2016-05-27 16:34

ComPet: Behind The Game

The ComPet Shop: Currencies

ComPet uses a real cash virtual currency: Project Entropia Dollars (PED).

The PED currency is the main unifying factor between ComPet and Entropia Universe. It should be noted that accounts from Entropia Universe are not pre-registered with ComPet accounts, and that it is not currently possible to move PED directly from Entropia Universe to ComPet (or visa versa).   

In the ComPet Shop, players have the ability to increase their PED balance through real-cash deposits. Deposited PED can then be exchanged for gold and diamonds in ComPet. Gold and diamonds are ‘soft currencies’: they do not represent real-world monetary value. It is perfectly possible to play ComPet using only the soft currencies.  

Here is a quick overview of the currencies and their uses in ComPet:


Gold (Soft Currency)

Used for:

  • Acquiring buildings.
  • Acquiring pets.
  • Acquiring pet abilities.
  • Getting updates for your buildings.
  • Setting pets on Quests
  • Levelling up pets
  • Training pets in The Gym
  • Speeding up replenishment of a pet’s health

Obtained from/by:

  • Mines
  • Defeating Basic Battlepack Holders in The Arena
  • Defeating AI pets
  • The ComPet Shop
  • Raiding a player when they are offline


Diamonds (Soft Currency)

Used for speeding up the following processes:  

  • Constructing buildings
  • Training pets in The Gym
  • Research in The Library

Obtained from/by:

  • Certain Quests
  • The ComPet Shop
  • Defeating AI pets (occasionally).
  • Defeating Basic and Premium Battlepack Holders in The Arena


PED (Hard Currency)

Used for:

  • Acquiring gold and diamonds in The ComPet Shop.
  • Acquiring another pet slot in The Stables.
  • Acquiring a Premium Battlepack

Obtained from/by:

  • Defeating Premium Battlepack Holders in The Arena.
  • The ComPet Shop


Supplementary Note to Closed Compet Beta Testers:
The focus of the first Beta period is on testing basic features and stability. As such, the ability to acquire PED through real-cash deposits is currently disabled.


2016-05-18 10:33

VentureBeat Article on Virtual Reality

Jon Jacobs and Entropia Universe are discussed in this VentureBeat article on Virtual Reality: 


2016-05-17 15:02

ComPet Closed Beta Has Begun!

We are happy to announce that the Compet Closed Beta has now begun!

Please note that the ComPet Closed Beta is only open to ComPet Deed Holders.

All ComPet Deed Buyers will receive emails giving further information on the Closed Beta.

2016-05-16 12:07

Information on VU 15.8.5

On Tuesday, May 17, MindArk will implement Entropia Universe Version Update 15.8.5. This update focuses on improving the visual appearance and client performance of Entropia Universe, and includes:

  • Improved compression of terrain textures, resulting in smoother landscapes and removal of the tiling effect
  • Level of detail (LoD) enhancements and bug fixes.
  • Improved billboard rendering with transform and color.
  • Post-processing added to rendering of items displayed in the item info panel, and item icons.
  • A new client setting available in the Advanced Options panel for managing anisotropic filtering.

Due to the types of changes being implemented, VU 15.8.5 will require a larger than usual client patch (approximately 4 GB).

Our development and graphics teams have been working hard on these improvements, which we hope will enrich everyone’s Entropia Universe experience!

2016-05-13 14:56

ComPet: Behind The Game

#7 Jadion Backstory

It pays to be knowledgeable, but it doesn’t pay to boast about it!

Choonan Moon was one of the most knowledgeable men in the Seven Kingdoms on a planet called DoshRah. He loved sitting in his old rocking chair looking clever as he stroked his venerable white beard (which he thought added to his ‘Wise Man’ image).

But despite having a wealth of knowledge Choonan wasn’t wise. He foolishly boasted he had more sense in his little toe than the King had in his entire body.

Needless to say the King wasn’t impressed. Being a powerful sorcerer he cast a spell to turn our heedless hero into a common garden ornament: a stone Jadion.

And so it was that whilst Choonan was giving a detailed lecture on Advanced Kazoo Instrumentation there was a loud ‘pop’ and he disappeared. Choonan found himself in the Royal palace. He tried to turn his head, but he was stuck fast! His peripheral vision confirmed what had befallen him: he’d been turned into a common garden Jadion! The King plucked him up and set him in his garden, admiring the new compliment to his water feature.

As the years passed the once common Jadion ornaments eventually became extremely rare and valuable, and Choonan the most valuable of them all.  

It wasn’t long before the ‘Royal Jadion’ caught the attention of an idiotic burglar called Jurgen. Known locally as ‘The Bungler’, Jurgen had only ever managed to steal one object: a toothbrush from his brother-in-law (which technically he simply forgot to return).

Jurgen stealthily entered the Royal Garden and stuffed Choonan into his sack. But somehow the dogs got wind of Jurgen and chased him off a cliff whereupon he splatted unceremoniously onto the rocks below.

Luckily the magic of his bewitchment kept Choonan afloat. Drifting out to sea he was found by pirates who tied him to the masthead in the belief he would bring them good luck. This belief proved groundless after the rogues abruptly crashed into an iceberg 10 minutes later.

Choonan floated out to sea once more and drifted into a cave where he became securely lodged. Engaging in deep meditation for countless centuries (he simply had nothing else to do) Choonan focussed the power of his All Encompassing Thought till he felt a shifting deep within his stone body...

Here it is, he thought! Freedom! Movement! Fried Potatoes! Oh glory, oh wonder, I’m soon to be ME again!

But it was not to be.

Instead there was a rather unpleasant plopping sound as something pushed its out way out of his left ear hole. Glancing down he saw it was a tiny Jadion covered in purple mucus. It was alive! And squirming!

As he stared down at the creature in disgust something very strange happened. He suddenly saw himself! He was ‘looking through the eyes’ of the little Jadion!

Unimpressed with his drab surroundings, the tiny Jadion ‘doggy-paddled’ out of the cave.

Not to be disheartened, Choonan once more sent forth the power of his Thought that he might break his prison and return to his true self. And plop! Another little Jadion coated in purple slime popped out of his ear. He tried again. Another Jadion...well, you get the picture!

Choonan never gave up. Through the power of his Thought thousands of Jadions have been produced. And he’s still producing them to this day! Alas, the ability to ‘see through the eyes’ of his Jadions is the only means he has of ‘escaping’ his cruel imprisonment.

Jadions have since spread from Planet DoshRah to dozens of other planets dotted around the universe. Some fashionable ladies even like to keep Jadions in their bathrooms, believing them to be mere statues (a deception the randy little creatures delight in!). It was in these brief moments that Choonan saw some advantages to his All-Seeing Confinement...

So that’s the tale of the Jadion. Keep in mind that you must never disrespect a Jadion or do anything suspect in its presence: they are the Offspring of the Thought of Choonan and his ‘Eyes and Ears’.

And for goodness sake, don’t ever buy a ‘bathroom ornament’ that resembles a Jadion!

2016-05-02 15:46

ComPet Development Update

We are pleased to announce that The Closed Beta has been set for May 17, 08:00 UTC.  

In order to ensure that the quality of the game is not compromised, we will not be releasing ComPet to the public on May 10 but will instead be continuing with the QA process. We will send out further information as soon as possible, but for now we would like to assure everyone that all our efforts are focussed on making Compet as good as it can be. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

The prices for Compet Deeds will be raised from $10 to $12 per deed. This adjustment will be reflected in the packages sold on the web as of today: https://competgame.com/shop/  Financing has been a great success so the deeds will only be available until The Closed Beta goes live on May 17. After that, they will be traded over the Entropia Universe ingame auction.

2016-04-21 18:57

ComPet: Behind The Game

#6 Edgehog Backstory

The Edgehogs in Posherton didn’t originate there. They were bred from the creatures known as Eudorian Devils that live on Planet Calypso.

Long ago an eccentric Poshertonite called Lord Danville resolved to obtain a pair of Eudorian Devils and use them as servants. He thought it would look ‘exotic’.

But when he arrived on Planet Calypso he discovered his task was not an easy one. Whenever he drew near the creatures had the audacity to breathe fire at him and singe his well-groomed moustache!

Many attempts and countless moustache treatments later he finally caught the little blighters by using a fire-proof cage.  

Now all that remained was to train them in the Art of Good Service.

His efforts in this area met with little success.

Instead of pouring the wine they drank it. Instead of serving the tea they smashed the teacups and ravaged the scones. Instead of waiting at table, they ate the table. It was exasperating.  

As if matters couldn’t get any worse the Devils escaped to the forest where they caused a wildfire!

Lord Danville now faced disaster! His reputation was in tatters and he was wanted for wildlife smuggling (he hated doing paperwork and hadn’t bothered to fill in the necessary forms).

But Danville had a plan. He made a giant pile of hay, rare china, exquisite wines and delicious delicacies in a clearing in the forest and waited. Since the Devils so enjoyed burning, breaking and consuming they couldn’t resist. They rushed the pile , whooping with joy as Danville sprang the trap and caught them.  

Having averted total disaster the problem of taming the rascals remained. Luckily, Danville had glimpsed the true nature of the Eudorian Devil: if they were given any adventurous activity with the possibility of violence, they were happy as could be! Simply offering them the chance to guard, battle and go on quests ensured their loyal service.

Once the Eudorian Devils were happy they multiplied manically (as with everything else, they seemed to have insatiable urges)! Everybody wanted one and their popularity grew with each passing day. Danville gave a baby Eudorian Devil to the Police Commissioner who proceeded to make all the smuggling charges ‘disappear’.

So there you go. These days the Posherton breed of Eudorian Devil is far tamer than their ‘Calypso cousins’ and they’ve lost the ability to breathe fire. To mark these differences the Posherton breed was eventually given a new name: “Edgehogs”

But you should still be wary. Their adorable appearance hides a demeanour that is still a little...devilish!


2016-04-21 11:13

Mission Galactica: A New Mind Chip is Out There...

Hone the Pirate has managed to get his grubby mitts on an extremely rare Divine Intervention Chip. It’s up for grabs if you’ve got the grit! 


Divine Intervention Chip

The Divine Intervention Chip was developed by the Research Development Institute (RDI) from the wreckage of an unknown model of robot discovered at a secret location. When demise is imminent, the chip brings an avatar back from the brink of death. The chip was never intended for public release but was smuggled out of a secret RDI lab by technician Giles Bane. After his desertion Bane promptly disappeared. Although assumed dead by the majority, some say the old renegade earns his living selling RDI secrets ‘off the grid’. Among smugglers, pirates and other lawbreakers he has cult status. Inevitably, it is these ‘underworld types’ that have access to the legendary Divine Intervention Chips.

To find out more about Mission Galactica and the requirements for the “Divine Retribution” mission please see the Mission Galactica Page

2016-04-15 17:15

ComPet: Behind The Game

#5 Battle

Here’s a quick overview of battling in ComPet.



There are certain attributes that will affect how your pet performs in battle:

When it reaches zero you lose the match!

Mana and the Mojo Attribute:
All abilities have a required Mana cost. If you run out of Mana you cannot use any abilities until it is regenerated, so it's vital to ensure your Mana pool is replenished! How? By increasing your Mojo: it is the Mojo attribute that determines how much Mana your pet regains every round.  Mojo also increases the Pets' chance to avoid stun and other debuffs. 

In addition, the amount of Mana a pet has is determined by its Pet Class

Gives you a better chance to gain initiative (a higher initiative means you have a higher chance to go first in the round). Also, Ferocity increases your chance of scoring a critical hit from a physical attack.

How long your pet can fight with full vigor. Ferocity increases your chance to avoid critical hits from physical attacks. It goes down one point every round. When it's zero your pet is fatigued: he can still fight but will take automatic damage due to exhaustion!


Preparing for Battle

There are various things to consider when equipping your pet with abilities. For instance the “Bite” ability causes instant damage, whilst the “Poison” ability inflicts damage over time and zero instant damage. Also, different abilities have different ‘cooldown periods’: the minimum number of rounds the player must wait after using an ability before using it again.



At the bottom of the screen is a list of all the abilities you have equipped. You can hover over the ability tooltip to display its mana cost, description and cooldown period: this helps you decide which ability to use. You can see what abilities you have already used and when you used them via the tooltips on the right hand side.

Some attacks affect pets for a number of rounds. These details are displayed on tooltips underneath the pet’s attribute levels.


Types of Battle: Arena, Raid and Beast

Arena Battle:

To begin an Arena Battle against other players you must first have a Battlepack. Battlepacks represent the value that pets bring with them into Arena battles.  

You can choose between ‘Premium’ Battlepacks or ‘Basic’ Battlepacks, the difference being that ‘Premium’ Battlepacks represent real monetary value. The winner of the Arena Battle gets part of the value of the loser’s Battlepack!

When you enter the Arena you can only play against those who have the same kind of Battlepack. However, the value of the Battlepacks can differ.

The system automatically pits you against players who are approximately on the same Pet Level (no more than 2 levels up and no less than 2 levels below). The system will also try to match you with someone with a similar number of Ranking Points (if you win a match you gain ranking points and if you lose a match and you lose ranking points).

Raid Battle:

Raid Battles are when you battle another player’s AI pet when they themselves are offline. If you win a raid you can take some of the other player’s gold, but the amount of gold you win depends on how much health you have left after the battle. Lose health in the battle and you’ll win less gold!

You can protect yourself from raids by placing Guard Pets. Guard Pets can be placed at the Residence or at Vaults and Goldmines

Placing a Guard Pet at the Residence means another player must battle this guard when they raid you. If they win they get to raid your gold stores!  

Placing Guard Pets at Vaults and Goldmines decreases the amount that can be stolen by another player if they manage to beat the guard you set at the Residence.

Beast Battle:

Beast battles are when you battle the AI in the Forest. This is a great way to gain experience points and gold! 

In the forest you also have a chance to defeat and thereby gain rare pets for your collection!

Stay tuned for the next installment of ComPet: Behind The Game!

2016-04-07 14:47

ComPet: Behind The Game

#4 The Village

In this installment we’re going to take a closer look at The Village interface and the functions of the buildings.


The Residence

In order to unlock new buildings and upgrade existing buildings to higher levels you must first upgrade the Residence to the required "Residence Level".  

But it takes more than gold to upgrade the Residence! Constructing buildings, training pets and defeating Beasts (AI battles) are all activities required to upgrade this special building.

You can also assign ‘guard duty’ to pets in the Residence. This is the pet that other players battle if they raid your Village (raids occur offline - more on this later!).



The place where your pets can rest. With each upgrade the maximum number of pets increases.

The stables are also where you can level up your pets, distributing your hard-earned experience points across Mojo, Health, Ferocity and Endurance. Levelling up costs gold and on higher levels it also requires sacrificing pets.

The UI also shows how long it takes for your pet to fully recover. You can regain your pet’s health immediately by spending diamonds.


Gold Mine

Gold is the currency used for buying buildings, pets and pet abilities. It also buys updates for your buildings.  

The gold mine has an hourly income and a maximum capacity. This means you can earn gold merely by waiting for it to be excavated, but it takes time!

You can’t spend gold until you transfer the gold to the vault, at which point it will become visible on your ‘gold meter’ and can be spent. So don’t forget to empty the gold mine before it reaches maximum capacity, else all gold mining activity will stop!



You can keep your gold in a vault. The higher the level of the vault, the higher the capacity and the more gold you can store!



You can train your pets in the gym. Simply pay some gold and leave your pet in the gym so they gain experience points! Again, the process can be immediately completed by spending diamonds.



The library is where you research new abilities (the moves you use in battle). It costs gold to research a new ability.  

Researchable abilities are organised into different tiers in the library. To unlock these tiers you must upgrade the library to the required tier level.



The veterinarian reduces the time it takes for a pet to recover from injury by increasing its health regeneration.



Stay tuned for the next installment of ComPet: Behind The Game!

2016-04-01 16:19

ComPet: Behind The Game

#3 Creature Backstory: Furlock

The Tale of How The Furlock Came to Be (not a Rudyard Kipling story, I might add) is one of the more unusual stories you’re likely to hear.

The giant bats in the bell towers and the rabbits in the meadows used to live very separate lives, as you might expect.

But one day a young rabbit was climbing up to a bell tower for a dare. Somehow he managed to scramble to the very top, but as he started stomping in jubilation the huge bell chimed and gave him such a fright he fell off!

An observant bat saw him falling and deftly scooped him up in mid-air, soaring above the rooftops.

To the surprise of both animals they found the experience of flying together extremely enjoyable. The other animals followed suit and soon the bats were whizzing around with their rabbit passengers, racing each other and having a whale of a time.

It was during one such race that a rabbit called Fur and a bat called Lock were flying towards the finish line over the forest canopy, miles ahead of their competitors.

Far below in the forest were two witches who were duelling to the death. One of their spells misfired, shooting through the air to hit the unlucky pair!

Instantly both animals were fused into a single strange creature with the fur of a rabbit and the wings of a bat!

Terrified, the new creature flew back to its homes to seek help. But the rabbits were disgusted and the bats appalled: they suspected the creature to be the result of a rather…‘too-intimate union’, shall we say.

Friendship was one thing, but this was too far, by jove! Banishment - immediate and eternal - was brought down upon the poor creature’s head.

Furthermore, the two species decided it was far safer to outlaw all joint sporting events to avoid ‘unnatural urges’...

Abandoned and alone the creature flew aimlessly, until one day it heard of a quack Wizard-Doctor called Lord Mountebank. Reasoning that anything was worth a try it begged the con-man to help split it into its component parts, paying him with gold it had stolen from local residents. Never one to turn down money, Lord Mountebank proceeded to pour a sticky, mucus-like liquid onto the creature’s head.

For a while there was merely an unpleasant, embarrassing sound like that of a giant breaking wind. Then thousands of creatures identical to that of the ‘rabbit-bat’ popped out of thin air and covered every surface for miles around!

Once they had been lonely, but no longer!

The creatures gave Mountebank the honour of naming their species and he dubbed them ‘Furlocks’ (imagination was never Lord Mountebank’s strong point).

To this day the rabbits and bats of Posherton still hate Furlocks and see them as a cautionary tale on the rewards of sin (they became rather prudish after the so-called ‘incident’, it has to be said!).

But the cuddly Furlocks hate nothing and nobody. They’re just glad they’re not alone!


Stay tuned for the next installment of "Compet: Behind The Game" for information about The Village! 



2016-04-01 14:13

First Announcement From President of Virtual Reality

Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs has made his first public announcement as the newly appointed President of Virtual Reality. 

2016-03-30 10:34

President of Virtual Reality Election Update

The election hosted by MindArk to choose the first president of Virtual Reality concluded on Monday March 28th, 2016.

After executing an impressive global campaign and promoting a very ambitious agenda Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs was elected by VR citizens from around the world as The First President of Virtual Reality. The President will remain in office for 4 years. The next election will take place in the first quarter of 2020.

MindArk will work together with the newly elected president and support initiatives to expand the frontiers of VR culture, the global adoption of interoperable avatars and the Real Cash economy business model.



2016-03-29 16:26

ComPet Closed Beta Postponed

We are still currently stabilizing ComPet in the QA process, which is taking more time than expected. To offer an experience that is as close as possible to that of the finished game we have decided to extend this period of development and delay the closed beta test. We realize this may come as a disappointment but we wish to ensure the closed beta test is delivered to you with the highest level of quality and playability. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Our ambition is to launch the closed beta test during April 2016.

Kind Regards, 
The ComPet Game Development Team

2016-03-24 15:23

ComPet: Behind The Game

#2 Backstory

The action of ComPet takes place in a magical land where pets are not just 'pets'. They have awesome magical powers and incredible physical abilities.

Your uncle - Lord Atherton - lives in this strange place. He’s called you to a meeting but was very vague about the reason. Something about taking a job and the fact he wasn’t getting any younger.

You knock on the door of his study and enter, curious to know more…



“Welcome, welcome! Good to see you! How’s my favourite relative eh?

Glad you’re taking over. To be honest I’m getting a bit too old for things, you understand. Time to leave it all to the youngsters!”

[You stare at him, totally surprised]

“You want to know a bit more about the job? Of course!

It was jolly marvellous being a wealthy Lord and a man of leisure. A nice paper in the morning. Fine dining. Brandy and smoking jackets in the evening. A fine leather armchair and dozing by the fire.

The other Lords and I used to go out hunting and fishing together. It was capital!

But after a while it all became rather...dull.

We needed a new challenge, you see. Something to liven things up a bit. Perhaps a little competition...

Naturally, as Lords of considerable estates we had stables full of pets. And then we thought ‘that’s it, by jove! Why not compete with our animals?’ ComPet, we called it.

And then we thought, while we’re at it, why not up the stakes a little? A little wager here and there...

Well, naturally it soon got out of hand. Some of us even started sending our pets to attack our opponents’ estates would you believe! Of course, it wasn’t me who started it...

Or perhaps it was. I forget now...

At any rate, as my estates manager and animal trainer I expect you to train my animals and use them to defend my holdings. And more than that, I expect you to win!

You’ll need perseverance and cunning to succeed. Those Lords are a devious lot!

So there you go.

Good luck with it all! I’m sure you’ll give ‘em a damn good thrashing!

Now, where did I put that Brandy…?”

You walk out of your uncle’s study in a daze. Taking over? Becoming his estates manager and animal trainer? You’re sure he didn’t mention any of this before! What is the crazy old man thinking? Well, you’re unemployed so perhaps this is just what you need, but maybe you should go back in and ask abo—

You suddenly notice that a smiling young woman with a clipboard is standing right in front of you.


“So your Lord Atherton’s nephew/niece? Pleased to meet you. I’m Olivia, Lord Atherton’s assistant.

I must say I’m so glad to see you! It’s been a tad hectic around here after Lord Atherton retired. I’ve had to manage everything on my own. But now you’re here!

How did it get to this stage, I suppose you’re wondering?

I suppose it started out as a mere trifle, an amusement amongst the local Lords. A bit like cards or dominos, you might say.

Recently though, the game has gotten rather...dangerous.

I hope you’ll forgive me for saying so, but Lord Atherton was always the ringleader in the group! He egged them on, no doubt about it. ‘Higher stakes, more fun’ was his motto! Before anyone knew what was happening whole estates were being destroyed in ComPet!

And here we are. Mustn’t complain though! This is a grand estate: the Athertons have been here for generations. Did you know your great grandfather once invented The Flying Gurglestroople? What a brilliant mind!

Anyway, now we’ve gotten acquainted let’s get down to business…”

It seems you’re on this adventure, whether you like it or not!

After a moment of thought, you decide you like it.

2016-03-18 18:12

ComPet: Behind The Game

#1 Overview

What Kind of Game is Compet?

ComPet is a turn-based battle game where you collect and train a vast array of pets to compete head-to-head with opponents worldwide. Outwit your foes with strategic combinations of abilities that carry you to victory! Play for fun or as a ‘cash-gamer’ as you hoard wealth and grow your estate.


The Village

The village is the ‘command centre’ that gives you complete control over your pets. Here you can research new combat skills, train them, assign guard duty, send them on quests or use them to battle against the AI or other players.

Each building in the village has a specific function: for instance, the Gold Mine allows you to mine gold and the Vault allows you to store it. Buildings can be upgraded to allow players bonuses and further possibilities for progression.



The stars of the game are your pets. They are your gladiators, your defenders and your pride and joy! There are 4 different classes of pets: Aggressive, Defensive, Attuned and Balanced. Each class has a different combination of statistics that influences their combat style. The more you battle with your pets and put them on quests, the more they can ‘level up’ and progress in skill.



Battling is comprised of a turn-based combat system. Players must select a set of abilities (attacks) for their pets to use in battle. Battling involves the interplay of four key elements: mojo, health, endurance and ferocity. As your pet ‘levels up’ you gain points which can then be distributed amongst these four elements.



A single-player mode where you spend gold to send your pet on a quest, thereby gaining rewards and experience.



This is a single-player 'campaign' mode where you battle against the AI.


Real Cash

You can choose to use real cash in the game, although this is not mandatory. Using real cash can speed up certain processes meaning you progress faster. It also gives you the option to battle other players for real money.

Stay tuned for the next installment of ‘Compet: Behind The Game’!


2016-03-14 15:38

Jumpsuits for Current and Future Players

We are happy to announce that as part of the version update existing ‘starter clothes’ will be replaced by highly crafted Colonist Standard Issue Jumpsuits.

Future players can now feel stylish and confident as they are welcomed into the Entropia Universe community. Current players won’t be left out and will receive the new Jumpsuit as an automatic replacement in their inventories.

The following existing ‘starter clothes’ will be automatically replaced:

  • Colonist Standard Issue Slacks
  • Colonist Standard Issue Jumpers
  • Urban Nomad Walking Shoes

The replacement is only the first step in what promises to be an exciting revamp of Entropia Universe visuals.

2016-02-26 22:14

Two Factor Authentication Update

In our recent State of the Universe Address, we announced plans to release a new two-factor authentication system later this year:

MindArk is developing a new two-factor authentication system that will gradually replace the Gold Card Security System currently in use. This new system will be released as an app for popular mobile platforms for all Entropia Universe participants.

This announcement sparked lots of speculation and discussion on community forums, so we wanted to clarify several points to address some of the concerns raised by participants.

  1. Account security is MindArk's highest priority; any new security option that is made available to participants will make Entropia Universe accounts more secure, not less.
  2. MindArk will continue to support the existing Gold Card Security System for participants already using the system, including after the release of the planned mobile two-factor authentication system described in the State of the Universe Address.
  3. Eventually the Gold Card Security System may no longer be offered for purchase in the future, though again, participants already using that system may continue to do so.
  4. The authentication system included in the planned Entropia Universe mobile application will natively integrate Google Authenicator, a well proven, highly secure industry-standard two-factor authentication solution.

Rest assured that the security of Entropia Universe accounts is our highest priority. Our development team looks forward to offering increasingly more secure and flexible tools for Entropians to keep their accounts secure in the future.

2016-02-24 14:41


State of the Universe Address 2016

Greetings Entropians,

2015 was a great year for MindArk and Entropia Universe, and we would like to thank you for your participation and support of Entropia Universe this past year!

MindArk continues to expand and invest in its core product, Entropia Universe, along with initiating exciting new gaming experiences, for example ComPet. 

As promised in our 2015 State of the Universe Address, MindArk invested considerable resources in improving the infrastructure of the Entropia Universe platform, enabling MindArk and its partners to provide ever more entertaining and immersive gameplay experiences.

Those investments have delivered valuable and promising returns. Entropia Universe client crashes have been reduced by half since 2014, and overall client stability is vastly improved, based on feedback via support channels. 

The number of new accounts in 2015 was 50% higher than in 2014, a strong indicator that our marketing efforts in 2015 were well-targeted and effective. In-game economic activity grew by 10%, evidence of a vibrant virtual economy with a healthy rate of growth.

Many of the development projects and tasks planned for 2015 and presented in last year’s State of the Universe Address were finalized and released, while several others are still in development and slated for release in 2016.

Planet Calyps Land Plots

One project highlighted in last year’s State of the Universe Address which we are very excited about is the Citizenship system, whose early foundations were released during 2015. The Citizenship system is one that will ultimately be available to all Planet Partners, who will work together with MindArk to develop the system further and add innovative features and content. The first cities with land plots were released on Planet Calypso last summer, and the response from Calypso Land Deed holders was extremely positive, with all plots being claimed very quickly.

The Harvesting system introduced alongside the CLD land plots in Version Update 15.3 added a fun and flexible new system for beginners and veterans alike, and will continue to be expanded in upcoming Version Updates, including integration with the land plot estate system.

The long-awaited Taming system received lots of attention in 2015, including new buffs, pets, and interfaces to make pets an integral part of everyday Entropia life. Further expansion of the Taming system will continue in 2016, including potential tie-ins with the upcoming ComPet project detailed below.

Classified Strongboxes were one of the most exciting new additions of 2015, primarily due to the new equippable rings that provide powerful buffs when equipped found exclusively in the Strongboxes. To accommodate all the new avatar buffs available from rings, pets and other sources, a comprehensive buff stacking and buff icon display system was implemented in the Entropia Universe client.

While Entropia Universe’s traditional appeal for many participants is that of an open-world sci-fi-themed sandbox, MindArk and the Planet Partners have also developed content for participants who enjoy a more objective-based and directed gameplay experience. In that direction, MindArk unveiled a universe-wide epic mission chain called Mission Galactica in June 2015. Mission Galactica offers excitement and challenges for participants of all levels, and will continue to be expanded in upcoming Version Updates. 




New Player Experience

The efforts made by MindArk and the Planet Partners in 2015 to improve the experience for new participants have been quite successful, and have helped to improve conversion rates, grow the active player base, and maximize marketing opportunities. Usability and gameplay improvements have been made to the new participant start room, as well as to the Thule tutorial area on Planet Calypso.

Additionally, a system of community volunteers, known as the Calypso Advisers, was launched on Planet Calypso to help guide new participants. The Rookie channel is also a great resource for new participants to receive tips from more experienced Entropians, and we appreciate the generous support our community members offer to new participants in-game and on community forums.

Conversion and player retention is an important part of MindArk’s long term growth strategy, and as such the new player experience will continue to receive attention during 2016 by the Planet Calypso team and our Planet Partners.


Entropia Universe Platform

The improvements to the Entropia Universe infrastructure that began in 2014 continued throughout 2015. Here is a quick review of some of the more significant improvements achieved in 2015:

  • Overhauled client installation and update system, Windows 8 & 10 compatible.
  • Client crashes reduced by 70%.
  • Significant improvements to server performance and capacity.
  • Enhanced mission features available to content designers.
  • Improved tutorial messaging.
  • Modernization of several client user interfaces.
  • Overhauled login interface

These improvements have resulted in the Entropia Universe platform being more efficient, reliable, and responsive than ever before, and ultimately enable our team and partners to offer higher quality and engaging content with less downtime for our participants.


Planet Partners

Planet Arkadia

Arkadia Studios continued its track record of producing high-quality, unique content for Planet Arkadia. Arkadia’s reputation for engaging gameplay, along with strong marketing campaigns in cooperation with MindArk have resulted in a steadily growing base of active participants on Planet Arkadia. MindArk will continue to work together closely with Arkadia Studios in 2016 both on the development and marketing fronts to continue this growth trend.


Development of the unique and popular Rocktropia destination during 2015 was largely focused on streamlining and improving existing content, especially content geared toward new participants. Great strides were made in those areas, with the result that the overall gameplay experience and conversion rates for new participants on Rocktropia are vastly improved.

Planet Cyrene

Development of Planet Cyrene also saw a strong focus on content for new participants during 2015, with an eye toward its long-awaited full launch in 2016.

Planet Toulan

The newest Entropia Universe planet, Toulan, saw respectable progress in terms of uniquely-themed content during 2015. MindArk will continue to work closely with the Beladcom team to move closer to a full launch of Planet Toulan.


2016 Outlook

Entropia Universe Systems

As mentioned above, the Citizenship and Housing systems will be a major development focus for MindArk in the early part of 2016. The upcoming Version Updates will include some exciting new content for those systems. 

We are also adding new tools to enable our content producers and Planet Partners to create and run more dynamic and exciting storyline events.

Also, the popular Taming and Avatar Buff systems will continue to be expanded in upcoming releases.


Later in the year, we will turn our primary focus to the development of content and systems for space. Some of the space projects on our radar include:

Galactic transport & space missions.

Space vessels - improved balance, modules, upgrades and new ship classes.
PVE space content, including new space creatures.
Improved PVP space gameplay and balance.


MindArk is developing a new two-factor authentication system that will gradually replace the Gold Card Security System currently in use. This new system will be released as an app for popular mobile platforms for all Entropia Universe participants. 


One of the more exciting projects undertaken by MindArk in recent years is ComPet, a mobile pet combat game. A unique aspect of ComPet’s development is the crowdfunding opportunity available via ComPet Deeds. For full details on ComPet Deeds, please visit the official ComPet website:  http://www.competgame.com.

Development of ComPet is progressing nicely, and has now entered the balancing and tuning phase. The current launch target for ComPet is May 10, 2016, and we look forward to inviting ComPet Deed holders into a closed beta testing period within the next few weeks.

Final Words

Once again, thank you all for making Entropia Universe a fantastic experience. I want you to know that MindArk is committed to deliver on its promises, and to make Entropia Universe the most exciting and rewarding real-cash economy gaming experience available. In 2016 we will continue to expand Entropia with engaging content and deliver a deeper and more rewarding Universe for existing and new participants to enjoy and explore.

Best regards,

Klas Moreau

2016-02-03 15:58

The Fourth Unique Ring Has Been Found!

Congratulations to avatar zach parison ferial, who recently discovered the  Unique Tethys Ring in a Classified Strongbox!

New Rings:

In addition, new Unique Rings have been added to the strongboxes:

Unique Selenus Ring

  • Equip Slot - Right Hand
  • 2% Increased Critical Hit Chance 
  • 2% Lifesteal 
  • 25% Decreased Run Speed 

Unique Mnemosyne Ring

  • Equip Slot: Right Hand
  • +10  Max Health
  • 25% Increased Laser Weapons Skill Gain 
  • 25% Increased BLP Weapons Skill Gain 
  • 25% Increased Blade Weapons Skill Gain 

The current Classified Strongbox contents can be viewed on the Classified Strongboxes 
page on the Entropia Universe website.