Mul Ritual Season Event
Mul Ritual Season Event

Entropia Universe – the Sci-Fi MMORPG Metaverse Real Cash Economy Experience

"Entropia Universe – the Sci-Fi MMORPG Metaverse Real Cash Economy Experience"


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User StoriesAxe Murderer in Entropia Universe

"I was staying away from Massively Multiplayer Online games because I knew that they can eat a lot of your free time. But all that changed for me on Saturday November 13, 2010..."

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Beginners GuideCreature Control System

From release 14.9 it is possible to take the role of a ferocious creature or robot and start hunting other avatars! This is a new kind of Fun!

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Entropia WebshopClassified Strongboxes

Classified Strongboxes contain unknown treasures, including some items never before seen in Entropia Universe. Feel the rush as you open your Classified Strongbox and reveal the treasures hidden inside!

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