Welcome Your New You

- The New Entropia Universe Avatars are here!

MindArk, developer of the Entropia Universe Platform, is proud to announce a new Avatar System available for all new and existing participants in Entropia Universe.

The new Avatars bring more realism and life to in-world activities, making it more fun and engaging to explore Entropia Universe. Increased richness in graphical details and textures, a new hair system, improved animations and fitting of clothes and armor give your avatar new ways to express a more distinct You. New asymmetry qualities also allows for creations like tatoos, scars and makeup to be placed on your best side only. Less limits and more fun!

Defining your new Avatar is done in a new intuitive and much smoother interface. The interface can use preset appearance styles for fast game entry or allow you to fine tune the many small details of your Avatar before entering Entropia Universe.

These improvements not only look better on the screen but are actually more optimized for better performance, too.

If you are already an Entropia universe citizen, you will be offered to remake the looks of your Avatar for free, upon your next login. New accounts will automatically use the new system for their Avatar creation.