Entropia Universe Emissary app for Facebook

Gothenburg, Sweden - April 11, 2012 /GameBlast/

- MindArk announced today that it will implement Socialtype's Bamboo software and integrate with Facebook to enable fans to become  Emissaries.  This software app allows players to gain in-game rewards for their own recruiting initiatives taken on social sites, allowing their friends to easily experience and join the MMO without ever leaving Facebook.

The MindArk experience on Bamboo is being designed and published by Steven-Elliot Altman, bestselling sci-fi author and former Games Director at Acclaim Games.  He has brought the atmosphere of the Entropia Universe into the app with its user interface, graphics and storylines.  The goal is to have people who use Facebook share not only the deep history of the largest real money MMO on Earth, but to add to the lore with its own unique plots.

The Emissary program will allow fans to join an elite group of Alpha Users who can act as ambassadors for a world their friends may not yet know about.  As an Emissary a player can reap fantastic rewards in-game which also equal real money in the real world,simply for doing what they already love.  Bamboo now makes it easy for those who revel in the game to earn points by telling their friends and sharing Entropia Universe through their social networks. Every action within the app leads to rewards. By simply distributing the latest news, videos, polls, quizzes, and special offers via Facebook Wall posts, invites and gifts to their friends, players can accumulate rewards.