2016-02-03 15:58

The Fourth Unique Ring Has Been Found!

Congratulations to avatar zach parison ferial, who recently discovered the  Unique Tethys Ring in a Classified Strongbox!

New Rings:

In addition, new Unique Rings have been added to the strongboxes:

Unique Selenus Ring

  • Equip Slot - Right Hand
  • 2% Increased Critical Hit Chance 
  • 2% Lifesteal 
  • 25% Decreased Run Speed 

Unique Mnemosyne Ring

  • Equip Slot: Right Hand
  • +10  Max Health
  • 25% Increased Laser Weapons Skill Gain 
  • 25% Increased BLP Weapons Skill Gain 
  • 25% Increased Blade Weapons Skill Gain 

The current Classified Strongbox contents can be viewed on the Classified Strongboxes 
page on the Entropia Universe website.

2016-01-13 14:08

ComPet Bulletin #10: Development Update

Countdown to ComPet!

The official countdown to the release of ComPet has begun! Check out the website for the countdown.

You better get going if you want to buy some ComPet deeds: they’re only available for a limited time!

The closed beta test has now been set to March 2016. This is to ensure that the test will more accurately reflect the final gaming experience.

2015-12-16 16:09

Ethereal Armor: Barely There, Protection Everywhere!

Real Money for Imaginary Items in a Virtual Universe?! Are you Serious?

That’s a reaction commonly encountered when describing the uniqueness of Entropia Universe to ‘real worlders’.

Considering that the items being offered for Entropia Universe’s 2015 year-end sale are not only imaginary but also invisible, those types of reactions might become even more frequent!

Introducing the Exclusive, Limited Edition Ethereal Armor

Completely transparent, Ethereal armor keeps the apparel beneath visible, while providing supreme protection against all types of damage. A slight shimmering effect is apparent when in close proximity to an avatar wearing Ethereal armor, but foes in dangerous PVP areas might easily assume that such an avatar is unprotected.

Twenty-five sets of the soon-to-be legendary Ethereal armor will be available in the Entropia Universe Webshop for $5000, starting on Friday, December 18 2015 13:00 UTC.

In addition, a single set of Unique Ethereal Armor will be made available on the same date and time in the Entropia Universe auction, with a starting bid of 50000 PED. The Unique version offers even more spectacular protection and durability than the normal Ethereal armor, as detailed in the list below.


Ethereal Armor:

  • Durability: 5500
  • Penetration: 34
  • Impact: 30
  • Burn: 42
  • Cut: 30
  • Stab: 24
  • Cold: 7
  • Shrapnel: 15
  • Acid: 7
  • Electric: 7
  • TOTAL: 196


UNIQUE Ethereal Armor:

  • Durability: 6000
  • Penetration: 44
  • Impact: 33
  • Burn: 46
  • Cut: 32
  • Stab: 26
  • Cold: 8
  • Shrapnel: 19
  • Acid: 9
  • Electric: 11
  • TOTAL: 228


Payment Options

The Entropia Universe Webshop accepts credit and debit cards and PayPal. For purchases of the Ethereal Armor you can also pay via Bank Transfer. For Bank transfers please allow a few days for manual handling before the Ethereal Armor is delivered to your Avatar’s inventory.

If your card limit is lower than required for a desired webshop purchase, please contact Entropia Universe Support.

2015-11-18 13:41

The Second Unique Ring Has Been Found!

Congratulations to avatar  Commander TheRipper Sprung, who recently discovered the  Unique Theia Ring  in a Classified Strongbox!

A new unique ring has now been added to the pool of potential Classified Strongbox contents:


Unique Helios Ring

  • Max Health: +30
  • Increased Critical Damage: 10%
  • Increased Regeneration: 100%
  • Life Steal: 1%
  • Increased Run Speed: 12%
  • Automated Loot Collection: 25m

The current Classified Strongbox contents can be viewed on the Classified Strongboxes page on the Entropia Universe website.

2015-11-16 14:52


ComPet Bulletin #9: Development update

It’s been quite some time since the last ComPet bulletin, and a lot has happened since then. More and more systems and features are being locked in as we approach the start of the closed beta. The graphics and user interfaces have gone through several iterations and will soon be as intended for the final product.

So this is where we are at now!


Most placeholder icons and graphics have been replaced by the real deal. In this picture you can see the residence, the stables, and the gold mine, as well as a fearsome Atrox guarding the city. As you can see, the city view is the main user interface from which most other features are accessed, either by clicking the icons or the buildings themselves.


All the buildings in the city will have their unique functions. The library, for example, lets you research new pet abilities (note: work in progress)



The shops will let you buy currency and purchase items and pets with said currency. You can of course also buy stuff using the currency you have collected in-game.


A battle pack is attached to a pet before arena battle. Battle packs are found in the packs shop. The winner of an arena pet battle receives a portion of the purchase price of the loser’s battle pack.


Preparing for battle includes attaching a battle pack and carefully selecting which ability  set-up you want to use in the match.


The arena matches you up with an opponent for a standard pet battle. The raid function lets you attack another player’s city and try to take some of their resources. The forest lets you battle AI controlled pets and send your pets on quests.


The player versus player pet battle, the very core of ComPet gameplay, has gone through multiple graphics revisions.


Over 80 pet abilities have been designed and are being tested and balanced. Most icons, animations and backgrounds are finished. Just a few are still placeholders.


All pictures are of actual gameplay from the ComPet mobile application.

Right now we are working on the AI for pet battles versus computer controlled opponents, the quest system, as well as general balancing.

Remember to get some ComPet deeds to secure your spot in the closed beta! Go to https://competgame.com/shop/ now and get your deeds.

PLEASE NOTE: ComPet is still in development. As such, any features, systems, names or graphics mentioned or shown in this document may be subject to change.

2015-10-02 16:29

New items available in the Classified Strongboxes

We are excited to announce a host of new items available in the Classified Strongboxes!

The full range of rings can now be unboxed, from Adjusted to Perfected in all ring classes.

Some impressive new fireworks have also been added, including fireworks that provide buff effects to all avatars within the explosion radius.

Based on feedback received from participants, the number of (L)imited rings found in the Strongboxes has been reduced significantly. In an upcoming release a use for excess non-tradable (L) rings will be made available.

Also, the unpopular Neurostim-H consumable item has been replaced by other more desirable consumables. 

Full details of the entire range of Classified Strongbox contents can be found on http://www.entropiauniverse.com/classifiedStrongboxes

2015-11-12 11:23

ComPet bulletin #8: The Forest

In the previous ComPet bulletin we talked about the City Management system. This time we will take a look at the Forest, a special structure found in every city.

Concept of the City Management view, showing the Forest and other planned features.

The Forest

The Forest provides access to the two ComPet PvE (player vs. environment) systems: Quests and Beasts.


Quests provide players with a way to keep their pets active between matches and potentially receive valuable rewards. Choose which of your pets to dispatch, pay the quest fee, and send your pets out for riches and glory.

Successfully completed quests grant rewards and new quests are offered at regular time intervals.


The Beasts system will allow players to battle against AI-controlled pets. Players will face many different creatures and meet different characters in the single player campaign.
Not only designed for fun, the Beasts system is an important source of resources needed to improve your city and pets.

ComPet is still in development. As such, any features, systems, and graphics of ComPet mentioned or shown in this document may be subject to change.

2015-09-16 16:08

Introducing Starter Pack Platinum

Updated Starter Packages

The Entropia Universe Webshop Starter Packages have been updated with new items and a new premium value Platinum package has been added.

The fourth Starter Pack besides the Bronze, Silver and Gold packages, named Starter Pack Platinum, lets your Avatar try out more Entropia Universe systems such as Mining, Mindforce and Pet handling. The package also contains a number of Entropia Universe Classified Strongboxes with unknown contents for that extra little thrill.


Below you'll see a list of what's included in the Platinum Package.

  • Premium Avatar Design in Avatar Creation
  • Adjusted Harrier Assault armor
  • Neurobiotic Booster A5 1mg [pill, 50% skill gain for 1h]
  • H-DNA [Revival Device Chip]
  • I0-Pulse Unit [Fast Aid Kit]
  • Laser Carbine with Scope, Amplifier, Laser Sight and ammunition
  • Buggy (L) vehicle with Oil
  • PED
  • Refiner tool
  • Classified Strong Box & Key

  • Detectonator tool
  • Survey probes
  • Excavator tool

  • Payn-Inc Implant Inserter, Neo PSion 10 Mindforce Implant and Synthetic Mind Essence
  • Electric Attack Nanochip Trial Edition (L)
  • Teleport chip Trial Edition (L)

    Pet handler and Taming
  • Dominax Garter Trial Edition (L) [whip]
  • Animal Brush Lite (L)
  • Nutrio Bars
  • Pet name tag

The upgraded starter packages are available to both new and veteran players in the Entropia Universe webshop.

2015-09-14 15:55

Introducing the Entropia Universe Merchandise Store

Many participants have contacted MindArk asking for official real-world Entropia Universe items.

Entropia Universe Merchandise Store hoodie. Click to access the store

We are pleased to introduce the launch of the Official Entropia Universe Merchandise Store featuring an initial product line of T-shirts, hoodies and mouse mats. More products will follow further on, so stay tuned to the Entropia Universe Facebook page and other channels for announcements of new products.

The merchandise store is operated by our partner Tictal. Orders are shipped directly from MindArk's office in Göteborg, Sweden to almost any location in the world via premium mail services from Postnord.

Welcome to the Entropia Universe Merchandise Store!

2015-11-12 11:26

Compet Bulletin #7

In the previous ComPet bulletin we talked about player versus player pet battles. While the PVP pet battles are a central feature of ComPet, there are also many other cool features! In this ComPet bulletin we will take a look at the City Management feature.


Concept of the stables, which allow you to view and manage your pets.

City Management

Every ComPet player will have their own city to manage, where various useful structures can be built. The structures will for example offer the ability to recruit new pets, train existing pets, generate resources, and gain access to various other features and content.

The city itself and the buildings within can be upgraded in order to access new functions and pet bonuses. The city is also the main user interface from which most of your activities in ComPet originate.

ComPet will offer an exciting raid feature, where players can attack the cities of other ComPet players and pet battle them for their resources. Of course, this means defending your own city from attacks will be an important part of a successful strategy in ComPet!

Olivia, the ComPet app guide.

We are also very happy to introduce Olivia, the ComPet in-game assistant!
When ComPet is launched, Olivia will guide you through the game, providing you with information and advice when you need it.

Follow us on Twitter @playComPet to receive more exciting updates on the ComPet app!

Visit www.ComPetGame.com now to reserve your ComPet deeds.

The ComPet app is still in development. As such, any features, systems, and graphics of ComPet mentioned or shown in this document may be subject to change.

2015-07-07 20:45

Mission Galactica Update

A sudden blip on your Message Centers alert indicator - "New message from HM414 Space Station". Never heard of it... And the subject line sounds to good to be true - "Rare Restoration Chips in reward for materials and services".

Wait, HM414, isn't that an old name for the Howling Mine pirate station? But those Restoration Chips, having one of those could really change things. Let's have a look at this...

What is Mission Galactica?

Mission Galactica is the first truly epic, platform wide mission in Entropia Universe.

Mission Galactica provides you, and players of all levels, with long term goals to work toward as you progress through Entropia Universe and your avatar grows stronger.

At certain stages you are guaranteed the option to claim some of the best mission rewards yet seen in Entropia Universe!

Go to www.entropiauniverse.com/MissionGalactica now to find out how it works!

2015-07-02 17:54

The first Unique Ring has been found!

Today, Thursday July 2 2015, the first Unique Ring inside an Entropia Universe Classified Strongbox was found. Congratulations to the lucky avatar! We are confident that the Unique Iapetus Ring will play an important role in your future endeavours inside Entropia Universe!

The classified strongboxes are still full of all kind of items, among them the Unique Theia Ring. The new Unique Tethys Ring has been added to the Classified Strongbox potential contents.

The Unique Tethys ring features:

  • Worn on Left Hand
  • 5% Faster Reload
  • 15% Increased Critical Damage
  • 15% Increased Run Speed
  • 10% Increased Laser Skillgain

Find out more about Classified Strongboxes on www.entropiauniverse.com/classifiedStrongboxes

To get some of the Classified Strongboxes yourself head over to the Entropia Webshop at account.entropiauniverse.com/account/shop/

2015-06-26 16:50

Ring transformation system - Buff stack system

Questions regarding the utility of the many limited rings currently found in Classified Strongboxes have arisen.

A system in which a number of rings (and other items) can be combined and transformed into something else, for example one superior ring, is currently in development. The system is intended not just to provide a use for lesser rings; it will be an exciting new feature in its own right.

We are also looking into the current buff effect stacking logic. Our intent is to, in a balanced way, improve the benefits of combining buff effects of the same type from multiple sources (such as rings, consumables, tools and pets), as well as to allow for the stacking of some buffs that are not currently stackable.

Stay tuned for more details as these two new exciting systems develop.


2015-06-25 15:19

Fellow Entropians,

MindArk is overwhelmed by the warm reception of our new Classified Strongboxes.

As a token of our appreciation, we have decided to give a special thank you to “Whining Skeptic Aboard”, the first Entropian to boldly step forward and try out the new Classified Strongboxes.

Whining Skeptic Aboard, you will find your 100 Classified Strongboxes and Classified Strongbox Keys in your inventory. Enjoy!

Thanks for your interest in the new and improved Webshop!


If you haven’t yet tried out the new Classified Strongboxes, head over to www.entropiauniverse.com/classifiedstrongboxes

2015-06-24 13:51

Classified Strongboxes are an exciting new offering from the Entropia Universe Webshop. Classified Strongboxes contain unknown treasures, including the all new powerful equippable rings.

Feel the adrenaline as you open your Classified Strongbox and reveal the treasures hidden inside!

Rings are currently exclusive to Classified Strongboxes, so buy your Classified Strongboxes in the Entropia Universe Webshop now for a chance to get your hands on one!

The many different types of rings provide your avatar with various powerful buffs to aid you on your adventures. Go to www.entropiauniverse.com/classifiedStrongboxes to find out more!

2015-11-12 11:26

ComPet Bulletin #6

We are currently testing the stability of the battle system. Here's a screenshot of the prototype in action!

Please note that this is a prototype built for game design and testing purposes only. It does not represent what the final product will look like. Any and all graphics shown are subject to change.

The picture shows a pet battle in full swing.

The two players take turns choosing what ability their pet will use next. The key to success in battle is to manage your pet’s health, mana, stamina, abilities and cooldowns in order to overcome your opponent. Just before the battle begins, you choose your ability set and apply buffs to your pet in order to maximize the effectiveness of your strategy and play style.

In the final product your pet will battle in vibrant environments, and have a vast amount of different abilities to choose from, which will cater to all play styles and strategies.

The pet battle is just one of many aspects of ComPet. Stay tuned for more updates and info as ComPet develops!

  • Follow us on twitter @playComPet to receive more exciting updates on the ComPet app!
  • Go to www.competgame.com now to get your ComPet deed!
2015-06-16 12:51

CLD Estate Plots

The latest Version Update brings the first stage of the long-awaited CLD Estates system.

Calypso Land Deed (CLD) holders will have the opportunity to use their CLDs to bid on CLD Estate plots located in two beautiful new residential locations.

New settlements with additional CLD Estate plots will be added in upcoming Version Updates.

Development of structures on CLD Estates will be implemented in Autumn 2015, with larger plots planned to accommodate more advanced structures with potential commercial functions such as shopping and more.

Plots are available in four standard sizes and will offer different development opportunities depending on size.

More details regarding the CLD Estate system can be found on www.planetcalypso.com/land-plots

2015-06-02 15:51

That scientist Veyg Crenter...

2015-11-12 11:27

ComPet Bulletin #5

Hello everyone!

We are happy to announce that the ComPet app has entered full production development following a successful prototyping phase. The prototype has provided useful feedback to the game design that will be input to the production development.

The app is on schedule to be launched during the first quarter of 2016 with a beta version being released exclusively to ComPet deed holders, a few months prior to the release.

If you have not yet had the chance to pick up a deed for yourself simply head on over to competgame.com before its too late!

We have also launched a twitter account for ComPet where we will post more regular updates on the development of the game, check it out at twitter.com/playcompet

2015-05-22 10:45

First phase of the CLD estate system

MindArk is excited to announce that the first phase of the CLD estate system outlined in previous development roadmaps and State of the Universe addresses will be implemented in the upcoming Version Update, currently planned for June 2015.

Work is progressing on distributing CLD estate plots throughout Calypso, including re-landscaping of areas near popular cities and outposts. The first batch of CLD estate plots will be made available in a Version Update after the summer, and will be located in a newly-designed colonist settlement. Participants interested in claiming CLD estate plots will take part in a reverse-bid auction using their existing Calypso Land Deeds. Full details on the auction process will be given as the release of the CLD estate plots draws nearer.

Building a structure on a claimed CLD estate will require various resources. A new resource gathering system will be introduced in the upcoming Version Update that enable participants to harvest natural resources which can be manufactured into building components utilized in the forthcoming housing system that will be implemented after the summer.

The attached concept images provide a quick peek at the work going on behind the scenes where MindArk’s design and development teams are working diligently to ensure that these new systems will enhance the enjoyability and depth of Entropia Universe by adding exciting new gameplay opportunities, while also rewarding CLD holders for their valued support and patience.