Skill Rewards

Beginner's guide

Skill Rewards Make Your Avatar Stronger!

In Entropia your Avatar skills has a PED (Project Entropia Dollar) value. Mission rewards, displayed as PED:s and when given calculated into points depending on your previous skill gains, is a crucial part for your progression in Entropa Universe.

In release 16.5 a new modern skill reward system was introduced.

The new system, called Codex, features missions for the hunting profession.

In Codex a new mission challenge is automatically unlocked upon the first kill of a new creature. For each subsequent kill you gain progress in the mission rank. When completing a rank you can claim a skill reward.

Choose your rewards wisely to improve your skill and profession levels to match your characters goals.




Legacy Missions

Legacy missions are handed out from Non Playing Characters (NPC:s) and by other means. Accepted legacy missions can be seen in the Mission Log UI.

Both Codex and legacy missions can be tracked in the Mission Tracker UI by selecting "Track" from the respective UI:s.