Ethereal Armor: Barely There, Protection Everywhere!

Real Money for Imaginary Items in a Virtual Universe?! Are you Serious?

That’s a reaction commonly encountered when describing the uniqueness of Entropia Universe to ‘real worlders’.

Considering that the items being offered for Entropia Universe’s 2015 year-end sale are not only imaginary but also invisible, those types of reactions might become even more frequent!

Introducing the Exclusive, Limited Edition Ethereal Armor

Completely transparent, Ethereal armor keeps the apparel beneath visible, while providing supreme protection against all types of damage. A slight shimmering effect is apparent when in close proximity to an avatar wearing Ethereal armor, but foes in dangerous PVP areas might easily assume that such an avatar is unprotected.

Twenty-five sets of the soon-to-be legendary Ethereal armor will be available in the Entropia Universe Webshop for $5000, starting on Friday, December 18 2015 13:00 UTC.

In addition, a single set of Unique Ethereal Armor will be made available on the same date and time in the Entropia Universe auction, with a starting bid of 50000 PED. The Unique version offers even more spectacular protection and durability than the normal Ethereal armor, as detailed in the list below.


Ethereal Armor:

  • Durability: 5500
  • Penetration: 34
  • Impact: 30
  • Burn: 42
  • Cut: 30
  • Stab: 24
  • Cold: 7
  • Shrapnel: 15
  • Acid: 7
  • Electric: 7
  • TOTAL: 196


UNIQUE Ethereal Armor:

  • Durability: 6000
  • Penetration: 44
  • Impact: 33
  • Burn: 46
  • Cut: 32
  • Stab: 26
  • Cold: 8
  • Shrapnel: 19
  • Acid: 9
  • Electric: 11
  • TOTAL: 228


Payment Options

The Entropia Universe Webshop accepts credit and debit cards and PayPal. For purchases of the Ethereal Armor you can also pay via Bank Transfer. For Bank transfers please allow a few days for manual handling before the Ethereal Armor is delivered to your Avatar’s inventory.

If your card limit is lower than required for a desired webshop purchase, please contact Entropia Universe Support.