Summer Events Update

Summer Events Update

In order to assist participants with their summer plans, below is a preview of the upcoming Entropia Universe event schedule.


Mulmun Ritual Event

The yearly congregation of Mul tribes is planned for June 4th - June 14th. More details will be posted as the event draws closer.


Summer Mayhem

Due to an upcoming overhaul to the entire Mayhem schedule and event structure, Summer Mayhem is suspended for 2021.


Eomon Migration

The annual Eomon Migration is expected to begin earlier than usual, on June 23rd, and run until mid-to-late August. Exciting new content related to the migration is planned, including new loot and missions. More details will be announced leading up to the event.


Planet Partner Events

Various events are planned during the next couple of months on Arkadia, Cyrene, Next Island and Toulan. Keep an eye on each planet's official websites for