Beginner's guide

In Entropia Universe, you can interact with other participants, items, estates, mobs and so on. When you place the cursor over another avatar or an item, you can view basic information of the avatar or item.

Chatting with other participants is done through the Main Chat or Private Chat.

Context Menu and Action Interaction

You can interact with other avatars and various items to achieve different purposes. Available actions that you can choose between for the selected avatar or item can be found in several ways; two of them are described here.

Interaction using mouse

  1. Place the cursor on another avatar or item and hold down either the F key or the right mouse button to see possible interaction options in the Context menu.
  2. Select desired interaction option.

Main Chat

The Main Chat can be used to chat to participants and various channels of information.

The Main Chat functionality is described on the Desktop page.

Private Chat

Use Private Chat when you wish to chat privately with only one participant:

  1. In cursor mode, hover over the avatar you wish to chat privately with and either hold down the F key or the right mouse button
  2. In the Context menu, choose Private Chat.

Additionally, Private Chat is automatically opened during Private Trade.