Cosmetic Mayhem Token

Cosmetic Mayhem Token

The upcoming Halloween Mayhem 2023 event will introduce new Cosmetic Mayhem Tokens into Entropia Universe! The Cosmetic Mayhem Tokens can be used to obtain exclusive cosmetic items such as clothes, masks, and more. Compared to previous years, cosmetic items will now be available through the Mayhem Vendor. 

The Mayhem Vendor will update over time with new cosmetics. The Cosmetic Mayhem Tokens are untradeable through Entropia Universe Auction and by player-to-player trade, but you can freely trade the items you acquire from the Mayhem Vendor.

There will be five obtainable cosmetic tokens: Cosmetic Mayhem Token, Bronze Cosmetic Mayhem Token, Silver Cosmetic Mayhem Token, Gold Cosmetic Mayhem Token, and Redulite Cosmetic Mayhem Token.

How will you get these Cosmetic Mayhem Tokens? By participating in Entropia Universe Mayhem missions, you can expect to receive Cosmetic Mayhem Tokens when reaching certain mission thresholds.

For detailed information about the upcoming Mayhem reward lists, keep your eyes peeled for the Halloween Mayhem 2023 announcement!