Action Screenshot Contest Awards

Action Screenshot Contest Awards!

We received many fantastic entries for the “Entropia Action Image Screenshot Contest” so we’d like to begin by saying a big Thank You to all those who took the time to enter the competition. 

It was the jury’s task to pick 3 winners based on creativity and overall aesthetics. We managed to find 3 images that not only meet these criteria but also illustrate the wide spectrum of exciting action found in Entropia Universe.

Here are the 3 award winners:

1st place goes to avatar Una Griph Alconbury. This picture perfectly depicts a full-blown assault with avatars and Quadwings pushing forward as one. The Harbingers in the foreground and background add depth and perspective: this is a complex battle with more than one front. The ‘white spike’ and floating debris of Hadesheim deftly indicate the location. As a whole the image successfully unifies diverse elements: landscape, mobs, flying vehicles and avatars all come together in a comprehensive ‘action story’. We couldn’t have asked for more!

2nd place was awarded to Avatar Torschen Tors Kalevala who gave us a little taste of the sublime. There is a breath-taking sense of scale and majesty in this screenshot and the dramatic explosion as the ship passes lends the image epic proportions. The overcast sky suggests a feeling of dread and impending doom and contrasts nicely with the fiery glow from the lava. Great work!

This chilling photo from avatar Neil Greenleaf Stockton earned 3rd place. The sinister Argonaut creeping behind the unsuspecting avatar made us want to cry “Watch out!”. Cold moonlight and long shadows add to the underlying tone of menace.


Since there were so many talented contributors we decided it was only right to include some runner-ups. These avatars will receive runner-up prizes of buff-giving fireworks!

The runner-up avatars are:  

  • milton osga hastings
  • Roslyn Kaz Farstar
  • Gabrial Aziphirael Stone
  • RP Rave Prospector

The contributions from these avatars will be presented here on in the coming weeks.

There will be more screenshot competitions in the future, so watch this space! :-)