Go Skill Buff!

Entropia Universe has once again released a major update! New in the release 14.3 is a 64-bit client offering modern PC:s the ability to utilize more memory and also to enhance client stability.

Likewise on the server side we've done a major revamp that will allow future Version Updates to only take a fraction of the time they used to do, among lots of other goodies.

As usual we also ship New cool stuff! As an Entropian you probably know that skilling is a key to success and gaining skills to your Avatar through activity requires hard work.

New in 14.3 is a dazzling new feature of Skill Buffing allowing your Avatar to gain skills with a bonus factor for a limited time period. The Buff is automatically triggered while playing to give you a bonus increase in one of the skills involved in your current activity. The strength and duration of the Skill Buff you receive is also dependent of the level of your recent activity. This feature gives you an extra edge to your game-play and allows your activity of Entropia Universe to pay off in skill gains faster.

This weekend we celebrate the new release by further increasing the strength and the chance of getting the Skill Bonus for all Entropia participants. Join us for this Skill Bonus extravaganza!

The start and end times for the Skill Bonus Increase are;

        • Start - Thursday 10/10 10.00 UTC
        • End - Monday 14/10 10.00 UTC

The skill bonus will be available everywhere inside Entropia, on all planets as well as in Space so grab your gear and try out the new client during this event!

See you in-world.