Beginner's Guide

If your avatar is killed the default is to be re-cloned at the nearest revival terminal. Simply click the confirmation dialog to revive. Your avatar’s health will be very low upon revival, so be sure to heal up before heading back into battle.

Alternatives to the normal revive terminal re-cloning includes H-DNA revive chips and various resurrection mindforce items.

The H-DNA chips from Cympatech can store and clone DNA in a fraction of a second. If you have H-DNA chips in your inventory you will have the option to revive exactly where your avatar succumbed. Note that the H-DNA chip will be consumed upon use. For security reasons there is also a limit to how often you can use a H-DNA chip.

Avatars skilled in the Biotropic profession may use rare resurrection mindforce items such as First Gen Resurrect Chip 8 or Rakzum´s Pouch (L) to revive other avatars, this can be very useful in team play.

Tip! You can choose to stay around looking, even though you cannot participate actively.  When you wish to be transported to nearby revival terminal, press OK in the Revive popup dialogue.