2017-01-19 15:37

Christmas Strongbox Availability Ending Soon

Christmas Strongboxes are only available in the Webshop till 14:00 UTC on January 13, 2017. After this time they will not be available till next year. 

2016-12-29 13:16

Entropia Universe and ComPet Pet Trading

We are pleased to announce that the revolutionary new system enabling Entropia Universe players to supply pets to ComPet players in return for PED will be available soon. 

The first tradeable cross-platform pets will be ‘level-up pets’: pets that can only be used for levelling up existing pets in ComPet. ComPet players will be able to level up their pets faster using this method, so this will create a market for trained ‘level-up pets’ within Entropia Universe.

The ability to transfer ‘regular pets’ from (and to) ComPet will be introduced in future releases.   

2016-11-24 12:54

Black Friday Specials Now in Webshop!

Black Friday Special Ammo Packs are now available in the Webshop, so now's the time to tool up! 

  •  Up to 100% extra Autoloot pills 
  •  Up to 50% extra H-DNA revival chips 

These special value Ammo Packs are only available till 11.00 UTC on Monday.

Why not treat yourself to a Black Friday Special? 


Happy Hunting!

2016-10-07 13:40

New Fort Incursion With Lower Difficulty Level

A rookie Fort Incursion has been released on Planet Calypso at Fort Lahar! Talk to the CDF Scout at Fort Fury to get directions to the new Fort. 

Having created shared-loot Fort Incursions at Fort Pandora (for veteran Avatars) and Fort Medusa (for intermediate level Avatars) Planet Calypso have now designed a similar event featuring lower-level robots.

Just like the other Forts, Fort Lahar has a nearby robot spawn which triggers a pre-event after enough robots have been destroyed.

There’s also a new hunting mission where you thin out the local wildlife in return for Armor Plates! Talk to the CDF Scout in the Fort Lahar enclosure to activate the mission. 

Enjoy blasting those robots! 

2016-10-07 15:04

Land Plot Update: Hestia and Isle of Troy

Hestia Settlement: Bidding Opens Next Week...

Bidding for Land Plots on “Hestia Settlement” [66973, 76540] on Planet Calypso opens October 12, 09:00 UTC in a reverse bid auction.

The new Settlement offers 57 Land Plots located at a scenic waterfront setting near plentiful hunting grounds and the newly added Fort Lahar.  

Those interested in obtaining the Plots can take part in the reverse bid auction using their existing Calypso Land Deeds (CLDs). To do this, Avatars must first interact with the Plot Terminal on the Land Plot to acquire the Estate Deed. Once acquired, an Avatar can claim the Plot using the Estate Terminal.

Isle Of Troy Settlement — Revamped!

Land Plots on "Isle of Troy Settlement" [80232, 66387] have been visually revamped to more closely resemble the high-quality look of the other Settlements.

Background and Further Information

Housebuilding on Land Plots provides a market for Composite Planks that are crafted from materials acquired in Resource Gathering. In addition, the Gardening System allows Land Plot owners that have a House within the CLD Estate System to create saleable organic goods.  

To view full details on all buildable Land Plots on Planet Calypso as well as an overview of the CLD Estate System, please see the Land Plot Page.

2016-10-05 13:30

Colonist Jumpsuits - Now in Color!

Brand new Colonist Jumpsuits are now rewarded as part of two new mission chains: one on Planet Calypso and one on Planet Arkadia! 

The mission chains — which are listed as “Colonist Jumpsuit” in the Mission Tracker — are intended for new players but are open to all. Check the Daily Mission Terminals on Calypso or the IFN Challenge Terminals on Arkadia for details.

The missions are designed to aid the orientation and socialization of beginners by enabling them to share a common starter experience. 

2016-10-05 14:58

Gardening has Arrived!

Entropia Universe is proud to present the new Gardening System! Land Plot owners that have a House within the CLD Estate System can now build Gardening Boxes and start producing goods. Further updates to the Gardening System are already being planned, so expect more content soon!

Here is a gardening guide to get you started.  

Building Gardening Boxes

Each house you build adds a number of ‘Gardening Points’ to your Plot. Gardening Points define how many Gardening Boxes you can build. For instance, a basic “Omegaton Acorn” Gardening Box is 1 point. The number of Gardening Points are shown next to the green square in the Plot Management UI.

Choose Construction Mode (middle button) on the Plot Management UI, choose the Gardening Box and then “Construct”. Execute the first stage to place the Gardening Box on your plot. If you wish to move the Gardening Box after placing it, choose Logistics Mode (right button) on the Plot Management UI and then click the icon above the Gardening Box. 

Once your Gardening box is placed on your Plot you need to finish building it. To do this remain in Construction Mode and click the icon over the Gardening Box. There are 3 more building stages. Click the icon over the Gardening Box to see these stages.  Each stage will show the materials needed to execute that stage. 

Growing Plants 
Once your Gardening box is finished it’s time to start growing plants! 

Choose Production Mode (left button) on the Plot Management UI and click the icon above one of the Plant Slots. This will bring up a list of available plants to grow. Select the plant you wish grow to view the materials required for the next stage. After initiating a stage you will have to wait for that stage to be completed. The waiting time is shown by a counter under the stage description. After all stages are complete you can harvest your plant and obtain the fruit!


Have a great time gardening!

2016-09-29 15:43

Entropia Pocket: The Universe in Your Pocket

Entropia Universe is proud to announce that the Entropia Pocket mobile app is scheduled for official release next week, in conjunction with the upcoming Version Update! This free mobile app offers essential security and information for Entropia Universe account holders.


Entropia Pocket will generate a unique code every 30 seconds that you can be used to securely log into one's Entropia Universe account, providing optimal security and peace of mind. With Entropia Pocket you won’t have to worry about faulty or lost hardware to benefit from two-factor authentication.


Entropia Pocket is the invaluable companion of every EU adventurer, providing real-time information about system updates, in-game events, news and support information. Knowledge is power and with this app you can always be on top of your game.

Now Entropia Universe need never be further away than your pocket!

The Entropia Pocket app is already available on the iTunes App Store and the Google Play store; Entropia Universe account activation for the apps will be enabled early next week.

Supplementary Note: 
Those already using the Gold Card Security System may continue to do so, but this system may not be available for purchase in the future. Account security is MindArk's highest priority; any new security option that is made available to participants will make Entropia Universe accounts more secure, not less. Our development team looks forward to offering increasingly more secure and flexible tools for Entropians to keep their accounts secure in the future.

2016-09-29 11:42

Gardening System Soon to Be Released!

How does your garden grow? Soon you’ll be able to find out!

Gardening Boxes (pictured) will be available on Planet Calypso this fall as part of the next exciting stage of the Estate System. As well as creating saleable goods, working on your garden builds up points that will unlock upgrades to your home and increase its value!

Watch this space for further updates!

2016-09-23 17:43

2016 So Far!

Greetings Entropians!

The MindArk team has been hard at work on the upcoming Version Update 15.10, and we’d like to take this opportunity to share some previews of the VU, as well as review some of the progress made so far in 2016.

Earlier this year we implemented a new Dynamic Event System, which has been used to create some very exciting Robot Invasion events on Planet Calypso. The Calypso team will be releasing an additional Robot Invasion dynamic event suitable for lower level avatars in the upcoming release.

MindArk will continue to expand and improve this system based on data and feedback from the Calypso implementations, and provide increasingly powerful and flexible tools for our content producers and Planet Partners to create engaging dynamic and storyline driven events in the future.


One of the exciting new features that will be implemented in VU 15.10 is an expansion to the Housing system that will enable production of resources from CLD Plot estates. The first type of production to be implemented will be Gardening, allowing CLD Plot estate holders to grow various plants that will be used in the construction of new components for crafting.


Entropia Pocket, the new smartphone app featuring a two-step authentication code generator to complement the existing Gold Card security system, is currently in soft launch and is scheduled for full release in the fall.

ComPet (www.competgame.com), is currently in open beta and the ComPet development team continues to integrate feedback and improvements in preparation for the full ComPet launch.

Finally, our marketing team would like to share some promising statistics from MindArk’s intense marketing efforts over the past year:

  • the number of active participants has grown by more than 51% over the past 12 months.
  • in-game revenue has grown 10% year-on-year for the first 2 quarters of 2016.


All of us at MindArk would like to thank you for your dedication to Entropia Universe and for helping to make the first half of 2016 so exciting. We look forward to continuing to improve the Entropia Universe platform in the second half of 2016, as well as presenting a wide range of exciting events and content for all of our participants to enjoy!


Best regards,

Klas Moreau

2016-08-19 14:54

ComPet: Behind The Game

#16 Abilities no.5

It’s really important to pick a good set of abilities before taking your pet into battle. And in ComPet there are loads of abilities! Here’s a few of them to give you an idea of the huge range of moves in ComPet!



If you focus, things get done quicker! The “Meditate” ability reduces the cooldown of all your abilities that are currently on cooldown by 1 round. In addition it restores a certain percentage of Mana.  



They say time heals all things, but in this case it hurts! The opposite of the “Meditate” ability, “Tackle” increases the cooldown of the last ability used by your opponent!


Health Parasite

A real ‘bloodsucker’ of an ability! All healing abilities used by your opponent will heal your pet for the same amount!


Lick Wounds

A good ‘amplifying’ ability, “Lick Wounds” increases all your healing by 50% over a certain number of rounds. If you have the initiative it also removes one debuff from your pet.  

Please Note: all abilities have different ranks. The higher the rank of an ability, the higher the stats (eg. “Bite” rank 1, “Bite” rank 2 etc.). 

2016-08-04 09:33

ComPet: Behind The Game

#15 Abilities no.4

It’s really important to pick a good set of abilities before taking your pet into battle. And in ComPet there are loads of abilities! Here’s a few of them to give you an idea of the huge range of moves in ComPet!



Foes affected by “Bash” will be stunned and unable to use most abilities for 2 turns. This leaves them disarmed! It also inflicts some direct damage.


If your opponent is ‘stunned’ or ‘asleep’ (see above) “Backstab” can cause a significant amount of direct damage! Attacking an unarmed opponent? Guess that’s why they call it “Backstab”! 

Mana Bomb

Keep your abilities in play by using “Mana Bomb” to top up your mana for 3 turns! Also inflicts an unknown amount of direct damage within a certain range.


“Panic” is a bit of a double-edged sword.  It clears all your incapacitating debuffs and inflicts direct damage on your opponent, but it also inflicts 2-4 direct damage on your pet. Is it worth paying the price? You decide! 


Please Note: All abilities have different ranks. The higher the rank of an ability, the higher the stats (eg. “Bite” rank 1, “Bite” rank 2 etc.). 

2016-07-29 15:35

ComPet: Behind The Game

#14 Abilities no.3

It’s really important to pick a good set of abilities before taking your pet into battle. And in ComPet there are loads of abilities! Here’s a few of them to give you an idea of the huge range of moves in ComPet!


Venomous Bite

If you have the initiative, "Venomous Bite" poisons the opponent by a specific amount for 5 turns! Also, it instantly inflicts an unknown amount of direct damage within a certain range.

Vampire Bite

A many-layered ability, if certain conditions are met!

“Vampire Bite” instantly inflicts an unknown amount of direct damage within a certain range. The amount of direct damage inflicted is significant: under the following conditions it determines the effectiveness of the ability. 

If you have the intitiative:

  • Heals you for 50% of the direct damage inflicted.

If the opponent also has a "Burn" debuff:

  • Heals you for a further 50% of the direct damage inflicted.



A useful instant healing ability. Heals for a specific amount of health points and removes 1 debuff. 


A long-lasting healing ability, “Regeneration” heals for a specific percentage of your max health for 4 turns.


Please Note: All abilities have different ranks. The higher the rank of an ability, the higher the stats (eg. “Bite” rank 1, “Bite” rank 2 etc.). 

2016-07-20 14:34

ComPet: Behind The Game

#13 Abilities no.2

It’s really important to pick a good set of abilities before taking your pet into battle. And in ComPet there are loads of abilities! Here’s a few of them to give you an idea of the huge range of moves in ComPet!


Battle Cry

This ability increases your own direct damage whilst reducing your opponent’s direct damage over a number of rounds!



Similar to “Bite” the “Claw” ability instantly inflicts an unknown amount of direct damage within a certain range. The difference is that this ability strikes 3 times! Have at thee!



Another direct damage ability, “Ambush” causes more damage to your opponent if you have the initiative. Why not use this in combination with an ability that increases your initiative stat (like “Quick Attack”)?


Body Slam

“Body Slam” is an ability that gives you the edge when it comes to buffs/debuffs. If you have the initiative it will remove a debuff from your pet. It also removes a buff from your opponent. On top of that, it instantly inflicts an unknown amount of direct damage within a certain range. A many-sided ability!

Please Note: All abilities have different ranks. The higher the rank of an ability, the higher the stats (eg. “Bite” rank 1, “Bite” rank 2 etc.). 

2016-07-15 18:44

ComPet: Behind The Game

#12 Abilities no. 1

It’s really important to pick a good set of abilities before taking your pet into battle. And in ComPet there are loads of abilities! Here’s a few of them to give you an idea of the huge range of moves in ComPet!



Bite is the ‘pre-loaded’ ability that all new pets have. It only causes direct damage, which means it causes damage instantly (in the turn it is initiated in) and not over time. You never know exactly how much damage it will cause, only the range of possible damage. 


Poison causes damage to your opponent at the start of a certain number of their turns. Its long-lasting effects can be very useful when combined with other attacks!


Quick Attack

This ability deals direct damage, but it also increases your initiative stat (a higher initiative means you have a higher chance to go first in the round.) This could be enough to ‘tip the scales’ in your favour!


Lesser Heal

Healing your pet is vital if you’re getting low on Health. This particular ability only affects instant healing, but other abilities can heal your pet over a number of turns or remove debuffs!  


“Block” reduces damage received from direct attacks for a certain number of turns. If your opponent is particularly dependent upon direct attacks, this can really reduce their attacking power! 

Please Note: All abilities have different levels. The higher the level of an ability, the higher the stats (eg. “Bite” level 1, “Bite” level 2 etc.). 


2016-07-13 11:17

Notification: ComPet Deed Revenue Share Payouts

There have been some questions regarding when Deed Holders will start receiving ComPet Deed revenue share payouts. 

Payment of ComPet Deed revenue share to Deed Holders will commence once ComPet leaves the Beta stage.

To those who are playing ComPet Open Beta, we thank you all for your continuing feedback!

/Compet Team 

2016-07-08 16:28

ComPet: Behind The Game

#11 Disco Nibbly Backstory

Self-control is a great thing. But it has to be said, too much of it can be rather...boring!

Posherton was once home to a society of Nibblies called the ‘Self-control Society’. This society controlled every aspect of their members’ lives. Colourful, exciting names for children were not allowed: it was believed they would lead to individualism and arrogant behaviour. Instead, the society only allowed plain names like Dave, Fred and Tracy. Members engaged in daily meditation and ate only the healthiest of foods with just the right amount of nutrients to lead a healthy (yet very dull) existence. Only black, white and grey clothing was acceptable. Music was permitted, but only the variety that wouldn’t excite the listener (so Bavarian ‘oompah’ music and minimal techno were popular choices). 

Members were born into the society, so they knew nothing else. This prevented rebellion. After all, why rebel against all you had ever known? 

Nevertheless, rebellion will always manifest itself somehow!

And so it was that one fine day the Nibbly known as Fred Smith was meditating in his garden when a brightly coloured butterfly fluttered over his head. How calming and peaceful, thought Fred as he watched the graceful insect sailing blissfully by on a warm current of air to land lightly on the grass. 

Then it inexplicably grew a pair of arms, picked up a tiny “Jackson King V” guitar and proceeded to play the best metal solo ever witnessed by humankind! 

Verily, this is a lesson, thought Fred. It’s good to have self-control, but sometimes thou must be unpredictable and go wild!

This Fred proceeded to do with great aplomb!

He ate jelly walking backwards whilst reciting Byronic poetry.

He changed his name to “Rainbow River Wide-Oak”

He read Beat Generation literature and became inspired by the style of Elton John.

He danced to disco music, learning the grooviest moves imaginable.   

He, quite simply, became fabulous!

Soon other Nibblys saw how much fun Fred (or ‘Rainbow’) was having and decided to join in. They broke away from  the ‘Self-control Society’ and formed their own groovy group. 

‘The Disco Nibblys ’.

2016-06-30 11:07

Building The Future: The next stage of Plot Ownership

We have now reached the next exciting stage of the Estate System. Plot holders on Planet Calypso will have the possibility to become Virtual Land Developers and build their own centres of production and supply. 

Building Your Property

The UI will let you choose, preview and place your constructions on a grid. At this point you’ll be able to review all building costs. Once you’re totally happy you can proceed with the transaction, at which point you’ll be shown the construction time.

Constructions are upgradeable, allowing you to modernize and improve your builds. For example, outlying walls may boast elegant arches, gates and pillars!

In this release only one type of house is available, but this is merely the beginning. We are continuously working on more developments!

Build Components

Each building comes with a certain number of construction points that you can allocate to construct different kinds of components. There are ‘building’, ‘gardening’, ‘utility’ and ‘industry’ points. The number of construction points varies depending on the size and cost of the building. 

The UI will let you place constructions within the grid. During placement, you can rotate it like when placing any item. When satisfied, the building will begin its first step towards completion. Once you’re finished you’ll be able to admire and enjoy your new property!

Vegetable Gardens: Grow Your Business!

A later release will feature the possibility of making a Vegetable Garden after building your house. This will enable you to become a producer of valuable organic goods and a key player in the supply chain. You’ll literally be able to ‘grow’ an expanding business! 

Building and Rebuilding

What if you don’t like the way you’ve built your house, or you want to build another kind of building instead? You can start again by demolishing the building and regaining roughly 50% of your initial investment, which can then be used on your next build! 


Village Development

As a Property Owner you are also a citizen of a village and the development of ‘village life’ will be the focus of future releases. Being a responsible village citizen will have a positive effect on the village community as a whole. This ‘communal’ dimension will be a new aspect of gameplay within Planet Calypso.

Further Information

For further details on the Estate System please see the Planet Calypso website.


It’s time to Build the Future! 

2016-06-20 13:45

ComPet: Development Update

The ComPet Closed Beta period began on May 17, 2016 and has provided the ComPet development team with a wealth of valuable testing data and user feedback. This has resulted in significant improvements to the overall stability, balance and enjoyability of the ComPet experience. We are grateful to all the Closed Beta participants who have assisted our team in this effort.

ComPet is scheduled to transition to Extended Open Beta phase within a matter of weeks, with an eye toward further design and balance refinements, scalability testing and polishing in preparation for full release. This phase will:

  • Be open to the general public.
  • Enable players to retrieve their progress (i.e., the system will no longer be wiped). 
  • Allow transactions in the ComPet Shop.  

Finally, a quick note about ComPet development. The product development and marketing budgets for ComPet were fully financed via ComPet deeds. Nearly all of the coding of the ComPet infrastructure and client was outsourced, meaning that MindArk’s developers have continued to focus on improving Entropia Universe. In fact, the Entropia Universe and Calypso teams have grown since the ComPet project began.

For more information about ComPet, please visit: http://www.competgame.com

2016-06-17 17:23

ComPet: Behind The Game

#10 The ComPet Shop: Pets

A selection of pets can be acquired from the ComPet Shop in exchange for Gold. It’s also possible to acquire multiple pets of the same animal.

But how do you choose a pet? 

Pets belong to different classes: Aggressive, Defensive, Attuned and Balanced.

Most importantly, the class determines how a pet levels up.

When a pet levels up you distribute experience points to increase your pet’s attribute levels of Health, Mojo, Ferocity and Endurance (see #5 Battle Post for more on attributes).

Depending on what class your pet belongs to, each experience point increases your pet’s attribute levels by varying amounts. For instance, 1 experience point will increase a Defensive pet’s Health by 3 and an Aggressive pet’s Health by 2. This effectively means that different classes of pet have different ‘strengths’ and ‘weaknesses’.

Below is starting attribute level and the ‘increase per experience point’ for each pet in the ComPet Shop (‘increase per experience point’ is shown in brackets).



  • Health: 20 (2)
  • Mojo: 30 (1.5)
  • Ferocity: 15 (3.5)
  • Endurance: 15 (1)

Pets in ComPet Shop :

  • Chirin



  • Health: 20 (3)
  • Mojo: 30 (2)
  • Ferocity: 15 (1)
  • Endurance: 15 (2)

Pets in ComPet Shop:

  • Rabbit



  • Health: 20 (2)
  • Mojo: 30 (3.5)
  • Ferocity: 15 (1.5)
  • Endurance: 15 (1)

Pets in ComPet Shop:

  • Kismet



  • Health: 20 (3)
  • Mojo: 30 (2)
  • Ferocity: 15 (2.5)
  • Endurance: 15 (1.5)

Pets in ComPet Shop:

  • Panda
  • Edgehog
  • Furlock