the client-internet connection-server chain must themselves perform smoothly and reliably.

When an unexpected and intermittent behavior such as lag begins to occur, developers need to examine when and where it started and then work to isolate the possible causes of the problem. In a complex environment such as Entropia Universe there are many layers of software that can be involved. Further, a number of services provided by 3rd parties such as Internet Service Providers can also be part of the experienced problem.

As both our datacenter engineers and developers worked through the layers of the infrastructure and software that could be contributing to the lag problem of the past few months, a number of issues were addressed in patches during the final months of 2017. We also measured the effect of those patches and received valuable feedback from community polls and support channels.

After weeks of hard work the developers found that changes to certain underlying parts of the server software dramatically decreased the incidence and severity of lag experiences. Extensive testing of the new software was performed over Christmas and New Years, and on January 5, 2018 a patch was ready for release.

The developers want to express their gratitude to all players who reported valuable information about their experience of the lag situation. While all at MindArk are dedicated to continually improving the Entropia Universe experience in the years to come the feedback from the people behind the avatars that essentially are the Entropia community are simply priceless.

If you still encounter lag-related issues please review the System Requirements and make sure that your computer and internet equipment have the latest updates. A router restart can also sometimes help with problems on your local network.

The Entropia Universe support team are always available at https://account.entropiauniverse.com/support-faq/contact/ if you need any further assistance or want to report an issue.

2017-12-22 10:36

Arkadia Moon Deeds Sale

Following the huge success of Arkadia Underground Deeds which have seen consistently strong daily payouts and over 60% in capital gain since launch, Arkadia Studios is pleased to announce a new opportunity for investing in Entropia Universe

Arkadia Moon Deeds represent an opportunity to participate in the growth of Arkadia with a brand new moon to be located within Arkadia's Space.

Travel between Arkadia and the moon will done by Space vehicle. The moon will be released in game by 3rd Quarter 2018.

A Total of 200,000 Arkadia Moon Deeds are now available exclusively via Entropia Universe web-store for 60 PED (6 USD) and an opportunity exists to purchase deeds at a discount rate over the coming months starting at a low price of only 50 PED.

The 200,000 Deeds equals 100% of the Moon land area and the Area will be managed by Arkadia Studios.
Tax Revenue from the Arkadia Moon will be distributed automatically to deed holders on a daily basis via the PED flow center after the Moon launch and the moon will have a fixed tax percentage of 5%.

Arkadia Moon Deeds will not be tradable in game until all deeds are sold.


  • 8km x 8km (64 sq KM) of newly designed terrain.
  • High Stakes mining.
  • 7 Brand new and exclusive Creatures.
  • Adventure based and progressive missions.
  • Special IFN and Smuggler missions connecting in with Planet Arkadia activity.


Discount Schedule:

  • Sales date till 30 Jan : 50 PED
  • 1 - 28 Feb : 52.5 PED
  • 1 - 31 March : 55 PED
  • 1 - 30 April : 57.5 PED
  • 1 May onward : 60 PED
2017-12-07 17:34

Skill Boost Event Starts Tomorrow!

A universe-wide skill boost event will begin on December 8, 12:00 UTC and run until December 13, 12:00 UTC. This event celebrates the recent skill-related improvements made in Entropia Universe, along with planned future improvements.

During this event the strength and the frequency of automatic skill increase boosts will be greatly increased.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year wherever you might be in Entropia Universe!

2017-11-30 16:28

MindArk's Upcoming Blockchain Project

Over the past year, MindArk has been closely following the cryptocurrency sphere and exploring synergies between the Entropia Universe platform and blockchain technology. MindArk has engaged an external team of cryptocurrency and finance experts to help formulate a unique and innovative token offering.

This project promises to provide MindArk with a large infusion of capital which will enable accelerated and improved development of the Entropia Universe platform, including integration of virtual reality and blockchain technology, and which will ultimately benefit all Entropia Universe stakeholders -- participants, Planet Partners and shareholders.

Exciting times are on the horizon for MindArk and Entropia Universe, and we hope we can count on your interest and support!

More details on DeepToken, MindArk’s token offering, will be made available in the coming days and weeks.

2017-11-23 13:21

Black Friday Specials in Webshop

Black Friday Ammo Packs are now available in the webshop:

- Up to 100% extra Autoloot pills 
- Up to 50% extra H-DNA revival chips 

Only available till Monday, November 27, 13:00 UTC.

Load up for some serious hunting!

2017-11-22 12:36

Virtual Dagger Auctioned for Over $10,000 in Entropia Universe

A dagger was auctioned for $10,222 in MMORPG Entropia Universe —  more than the price of a real, gold-plated “Black Panther” hunting knife — despite being made only of pixels.   

The powerful Unique Sacrificial Dagger is the only one of its kind and was discovered in Halloween Mayhem 2017, an annual event where participants kill zombie monsters for prizes with real cash value. This year’s event marked the introduction of lootable Halloween Strongboxes, with player “28 yunggun 04”  opening one such box to discover the precious item within.   

Entropia Universe is well known for its record-breaking virtual items sales — Crystal Palace Space Station was sold to a single player in 2009 for $330,000.

2017-11-16 16:56

Performance Update

The MindArk development and engineering teams continue to work hard on improving the stability and performance of the Entropia Universe system and to resolve the recent lag issues. Several fixes and improvements have been implemented over the past week or so, and have helped to mitigate many of the issues experienced by participants. However, several performance issues persist and are related to deeper workings of the Entropia Universe platform and thus will take a bit longer to solve.

Our primary focus is to solve the remaining performance issues as soon as possible, resulting in other development projects being postponed and/or deprioritized. Another patch is scheduled for early next week, containing the most recent fixes and optimizations.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this ongoing process.

2017-10-25 16:33

Lootable Halloween Strongboxes!

This year Halloween Strongboxes are lootable from all Halloween Mayhem creatures and are opened with Classified Strongbox Keys.

The limited-edition Halloween Ring 2017 could be waiting for you...

See the Strongbox page for details.