Ancient Greece Shares

Next Island is proud to announce the redevelopment of Ancient Greece and the upcoming offering of Ancient Greece shares via the Entropia Universe Exchange.

As the current Entropian population may have noticed, Next Island has been evolving more consistently over the past 18 months to be a valued planet within Entropia Universe, including a recent increase in new and rewarding content. In addition to the optimization of the main planet throughout 2019, our development team has been working tirelessly to improve the first of many destinations accessible through Next Island, Ancient Greece.

Ancient Greece will be the second company to list shares on the Entropia Exchange, which was introduced to Entropia Universe in late spring of 2019. The 750,000 shares of Ancient Greece will be offered at 10 PED each and will receive a revenue share of 50% of Next Island’s planet partner revenue for all activity on Ancient Greece.

Ancient Greece is accessible through the Orpheus Cave teleporter on the planet of Next Island. In this latest release, Ancient Greece has introduced a wide variety of new content, as well as optimization of pre-existing content for your enjoyment.

Next Island intends to use the proceeds of the Ancient Greece share offering to support ongoing development and marketing of Next Island.

Ancient Greece Share Information

  • Price per share: 10 PED
  • Total shares: 750000
  • Revenue is generated from all activity within the designated server area of Ancient Greece.
  • 100% of share revenue is paid as dividends to shareholders. 
  • Share revenue represents 50% of Next Island’s planet partner revenue for all activity on Ancient Greece. 
  • Dividends are distributed on Mondays at 00:00 UTC. 
  • Minimum dividend payout is 1 PEC per share. If the payout per share is less than 1 PEC, the amount is carried over to the following week’s dividend. 

Ancient Greece Features Overview

  • Complete overhaul of 3D models, missions, terrain and landscape. 
  • New terraforming to improve previously ill-developed areas. 
  • Redesign and addition of a complete teleportation system including terminals for server access. 
  • Implementation of previously non-existent auctioneers and terminals. 
  • 3 new unique bosses.
  • 8 new and completely reworked creatures.
  • Improved and complete mining zones across the entire server.
  • 2 complex mission chains containing treasure hunts, kill-point missions, crafting objectives, mining runs, and in-depth storyline.
  • 1 upgradeable armor obtainable only in unique wave events. 
  • 6 unique, customizable hero estates tied to Ancient Greece hunting/mining/crafting mission economics.
  • 21 new blueprints unique to the theme of Ancient Greece.

Unique Feature Details

Upgradable Gorgon Armor

Gorgon Armor and upgrade components can be looted by participating in the shared-loot Gorgon Wave event accessible through the new ‘Deliver us from the Dark Queen’ mission chain on Ancient Greece. Armor stats for all upgrades are listed below.

Name   Set Value   Durability   Impact   Cut   Stab   Acid   Total
Gorgon   15 PED   900   6   3   3   3   15
Gorgon Adjusted   42 PED   1200   14   7   7   7   35
Gorgon Improved   86 PED   1650   24   12   12   12   60
Gorgon Modified   220 PED   2000   40   20   20   20   100
Gorgon Augmented   390 PED   2800   64   32   32   32   160
Gorgon Perfected   620 PED   3500   86   43   43   43   215

Customizable Hero Estates

Those that defeat the Gorgon and complete the new ‘Deliver us from the Dark Queen’ mission chain will be awarded with a special token that will allow the purchase of an estate deed for one of the six new unique ‘Hero Estates’ located on Ancient Greece. These estates have been developed utilizing the Entropia Universe Plot system, allowing the placement of new buildings and the upgrading of various features of the estate over time.