Battle Simulator: Overview

Battle Simulator

#4 Overview

Here’s an overview of the Battle Simulator prototype concept.


  • A Global instance in the form of a time trial assault course. Destroy all enemies and finish as fast as you can!
  • Immediately accessible from anywhere in Entropia Universe via the Global Events List
  • 4 PED entrance fee
  • All Avatars are equal: standardized skill levels, weapons and armor are applied
  • Ammo consumption and deterioration are disabled
  • Prototype: will be released whilst undergoing development
  • Loot crate available once the course is completed
  • Additional prizes awarded to the top positions on the weekly leaderboard
  • Look out for the special message at the start of the run announcing occasional extra bonus loot for completing the instance
  • A wide array of hostile robots and turrets of varying difficulty and tactics spread throughout the Battle Simulator instance

Planned release on March 7, 2017.

Participants of all skill levels, gear and experience, including newcomers.

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We hope you will enjoy testing your skills against other Entropians in the Battle Simulator!