Entropia Universe

Zhitkor Shuyajin Zenitsu

My most epic moment happened once upon a time, in an odd happenstance event that will never be reproduced.

I had just logged in order to get some mining done on FOMA Fortuna. However, when I popped in I realize something strange had occurred. Some desynchronization with the game had caused me to glitch outside the normal modules. As if I had used a teleportation chip and had been transported to the asteroid itself. It was an amazing sight. A truly untapped, unknown landscape to the other colonists of Entopia.

The very fact this was going on led me to barely notice that I was cut off from everyone else. This was an environment I would never get a second chance to explore. So explore I did.

There were many mountain ranges and valleys, coupled with a celestial lighting that made it feel like I was truly out exploring a rock in space. I had arrived through a valley not far from the border to stare up at the many high mountain tops. With only my wits and persistence equipped I tenaciously ascended.

F.O.M.A domes seen from the outside

Getting up on to the first plateau. Crossing a precariously narrow walkway overlooking the valley. The rapid fire of my jump key in a near 70 degree climb. But despite fall, after fall I had eventually succeeded. I had climbed to a summit and beheld another view no other player would ever recreate. All for a once in a colonists' life experience. Alas, as grand as my adventure had been thus far, it was only then that I noticed even higher peaks.

So with the same determination that got me there, I ascended higher. After almost losing all my progress once or twice, I achieved yet another stepping stone on my solo journey. From this vantage point I noticed there was a way to get to the highest zenith that would be possible. A cliff-side just within the horizon peering off into deep space. It had took all my effort to that point doubled to keep wits about me without falling. But in time, I had miraculously made it. A goal only this adventurous gamer with abundant free time would dare set his sights on.

I had came to the peak overlooking the edge of FOMA itself where the landscape met the heavens, and in all the glory my modest computer could detail. Standing there, cut from the rest of the gamers but not the game, I was taken aback.. In this wholly unique experience I felt a genuine appreciation for the efforts made by the designers of this land in creating an environment that would never be accessible under normal gaming conditions. I felt honored to be of the few, if not the only player to ever know what FOMA outside its' domed bubbles was like.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I hope these words are able to draw a single picture - of my most epic moment in Entropia Universe.


Zarg Yn Dregor

Once again, I awoke within the universe that is Entropia. The bright Calypso morning shone upon me
as I passed by the merchants at Twin Peaks on my way to the Auction Broker. Calls of ore buyers
and hair specialists echoed throughout the area.

I made a deal with the Auction Broker, purchasing an F-103 finder that was kind of beat up.
I also got a deal on a Level 2 Finder Amplifier with only about 3 mining attempts left.
I always had a tendency to buy beat up things. I like the feel of them after a bit of wear and tear.

On my way to mine, I pause at the teleporter. Hmm, where to go? I decided I might as well try
a random drop, so I choose the first teleport location on my list - OLA #1.

As the particles vibrate with great intensity, a wave passes over me, blurring my consciousness,
and I soon find myself standing at the teleporter of OLA #1 with a giant Traeskeron staring right at me! The turret by the teleporter proceeds to fire upon the Traesk, taking it down at once and keeping me safe and sound. After all, I would never be able to take one down alone and unarmored!

I take a few steps away from the teleporter, maintaining myself within the safety of the turret, and
drop a probe, hoping only that my ore claim doesn't spawn too close to the herd of Traesk. Little did
I expect the sudden shrill of my F-103 finder as it found the motherload! And right beside the welcome sign, too! Little did the notice on my display phase me - that I had just hit 1400+ PED of Lysterium!
My only worry now was where to put all this ore!!

I smiled as I witnessed the benefit of time well invested and my first Hall of Fame mining claim.
I proceeding to excavate the ore, gazing at the sunset, and enjoying just another day in Entropia Universe, where you never know what will happen!


Jess Renada Tylie

My most epic moment? Definitely when I saved up enough to get my Quad-Wing along with a thruster, so I could venture out into space.  Flying around the world previously in my chopper had been jaw-dropping enough, but I’ll never forget the moment when I broke through the upper atmosphere and cast my gaze onto deep space.  

There was an instant feeling of awe as I gazed upon nebulous stars and planets, an intergalactic canvas of beauty.  That was instantly followed by tension, as I quickly scanning the skies for potential space pirates.  I had heard enough stories to know that travelling with any amount of lootable objects could make someone a ripe target for piracy, and I had a full cargo hold that I was hoping to sell on other planets for a profit.

As I pointed my craft towards the nearest planet, I noticed another ship come into view in the distance.  The red triangle identified it as a threat, and my palms started to sweat as I quickly changed course for a less obvious destination, hoping to throw him off my tracks.  Somehow, mostly through divine luck, I escaped with my cargo intact and took a long overdue tour of the galaxy, finally stopping at Arkadia to sell my wares and turn a tidy profit.  

That’s why I love this game. Beauty, danger, and potential profit.. EU has it all.


Daniel Danimal Diep

Entropia Universe, what is that I asked? November 2010, was when I joined Entropia Universe and it wasn’t long before that a mysterious person had purchased Club Neverdie. Up until this point I had no clue what Entropia Universe was, let alone what kind of journey I was about to embark upon. After reading many news articles about Entropia Universe and gathering information on PlanetCalypsoForum for months, I decided it was time to finally create an account of my own.

I was a little too impatient and didn’t really put much thought into the creation of my avatar, which I found out would later penalize me. I quickly blew through all of the tutorials just to make it to the actual game and paid little attention to the dialog, let alone the interfaces. Once I spawned on Port Atlantis “New Arrivals” I saw how “lucrative” the game could be. A global, a HoF, what is that? The delusions of grandeur would quickly flash in my mind and the types of things that I would spend the money on if I “hit it big”. I saw avatars like Star and Stryker who would constantly global and I thought I would want to be like them someday.

Several months had gone by and not a single “UBER” loot dropped my way and I began to become discouraged. I no longer had any goals or ambitions and my delusions of grandeur quickly faded as fast as they came. What was I doing wrong? Why couldn’t I win at this game like so many others have done before me? Where was my “EPIC” moment? After making friends with the inner circle of “UBERS” they enlightened me to the fact that I was going about it all wrong. Yes, I had the dedication and the determination to succeed in Entropia Universe but I lacked greater working knowledge of it. I wasn’t managing my loots correctly and worst of all, I was not maximizing on my economic potential – a very big drain on my PED card to say the least.

I reevaluated my playing style and my gear after speaking with them. I ditched most of my expensive uneconomical and PED hungry items in lieu of more economical weapons and gear. This meant that I would have to start over because I hardly had any skills in the required profession for these items. I then decided I would try to focus on one single mob instead of a whole bunch of mobs at the same time. This would give me the ability to refine my newfound knowledge and give me the skills that I required to make it “big”. I headed up to Crystal Palace and spent what seemed like an eternity up there. Then finally it came… my “EPIC” moment in Entropia Universe..

A 4085 PED Aurli Ravager! I remember thinking, “My ‘EPIC’ moment has come at last!”



Aston Metrazol Sage

Newbie vs. Longtooth Exarosaur – With Help from Mentor

Being a new colonist of the Planet Calypso, I was hunting the plentiful Berycled, Tripudion, and Caudaturgous in the vicinity of Port Atlantis when I spotted a solitary Longtooth of juvenile maturity. This was my first encounter with such a creature, so I kept a safe distance and reported the finding to my fellow society members and mentor.

We all concurred that it was very strange to find an isolated Longtooth so far from the safety of the migrating herd. We also agreed that there could be something special about this lone creature. Of course, the only way to find out would be to slay the Longtooth and sift through its remains.

I was still a relatively unskilled hunter with weaponry and armor appropriate to much smaller prey, so I requested aid in bringing it down. My mentor, a Colonel in my society who goes by the name “Mater,” cheerfully offered his assistance. I kept a vigil on the Longtooth while Mater made a quick flight to my position.

We made a plan to engage the Longtooth when Mater arrived. I would do the shooting while Mater kept me healed with his first aid pack. Though dispatching this powerful Longtooth with my Z12 Barbarella laser carbine would be challenging, we both felt up to the task.

We took up our positions and signaled each other ready. I took my first shot into the Longtooth’s torso! It immediately cried out and began to charge me while I kept on firing. The Longtooth had hastily closed in on me, and I had barely scratched it. Now this creature and I were exchanging attacks face to face. I was slowly wounding him while he was ripping chunks out of me. Mater kept applying first aid, but he couldn’t keep up with the incoming trauma. I would soon be at a revival terminal if this continued.
Just as I was about to expire, the Longtooth turned its attentions on Mater! By instinct I took this opportunity to put distance between myself and the Longtooth and to apply first aid before continuing my carbine barrage. Now Mater was taking massive damage faster than he could heal, but I had done significant damage to the Longtooth.

Mater was barely clinging to life, but the Longtooth again chose to attack me again! It closed on me and continued its assault. Though I was once more near death, I put the final shots into the Longtooth, and it collapsed at my feet! A hard earned victory, but a victory nonetheless!

I looted the Longtooth’s remains, and in the end found that I had made a tiny profit on the venture. However, the real profit was the unforgettable experience gained in this close fight beside my mentor. I think this goes to show that even the greenest colonists can have their epic moments if they’re willing to face the unknown.


Mookie Puma Hawk

I was walking around lost, all I had was the orange suit I had been issued and a few rounds of ammo for my pistol I had been given in the training tutorial. Shooting a few creatures here and there under the suggestion of some NPCs that gave me some simple tasks to complete was proving to me what I thought; this was going to be fun. 

Then it happened!!! Life changing moment, somebody asked me if I wanted to go into space. Space I thought, didn’t know there was space. “What do I need” I asked. The said to come meet him at his ship and gave me a waypoint to follow on my map. I couldn’t believe it, it looked like a cross between and F15 and an X-wing fighter. He yelled “Jump in Rook!” and laughed. I wasn’t scared.
“Store your stuff on the planet kid, there might be pirates, I’ll wait here for you.” He tells me as calm as can be. Now I was scared.

The ship jumped off the ground as soon I got in and the expansion of land grew and I couldn’t believe how far I could see, there was no end to the ocean I could see, and yet on my map I knew there was another land mass out there somewhere.

I couldn’t force my eyes to blink for fear of missing something as space opened up in front of me. The ship jumped forward as he gave a thrust on the engines and my open mouthed childlike wonderment gaze saw that we were entering some sort of space station.

The hangar was HUGE, as the ship was spun 180 degrees and we descended to land lightly on one of the pads next to a ship similar to the one I was in. I could see two people, one in similar armor to my pilot and another guy with the same orange jump suit I was wearing. As I got out of the ship I could hear the other pilot giving instructions to his version of me.

I quickly learned that we had been picked up as gunners for a two well known pilots…Pirate Pilots, the very thing that had caused so much fear to me moments ago. Now I was faced with a tough decision....another life changing moment…become a pirate or look for a ride home in dangerous open space….

To be continued…..daily……. 


Uldak SoulReaper Steele

How I saved my mining claim of 40 PED

I had been playing Entropia Universe for about 4 months, dabbling in each trade (hunting, mining, and crafting) about equally. However, my most Epic Entropia moment occurred when I was working on developing my mining skills. At that point I had deposited a total of $100 into the game, allowing me sufficient resources for recurring "mining runs." Unfortunately, for about a week prior to my amazing find, most of my runs had been significant losses. On the evening of my birthday, June 29, I decided to buy 20 PED worth of probes and set out with my Finder F-101 to mine around the Ashi desert to try and make some PED back.

For some reason, I had the bright idea of mining the Northern area, where there was an extremely dense spawn pattern of about Lvl 9-13 mobs. I was dropping probes, bobbing and weaving in and out of mobs, when I was about to finish up with my run, banking another loss for the day. That is, until I dropped (literally) my final probe of the run. It wasn't a global, so when the claim came up in the loot window I thought nothing spectacular about the find. However, when I looked at the estimated size, my heart started racing. After looking up the average value of a "Large (XII)" claim size (about 40 PED), I knew that this find was the largest I've ever had while mining by about 30 PED. Boy, how I hoped that everything would be smooth sailing, but retrieving this claim was the most difficult task I've had to date in Entropia Universe.

Over the course of the next half hour, I dug up the claim little by little. Here's how I did it: I flew my Sleipnir VTOL almost to the claim and started to extract it. Unfortunately, an Atrox began to attack me. Since I was excited about the claim, I decided to tank through the attacks, continuing to extract. Bad plan. The second hit was a critical: FOR 77 DAMAGE. I was revived at a nearby outpost without my ship, but I wasn't worried: I still had my Valkyrie car, and began to drive over. However, the area was so densely populated that the Valkyrie was destroyed within 30 seconds, and was once again revived at the outpost.

The outpost was completely surrounded my monsters, so I couldn't travel anywhere on foot, and I didn't have possession of either of my vehicles. I even thought I would have to contact the Calypso rescue team; I thought I lost my claim for good! However, I must have been blessed, because within 10 minutes my Sleipnir was returned to storage (which I never knew would happen), and I was able to fly back over to my claim. After about 10 minutes of careful extraction, I had pulled 40 PED worth of Lysterium out of the ground, making for the most amazing, difficult, and triumphant, and overall EPIC experience I had ever undergone in Entropia Universe.


Randy Crusher McBrute

The Berycled Global

My most epic moment in Entropia Universe so far happened just the other day. I was hunting with members of my new society with very little luck. We killed some Longtooths for quite a while but there were no globals. I finally needed to repair my power fists so I said "be right back" and started to teleport back to town.

40 seconds later, right before I teleport, I see the golden swirls around my team. The very first kill I didn't participate in was a global! I put the last of my PED into repairing my power fists and returned to my team. I was determined to get a share of the next global. So I punched Longtooths over and over again, with no global to be found. The time finally came again where I had to repair my power fists so I pressed T on the keyboard and waited to teleport.

30 seconds later, to my surprise, the golden swirls appeared around my team. The exact same thing happened again! Feeling super unlucky the next day, I decided to solo kill some easy level 3 Berycled Youngs. Only three kills in, I saw the golden swirls once again. But this time they were around me, it was a global! My biggest global in the month that I've been playing, worth 90 PED.

I'd have never expected it to be from such a weak monster. It's been a couple of days since I killed that little Berycled but I still smile every time I look at my PED card because I can't help but feel like I beat the odds.


Bred Stalker Danton

The epic escape from Outpost besieged by robots.

I was have this experience a few years ago. In that time I was a poor noob.

It was the old version of the game, the players haven’t a car or plane. Often happened that the avatar was killed somewhere in the wilderness and then was revived in some remote outpost that was besieged around by huge herd of monsters. It was a perfect trap for each Noob. Terrible hell from which there is no escape :-O

As a true noob I wandered beautiful but dangerous countryside of Calypso. Sometimes I find fruit, stones and sometimes poop :-)
But I had no idea how awful thing to meet me. From bushes ran horrible monster and I saw my body in funny orange noob suits rolling on ground dead. It was not the worst!

Then I showed up at the revival point - in small outpost several kilometers from Twin peaks. When I looked around I saw the absolute horror. A huge army of robots  everywhere... I tried to run away into the forest but it was in vain.

Robots see very well and I was always shoted a few meters from the turret. It was hell - Again and again I ran, dying, waiting for healing and running again. I was could not fight them. In tat old days I had only opallo, charge for a few rounds. My shooting was absolute joke for robots. I was havent a chance to damage them.

I looked aroun and saw better terrain. Then I was saw my only hope... Lake shore about 200 meters south.

In outpost was trapped another noob. I persuaded him to cooperative run to the lake. And one of us will maybe survive. One, two, three - start!! We ran for life !! Robots shot and hunted us. friend was injured, I also was hit, but still alive. Before me, I have seen the coast! Laser cut through the air and my friend feel dead! Another shot, and my avatar was only 5% of life! I finally touched the water, jumped in and swam.

In the dark water at the bottom of the lake spread out around me the wonderful silence. I survived !!!

When I then emerged on the other side of the lake where it is safe. Something inside me then was changed...

Since that time I stopped being a poor noob. I started to work hard on themselves. I became a hunter and one day when I was already quite experienced I start to great hunt of robots to avenge the suffering of all small noobs caught into the robot outpost trap.