Planet Partners

taking part in development

MindArk's vision is to expand the virtual universe and be the global leader and pioneer within the 3D Internet. MindArk is looking for Planet Partners that want to be a part of the continuous expansion of Entropia Universe by implementing their unique concepts, businesses and ideas into new unique planets.

The model for realizing this vision is based on a commercial collaboration between MindArk and its Planet Partners. Both parties bring their own expertise to the table, MindArk in technology and operations of virtual worlds, the Planet Partner in game concepts and content, marketing and business operations.

Since 1999 MindArk has invested over 60 million USD to develop Entropia Universe. MindArk now offers Planet Partners to be a part of this and use our technology in building and maintaining entirely new planets in Entropia Universe.

There is no text book definition of a Planet Partner company. However, to successfully create and maintain a planet, a Planet Partner should have a long-term perspective and a secure and stable economy for development, marketing, personnel and planet operations. Naturally, access to a previously established IP is beneficial.

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