Robot Harvester Invasion

Entropians, you’ve been claiming loot throughout the beginning of TWEN and preparing to defend Calypso from potential threats. Now you will truly be put to the test.

Emerging from the shadows, more aggressive robot forces are now trying to gain a foothold on Eudoria and steal its resources to gain advantage for their ongoing pursuit.

Robots are pursuing expansion and seek to destroy any potential threats to the AI. The dropships aim to establish a better foothold on the planet. Not only for resource gathering but also to stage attacks on humanity and its settlements.

Reports of heavy robot forces at nine locations around the planet are coming in. These robot forces are accompanied by monolithic matrixes that seem to be harvesting Calypso’s resources. 

By creating a base with a matrix at its core, the Robots can then deploy battle units and miners to quickly and thoroughly dig into a reinforced position. Settlers are urged to interrupt these robot harvesters at all costs, as they continue to excavate vast amounts of precious resources. 

The Robot Harvesters can be found in the following locations on Eudoria:

Jurra Plateau - Lowest threat levels

  • Near Notus
  • North of Notus
  • Northwest of Jurra Plateau

Fort Argus - Medium threat levels

  • Southwest of Fort Argus
  • Southeast of Honuri
  • Southeast of Rogue Plains East

Minopolis - Highest threat levels

  • West of Camp Caravan
  • West of Fort Pandora
  • Northeast of Minopolis

The Omegaton Corporation has noticed that the Second Entity and Trooper robots at the scene appear different from previous encounters.

We seek those who are brave enough to fight back against this brutal robot force and exploitation of Planet Calypso resources. May the rewards and glory rain upon those who willingly fight the AI army.

In addition to the Robot Harvest on Planet Calypso, several planets have launched new items for this year’s TWEN celebration. Don’t forget to explore the other planets in Entropia Universe, and gear up!

Trash some robots and keep Calypso safe!!

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