Announcing Triton Industries Shares

Announcing Triton Industries Shares, Home of the Sand King

In December 2023, Triton Industries will expand Entropia Exchange with 500.000 Triton Industries Shares! The Entropia Exchange allows participants to acquire shares via virtual companies and receive revenue in the form of dividends from estates controlled by those companies. Triton Industries is now offering shares on Triton Island, a small island northeast of Amethera on planet Calypso, also known by Entropians as the “Sand King Island”!

You can access Triton Island by teleporting to Jameson's Reach or Naval Station Triton. The Oasis is located in the middle of the desert landscape, populated by the creature class Rextelum. The Rextelum was previously thought to be extinct before Governor Jameson's expedition found a healthy population located on the Island. This creature class is currently the largest arthropod known to science, and it is speculated that its sheer size keeps it safe from other aerial predators on the island. The Triton Island is frequently visited by colonists to challenge the largest Rextelum creature “The Sand King”.

Triton Industries is the 5th company to be listed on the Entropia Exchange, and the first batch of shares will be made available on Tuesday, December 5th. The shares from Triton Industries will be available in multiple batches over time. You can acquire shares via the Entropia Exchange, accessed by right-clicking on your PED card.
Stay tuned for additional information and all the details about the shares!