Statement Regarding Arkadia Land Plot Prizes in the "Gold Rush 2017" Event

Planet Arkadia and MindArk would like to issue an official statement regarding the Arkadia Land Plot prizes that were won in the Planet Arkadia “Gold Rush 2017” event.
Due to the delay in the delivery of these prizes for which the event was advertised with, Planet Arkadia and MindArk have come to an agreement which will grant each winner of the Land Plots a compensation consisting of 40 Arkadia Moon Deeds.
The Arkadia Land Plot Deeds will be spawned directly to the eligible avatars as soon as the estates are available in game which is scheduled to be in the September content release.
The Arkadia Moon Deeds will be spawned directly to the avatars inventory in connection to this announcement.
The Arkadia Moon Deeds are still available for purchase on the Entropia Universe Web Store as well, with less than half deeds left don’t miss your chance of acquiring additional Deeds before they all are sold.