Photo contest - You and your pet, runners-up prize #1

MindArk received so many talented, fun and exciting contributions to the recent You and your pet photo contest that we decided to award six extra runner-up prizes. Each of the runner-up winners received a pet name-tag that can be used to give a pet a fun and personalized name that is visible to all other avatars.

Today we'd like to present the first of the runner-up award screenshots. This picture comes from avatar Una Griph Alconbury and shows him and his Arret pet from planet Cyrene when they are about to enter an underground cave setting. The image immediately makes us think of classic fantasy literature and the pyro-kinetic mindforce flame in the avatars hand also brings a sense of adventure and questlike mystery to the image.

All in all a classic image setting that shows a part of Entropia Universe where the thrilling adventure lies before your avatar and pet companion. Congratulations!



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