20 Years of Entropia Universe

Happy birthday, Entropians!
We have reached 20 years of virtual reality and we could not have done it without you!

Starting today, you can discover exclusive TWEN Edition items throughout Entropia Universe! During the celebration of TWEN (Twentieth Entropia New Year), you have a chance to loot TWEN Edition items. This is an opportunity for all Entropians throughout the Universe and includes all mobs on all planets and in space.

Get ready, Entropians

20 years ago, the mission known as Project Entropia rose from the ashes of a great war with AI and its Robot forces. Project Entropia opened up Calypso and the pre-war trade lanes to the new settlers. This marked the end of robot dominance on Calypso and the start of a new era of growth and prosperity.

Now we celebrate those who first braved the vastness of space to seek their fame and fortune and help rebuild a future on Calypso. We also honor those who fought the AI menace, whose destructive force brought dark clouds over a world of paradise. The heroes of the AI wars and the first settlers are not forgotten.

As the 20 year celebrations start, several coordinated attacks on Calypso settlements have been launched by the Robot menace, a potential sign of a larger-scale attack to come!

To help arm and defend Calypso against an upcoming Robot invasion, vast amounts of resources, materials, and robot technology are required. Omegaton, the prime consumer for these materials, will place large buy orders for a variety of materials on the Calypso auction. Omegaton representative Consul Tiberius Calderon will place these orders in the auction.

Highly aggressive robot forces are concentrated at the following settlements:

  • Ashi                                
  • Atlas Haven
  • Camp Caravan
  • Camp Icarus
  • Camp Phoenix
  • Cape Corinth
  • Chug’s Hideout
  • Fort Ithaca
  • Fort Pandora
  • Fort Troy
  • Hadesheim
  • Jason Centre
  • Jurra Plateau
  • Minopolis

The Omegaton Corporation is asking brave Entropians for assistance in defending Calypso!

The dark mind of the AI has not forgotten its defeats of 20 years ago and has grown strong in the shadows, silently rebuilding and planning retribution to remind humanity of its fragility…


What else is happening in 2023?

This is just the beginning of the anniversary activities, as we’re planning to celebrate TWEN throughout the year! We’re already looking forward to sharing the information about our next TWEN update with you all. Also, the recently released Entropia Unreal Tokens will continue to be lootable throughout the TWEN event, and beyond.

In addition to the TWEN celebrations, the normal schedule of yearly global events (e.g. Easter Mayhem, Halloween Mayhem, and Merry Mayhem) will continue. As usual, we are also planning the Eomon migration on Calypso. There will also be some other little surprises in the universe throughout the year.

In parallel, our team will continue with the development of Entropia Universe Unreal; we have more sneak peeks of recent progress planned soon!

Thank you for 20 years of adventures together!

Over two decades ago, MindArk had the vision to create a virtual reality environment with a real economy.  It all began with a project. The project, originally called Project Entropia, set out to develop an internet-based 3D experience with continents so big it would take days to cross them by foot. This while working in a tiny office, with a small team developing the idea on bulky monitors, and on computers that still sported floppy disks and CD drives.

Project Entropia was later rebranded to Entropia Universe - which is the unique player-driven real-cash economy MMORPG you know today. In January 2003, Entropia Universe went gold!

Over the years many of you have joined us on this journey and made our universe into the lively experience that it is today.

From the beginning of our project until today we have continuously had the spirit to expand our platform and we’re beyond excited for what the future holds.

Join the adventure in Entropia Universe & celebrate the 20th anniversary with us! Stay tuned for future info on EntropiaUniverse.com, the Planet Calypso Forum, Facebook, and Twitter.

We are looking forward to sharing another year with all of you Entropians!