Item Information

Beginner's guide

You can view information about all items. To open the Item Info, right click the item or item icon and select View Information to open the information.

In the Information window the buttons at the bottom to the left are the same for all items. These buttons selects what tab is visible in the main part of the window. See below for details.

The buttons at the bottom to the right differ depending on which item you are reading about. For tools and weapons with attachments (e.g. amplifier, scope, sights) a detach button is available.

For items that can be traded in the Entropia Universe Auction a Market Value button is available. The Market Value popup window shows trade information for the item for the last day, week, month, year and decade. Use this information to better understand the market value and market potential for your items.

Bottom Left Icons

The bottom left icons are described from left to right:

Show Basic Information: Shows basic information, such as the trade terminal value.

Show Detailed Information: Shows detailed information, such as ammo burn and effective range for a weapon. For many items paying attention to the various parameters in this tab gives you an idea on how efficient your avatar are in using the item. As your avatar progresses you can typically use weapons that gives more damage, first aid kits that heals more etc.

Show Item Description: Shows a description of the item.