2024 User Interface Update

2024 User Interface Update


The Entropia Universe User Interface (UI) is an extensively discussed topic within the MindArk team and our valued community. In our continuous quest to enhance the Entropia Universe gaming experience, we’ve embarked on a mission to resume and complete the UI update! This initiative stems from game performance tests and the valuable community feedback we’ve gathered since the initial start of the update process.

The old UI elements are a major factor in the Frames Per Second (FPS) drop linked to graphic lag issues. The decision to update the UI was rooted in improving the performance, achieving cohesive design, and resolving navigational challenges presented by diverse outdated window designs. We also recognized a need for visual enhancement, particularly in unifying the UI’s appearance, including artistic elements, especially for fonts, color schemes, buttons, and text fields. An overhaul of the entire UI system was necessary to facilitate the addition of new features and functionality in the future.

UI Fundamental Changes and Improvements

• Performance Optimization: A thorough review of all UI windows led to significant enhancements in UI responsiveness, ensuring a smoother Entropia experience.

• Unified Design Philosophy: We aimed to create a consistent, visually appealing UI. We redesigned elements like fonts (choosing a Sci-Fi style), colors, and text sizes.

• HUD Transformation: The Heads-Up Display (HUD) redesign reduces clutter, offers a more expansive view of the game world, and enhances the overall user experience.


• Optimized Functionality: We repositioned buttons, adjusted window sizes, and removed redundant elements for a more intuitive user experience.

• Chat System Revisions: We enhanced the chat system with features like adjustable transparency and improved communication tools within the game.

• Action Bars & Icon Management: The new action bar management system simplifies customization. The update reduces on-screen icons and enhances visual clarity. Users can assign icons to a maximum of five bars, each with ten actions and three pages, allowing 150 assignable actions. Keybinds are now possible with modifiers (CTRL and SHIFT) and are not limited to the dashboard or action bar.


• Streamlined Monetary Transactions: To streamline in-game currency management, we removed the transfer center and introduced a dedicated website access button in the update.

We have actively monitored feedback on the Planet Calypso forum and online discussions while developing the new UI. Including the Entropia Universe community in this process is paramount to MindArk. To further gather feedback, we invited 12 Entropians with 3 to 20 years of in-game experience to the MindArk studio for UI testing. With all the feedback we have collected, we have created an update that elevates the look and value of the Entropia experience. In conclusion, our commitment to enhancing the user experience led to a comprehensive UI overhaul, resulting in improved performance, visual appeal, and streamlined functionality. These changes will address many concerns and lay the foundation for a more enjoyable gaming adventure.

With the update, your previous settings from the old UI will be reset, including keybinds and positioning of various UI windows. For everyone's best experience navigating through the update, the implementation of the UI update during a less event-hectic period gives everyone time to get used to the UI's new, improved look and feel. Unless unforeseen circumstances or additional development needs occur, the primary release date for the user interface update is February 13, 2024 February 20th, 2024 (Due to additional development needs, we've decided to postpone our UI release to February 20th. Thank you for your patience!)

Keep your eyes peeled for more details about the upcoming UI update - We will share more info in the near future!