Dev Notes #21 - Tiering & Enhancer System Changes

In the upcoming Version Update 17.0, several changes and improvements have been made to item tiering and enhancers to make those systems easier to use and less expensive. 

Our main goals for these changes are to increase usage of those systems (mainly by decreasing cost) and to stimulate increased crafting activity through increased demand for enhancers. Additional improvements to these systems are planned for upcoming Version Updates.


Tiering System Changes

  • Increasing the Tier Level and salvaging ingredients during the Tier Upgrade process are no longer skill dependent.
  • 100% of the Trade Terminal value of the ingredients required to increase the Tier Level of an item is now always returned in the form of Shrapnel.
  • A second decimal place has been added to item Tier Levels. After the Version Update, all existing items will have a 9 added in the second decimal place. For example, an item that currently has a Tier Level of 3.9 will have a Tier Level of 3.99 after the VU. 
  • It is no longer necessary to drag items from inventory to the Tier Upgrade interface. Items from your avatar's Inventory as well as from an open Storage Terminal will automatically be used in the Tier Upgrade UI. Items in storage containers, vehicle inventories etc. will however not be used.
  • It is now possible to increase the Tier Level of an item in storage.


Tier Upgrade Profession

  • Given the change to the item tiering process described above, the Tier Upgrader profession will no longer have any purpose, and will be removed completely in early 2020. Any remaining Tier Upgrading skill points will then be converted to their corresponding Tier Upgrading Skill Implant value and compensated at a markup of 20000%. 
  • In the meantime, anyone wishing to convert their existing Tier Upgrading skill points to PED can list Tier Upgrading Skill Implants on the auction and a MindArk Official avatar will periodically (once per week) buy any implants listed for 20000% markup or lower.


Enhancer System Changes

  • Enhancers inserted into (L)imited items will now break much less often.
  • 100% of the Trade Terminal value of enhancers will be returned in the form of Shrapnel when an enhancer breaks.
  • It is now possible to attach and remove attachments and enhancers to/from items without unequipping the base item.