2017-05-02 15:22

Easter Strongbox 2017 Sale Ending Soon!

Easter 2017 Strongboxes are only available in the Entropia Universe Webshop till 08:00 UTC on May 5, 2017.

An Easter Ring 2017 could be waiting for you...



2017-04-19 16:12

Battle Simulator Competition Results

Here are the results for the Battle Simulator Competition.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Place - Avatar - Prize

1 - The Paladin Chosen - 50 PED
2 - Stina TwoPoint Zero - 50 PED
3 - Nana Sakura Senpai - 50 PED
4 - chunk chalky888 white - 50 PED
5 - edgars rews ptross - 50 PED
6 - King of XTC - 50 PED
7 - Ulvis dunkanlorden Barkans - 50 PED
8 - isakap sunam sutuap - 50 PED
9 - Viktoria Mellis Kareokay - 50 PED
10 - Eddie Stack Cane - 50 PED
12 - Angel O2 Mercer - 50 PED
14 - IFN Soldier Lizzy - 50 PED
16 - Artur ArtiPodroznikKosmosu Kosmos - 50 PED
18 - Jakreeper Magnum GSC - 50 PED
20 - Isa Naika Prey - 50 PED
22 - cambuurfrans cambuurrinse cambuurpeter - 50 PED
24 - Fredrik blonde Jasse - 50 PED
26 - Marina OXOTA Nobiles - 50 PED
28 - Tava Kruznic Vokan - 50 PED
30 - Ocelot Efim Lance - 50 PED
32 - John Doe vindicator - 50 PED
34 - zoran drhegi kenth - 50 PED
36 - Haxxorzon Krille Haxxorzon - 50 PED
38 - Mike Theocles Shea - 50 PED
40 - Winnie110 winnie marklar - 50 PED
42 - Lize LizeLotte Sweden - 50 PED
44 - Pixy Anticontra Blue - 50 PED
46 - brad paintghost newby - 50 PED
48 - Vladislav Spiker Ogir - 50 PED
50 - Yuriy GoldHog Korsakov - 50 PED
55 - Joao Bustle Pedro - 50 PED
60 - Darius Krowz Black - 50 PED
65 - Philippus SoberPhil Maximus - 50 PED
70 - Master SeanF Hunter - 50 PED
75 - Veronika Verunya Ver - 50 PED
80 - LuckyLuke22 LL LL - 50 PED
85 - Thaddeus Rusty Venture - 50 PED
90 - Sailor Abbra-Cadaver Moonspell - 50 PED
95 - Michael Michaelwa3 Finnagin - 50 PED
100 - Eve Evey Everglades - 100 PED
105 - Naama Naamios Kala - 50 PED
110 - Wiz Tedab Pex - 50 PED
115 - Igor Putin Berezovskiy - 50 PED
120 - Ice Cold Queen - 50 PED
125 - ItWillBe ASilent Spring - 50 PED
130 - Forgorth Forgo Lundain - 50 PED
135 - John GrimReaper Weaver - 50 PED
140 - Simon Peter Kent - 50 PED
145 - Attere AzGarot Dominatum - 50 PED
150 - Jaakko Mussukka Taneli - 50 PED
155 - Indiana Loscha Jones - 50 PED
160 - AI Opeyum Tr - 50 PED
165 - The Red Thing - 50 PED
170 - Anna Chrona Chrona - 50 PED
175 - sorin Statica teodor - 50 PED
180 - Giggles Giggles Galore - 50 PED

2017-04-13 18:02

Live 24/7 Support

MindArk is continually striving to improve the Entropia Universe participant experience. In earlier communications, we have highlighted recent efforts to improve the newcomer experience and this is an area MindArk will continue to focus on. We also appreciate that Entropians occasionally need a helping hand with their adventures in Entropia Universe.

For this reason, MindArk has decided to launch 24/7 live support on the www.entropiauniverse.com and www.planetcalypso.com websites, starting on April 15, 2017. This live support channel is not intended as a replacement for the support ticket system already in place, but rather a complementary system to assist participants (especially newcomers) with minor gameplay and interface issues.

In addition, we are introducing live support avatars to assist participants with common issues and questions. This team will be available 24/7 in-game on Planet Calypso and in the universe-wide live support chat channel. These avatars will be available to help guide and assist participants with exploring the vast universe of Entropia rather than wrestling with client or interface issues. Please note that the live support channel is not a replacement for the normal support-ticket system, but a complement intended to assist with basic issues.

The areas that the in-game and web-based live support staff will handle will be limited to begin with. Those areas will include:

  • Account Creation
  • Download and Setup of the Client
  • Avatar Creation
  • Player Controls
  • Assistance with game mechanics and systems
  • General Information

Please note that interactions with the live support staff (whether in-game or via the web) are real-time direct communications and thus will not include follow-up communications for issues that require investigation or escalation. Also, please be courteous and polite to the live support staff, and remember that they are not responsible for any issues which may be causing frustration.

Submitting a traditional support case will still be necessary for sensitive matters related to:

  • Locked accounts
  • Personal identity details
  • Deposits, withdraws or financial-related issues
  • Bug reports
  • Exploit or scam reports

It is MindArk's hope that these new support channels will make Entropia Universe more accessible and enjoyable for all partcipants, and we welcome your feedback and suggestions to improve our customer service relationships.

2017-04-07 15:03

Easter Strongbox 2017 Sale Begins

The Easter Strongbox 2017 sale begins today, April 7! What treasure waits for you inside? 

Maybe it’s the Easter Ring 2017?

Check out the Strongbox Page for Easter Ring 2017 details and possible contents.

Available now in the Webshop

2017-03-30 10:48

Battle Simulator Competition

Just taking part in the Battle Simulator could put extra PED in your pocket!

Bonus Prizes for Leaderboard Positions

  • Positions 1-10: 50 PED
  • Even-numbered positions 12-50: 50 PED
  • Positions 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95: 50 PED
  • Position 100: 100 PED
  • Positions 105, 110, 115, 120, 125, 130, 135, 140, 145, 150, 155, 160, 165, 170, 175, 180, 185, 190, 195: 50 PED
  • Position 200: 100 PED


Start: Monday, April 3, 0200 UTC
End: Monday, April 10, 0100 UTC

Entry Fee


How to Enter the Battle Simulator

  1. Click the ‘Event List’ action from the Action Library. 
  2. Select ‘Global Instances’ from the Event Areas listing on the left side.
  3. Double-click ‘Battle Simulator’ in the central window, then click the ‘Register’ button and ‘Confirm’ to authorize the entrance fee.


  • The prizes listed above are in addition to the normal Battle Simulator leaderboard prizes.
  • These bonus prizes will be awarded manually after the end of the event.
  • Creating multiple accounts is a violation of the EULA and will result in sanctions against all associated accounts.

More Information

For more information on the Battle Simulator see the Battle Simulator page.

2017-03-29 16:47

Battle Simulator: Prize Distribution Changed to Mondays

The prize distribution for the Battle Simulator leaderboard has been changed to Mondays at 0200 UTC. 

The new payout time will come into effect after the currently scheduled payout on Friday, March 31.

This change will result in a shortened leaderboard event over the weekend before the new reset on Monday at 0200 UTC.

2017-03-07 13:49

Battle Simulator Released!

The Battle Simulator is now available to play!

Train your Combat Skills — Defend Entropia Universe!

The Entropia Universe Battle Simulator is a time-trial assault course. Exterminate all robot enemies and finish as fast as you can! 

Equal Playing Field

Battle Simulator runs are performed using a premade avatar with standardized skills, weapons and armor. Ammo consumption and deterioration are disabled. Additionally, all buffs are paused while inside the Battle Simulator instance.

How to Get Started

The Battle Simulator can be accessed anywhere in Entropia Universe:

  1. Click the ‘Event List’ action from the Action Library. 
  2. Select ‘Global Instances’ from the Event Areas listing on the left side.
  3. Double-click ‘Battle Simulator’ in the central window, then click the ‘Register’ button and ‘Confirm’ to authorize the entrance fee.

Win Prizes!

Loot Crate for Completion

Completing the Battle Simulator course gives access to a special loot crate. Unclaimed loot from other participants’ uncompleted runs may also increase the total value of the loot crate. 

Completion times will be entered into the Battle Simulator weekly leaderboard, where participants compete for additional rewards (see the “Leaderboard” section below).

Be on the lookout for the occasional message at the start of each run announcing extra bonus loot for completing the instance! 


Viewing the Leaderboard

You can view the current leaderboard by pressing the ‘Scores’ button opposite the ‘Register’ button in the Event List interface (see above). 

Checking Times on the Leaderboard

Only each participant’s best time is recorded on the leaderboard. To view a participant’s time, hover over the participant’s name or picture in the leaderboard.

Prize Pool

A portion of each Battle Simulator entry fee is added to the leaderboard prize pool; the current value of the prize pool can be viewed on the leaderboard display. Prizes are distributed using a dynamic payout structure: the more runs attempted, the more positions that will receive a prize and the larger the prize values. At the end of the week (midnight on Sundays, UTC) leaderboard prizes are delivered to the planet storage of each winner’s current avatar location, along with a confirmation message sent via the Message Center.

A symbol directly under a participant’s ranking number indicates that the participant will receive a prize for their current leaderboard position. Hover over the symbol to see the current prize value. 

‘Time until reward’ indicates the time remaining until leaderboard prizes are awarded. Note that the Battle Simulator will close one hour before this time. Participants currently in the Battle Simulator after closing will be permitted to finish their run.


  • Planet Partner revenue sharing is determined by the location of a participant’s avatar when entering the Battle Simulator instance.
  • In cases where a Battle Simulator run is interrupted due to a technical issue or server disruption, the entrance fee will be refunded automatically.


New to Entropia Universe? Check out our Beginner’s Guide.

Don’t have an account? Make an Entropia Universe Account

2017-02-28 11:34

Battle Simulator

#4 Overview

Here’s an overview of the Battle Simulator prototype concept.


  • A Global instance in the form of a time trial assault course. Destroy all enemies and finish as fast as you can!
  • Immediately accessible from anywhere in Entropia Universe via the Global Events List
  • 4 PED entrance fee
  • All Avatars are equal: standardized skill levels, weapons and armor are applied
  • Ammo consumption and deterioration are disabled
  • Prototype: will be released whilst undergoing development
  • Loot crate available once the course is completed
  • Additional prizes awarded to the top positions on the weekly leaderboard
  • Look out for the special message at the start of the run announcing occasional extra bonus loot for completing the instance
  • A wide array of hostile robots and turrets of varying difficulty and tactics spread throughout the Battle Simulator instance

Planned release on March 7, 2017.

Participants of all skill levels, gear and experience, including newcomers.

Give your Feedback
Share your views about the Battle Simulator in the community forums.

We hope you will enjoy testing your skills against other Entropians in the Battle Simulator!

2017-02-27 15:23

Battle Simulator Update

Due to unexpected disturbances within the Entropia Universe Dungeon System the Battle Simulator release has unfortunately been delayed for one week (March 7).

2017-02-16 12:33

State of the Universe Address 2017

Greetings Entropians!

Thank you for helping to make 2016 another great year for Entropia Universe. The combined efforts of MindArk, the planet partners and you, the community, have resulted in new accounts growing by nearly 12% and overall economic activity increasing by 5.3% during 2016. 

Our continued efforts at improving the experience for new participants contributed to that growth, as did the support of community members and existing participants in welcoming and mentoring new Entropians. MindArk will continue to improve the experiences and resources available to newcomers, including in-game and video tutorials, educational missions, improving the mentor/disciple system and rewards, and additional support for community efforts aimed at new participants.

Since starting at MindArk in my first position as Technical Director, I have worked relentlessly on improving the performance and quality of the Entropia Universe experience. Since last year’s State of the Universe Address, MindArk has continued those efforts and I am proud to report that Entropia Universe has never been more capable or reliable in terms of client and server performance.

2016 in Retrospect

During 2016, the content focus of MindArk and the planet partners was on missions, storylines and events. Our goal is for Entropia Universe to offer a variety of exciting and engaging gameplay, and social and entrepreneurial experiences for participants of all interests. We look forward to deepening and expanding the storylines and lore of Entropia Universe and Planet Calypso in the content planned for the coming year.

Dynamic Event at Fort Lahar, Planet Calypso

MindArk has also been working on new and improved platform systems that will provide more powerful tools for our planet partners to deploy engaging content for all participants. One such system released during 2016 is the Dynamic Event System, currently being tested on Calypso. This new system integrates event objectives and avatar participation with the existing mission tracker interface, and provides new tools for planet partners to create and manage more dynamic and engaging official events. Once that system is extended and refined, it will be made available to all planet partners in 2017.

MindArk released Entropia Pocket in 2016, a free mobile application for Android and iOS that integrates a two-factor authentication solution to provide comprehensive account security for all Entropia Universe participants. 

Entropia Pocket; 2-Factor Authentication

The Entropia Pocket app also provides real-time alerts about important events and news from within Entropia Universe. We plan to add additional features to Entropia Pocket moving forward, so be sure to get it installed on your mobile devices and keep up to date with the latest Entropia Universe news and developments. 

We have also added support for additional character sets in the Entropia Universe client chat interface, allowing participants to communicate in Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Hindi and more.

What Lies Ahead

Our immediate plans for 2017 include the recently announced Battle Simulator, a new platform-wide system geared toward short bursts of fast-paced gameplay. For more details about this exciting new addition to Entropia Universe, be sure to follow the Entropia Buzz page.

Preview of the Upcoming Battle Simulator

MindArk also plans to address many of the existing issues affecting interplanetary Space gameplay, specifically ship balance and travel. Once those important balance issues are resolved, we look forward to implemented new and previously planned features, such as galactic transport.

The opportunities and potential of Virtual Reality (VR) is another area that really fascinates all of us here at MindArk, and we have made efforts during 2016 to explore ideas that may enhance the Entropia Universe experience for existing and future participants by leveraging recent advances in VR software and hardware technology.

The Land Plot system will also see further development and expansion in 2017. A core aspect of the uniqueness of Entropia Universe is the opportunity for participants to invest in their avatar progression and holdings over time, and housing is an important part of that experience. We aim to progressively develop the housing system to foster the creation of vibrant and bustling cities and towns.


Finally, speaking of investments, I would like to briefly discuss MindArk’s plans for ComPet. ComPet has been fully released on Android, and is planned for release on iOS and Steam within the next few months. As promised, we are also working on the integration between ComPet and Entropia Universe, offering an innovative cross-platform and cross-genre gaming experience.

That being said, Entropia Universe is the primary product and focus of MindArk, and will continue to be so. In developing ComPet as an alternative gaming experience, MindArk has added an offering to complement and promote Entropia Universe. This is an effort that MindArk would like to continue, expanding and complementing Entropia Universe with new projects and experiences, thereby creating interesting and exciting growth opportunities in the upcoming year and beyond.

Finally I would like to thank you all for making Entropia Universe into this fantastic Virtual Universe experience and look forward to seeing you in both ComPet and Entropia during 2017 and beyond!

Klas Moreau
Chief Executive Officer
MindArk PE AB

2017-02-16 16:36

Battle Simulator

#3 Format, Objectives, Release and Feedback


The Battle Simulator will be a platform-wide solo instance in the form of a ‘time trial assault course’. You must destroy all enemies in each level as fast as you can. Prizes are given for completing the course. Additionally, there are extra prizes for climbing to top positions on the weekly leaderboard.

Battle Simulator runs are performed using a special premade avatar, so that all participants are on an equal footing, important for promoting the competitive aspects planned for this new system.


The Battle Simulator may appeal to a whole new audience of competitive gamers attracted by the prizes and tournaments on offer. Designed for immediate accessibility, all avatars will be able to enter Battle Simulator tournaments immediately and on equal terms with other players. 

This ‘instant-access’ game mode may encourage some players to specialize in the Battle Simulator. Ultimately, this will also contribute to the economy of Entropia Universe as a whole, as the Battle Simulator game mode runs parallel to the existing Real Cash Economy and Avatar progression model.

Release and Feedback

On February 28, 2017 the Battle Simulator will be released as a prototype and will still be undergoing development. Your feedback will therefore be a vital part of the development process. Your contributions will be welcomed in the community forums.

More information will be available soon.

An earlier version of this article stated:

Although skill-levels are standardized within the Battle Simulator, your Avatar still gains skills via Battle Simulator activities. These skill increases are applied to your Avatar after exiting the simulator instance.

This was a miscommunication. The initial prototype release of the Battle Simulator will not reward participants with skills; however skill rewards may be considered in the future.

2017-02-02 17:03

Battle Simulator

#2 Where All Avatars are Equal!

Activities in Entropia Universe usually require a certain amount of planning and preparation. This takes time. Furthermore, it can be difficult for new players to compete with veterans who have accumulated high skill levels and equipment.  

The Battle Simulator is for everyone and will be instantly accessible via the Entropia Universe user interface (UI). Avatars will compete under identical conditions: standard ‘simulator’ skill levels and weapons/ammo are applied upon entering the simulator. It’s stripped-down, old-fashioned arcade action where finishing and getting the fastest time is all that counts. Only your reflexes and strategies will determine your place on the leaderboard and the prizes you win.

The Battle Simulator will go platform-wide on the planned version update (VU) on February 28, 2017. 

More information will be sent out soon, so watch this space!

2017-02-02 14:49

Battle Simulator Instance Coming Soon!

#1 Introduction

A platform-wide Battle Simulator prototype will be available from your Avatar's UI in the upcoming VU.

We’ll be bringing you more information on a regular basis, so stay tuned for the next update!

2017-01-19 15:37

Christmas Strongbox Availability Ending Soon

Christmas Strongboxes are only available in the Webshop till 14:00 UTC on January 13, 2017. After this time they will not be available till next year. 

2016-12-29 13:16

Entropia Universe and ComPet Pet Trading

We are pleased to announce that the revolutionary new system enabling Entropia Universe players to supply pets to ComPet players in return for PED will be available soon. 

The first tradeable cross-platform pets will be ‘level-up pets’: pets that can only be used for levelling up existing pets in ComPet. ComPet players will be able to level up their pets faster using this method, so this will create a market for trained ‘level-up pets’ within Entropia Universe.

The ability to transfer ‘regular pets’ from (and to) ComPet will be introduced in future releases.   

2016-11-24 12:54

Black Friday Specials Now in Webshop!

Black Friday Special Ammo Packs are now available in the Webshop, so now's the time to tool up! 

  •  Up to 100% extra Autoloot pills 
  •  Up to 50% extra H-DNA revival chips 

These special value Ammo Packs are only available till 11.00 UTC on Monday.

Why not treat yourself to a Black Friday Special? 


Happy Hunting!

2016-10-07 13:40

New Fort Incursion With Lower Difficulty Level

A rookie Fort Incursion has been released on Planet Calypso at Fort Lahar! Talk to the CDF Scout at Fort Fury to get directions to the new Fort. 

Having created shared-loot Fort Incursions at Fort Pandora (for veteran Avatars) and Fort Medusa (for intermediate level Avatars) Planet Calypso have now designed a similar event featuring lower-level robots.

Just like the other Forts, Fort Lahar has a nearby robot spawn which triggers a pre-event after enough robots have been destroyed.

There’s also a new hunting mission where you thin out the local wildlife in return for Armor Plates! Talk to the CDF Scout in the Fort Lahar enclosure to activate the mission. 

Enjoy blasting those robots! 

2016-10-07 15:04

Land Plot Update: Hestia and Isle of Troy

Hestia Settlement: Bidding Opens Next Week...

Bidding for Land Plots on “Hestia Settlement” [66973, 76540] on Planet Calypso opens October 12, 09:00 UTC in a reverse bid auction.

The new Settlement offers 57 Land Plots located at a scenic waterfront setting near plentiful hunting grounds and the newly added Fort Lahar.  

Those interested in obtaining the Plots can take part in the reverse bid auction using their existing Calypso Land Deeds (CLDs). To do this, Avatars must first interact with the Plot Terminal on the Land Plot to acquire the Estate Deed. Once acquired, an Avatar can claim the Plot using the Estate Terminal.

Isle Of Troy Settlement — Revamped!

Land Plots on "Isle of Troy Settlement" [80232, 66387] have been visually revamped to more closely resemble the high-quality look of the other Settlements.

Background and Further Information

Housebuilding on Land Plots provides a market for Composite Planks that are crafted from materials acquired in Resource Gathering. In addition, the Gardening System allows Land Plot owners that have a House within the CLD Estate System to create saleable organic goods.  

To view full details on all buildable Land Plots on Planet Calypso as well as an overview of the CLD Estate System, please see the Land Plot Page.

2016-10-05 13:30

Colonist Jumpsuits - Now in Color!

Brand new Colonist Jumpsuits are now rewarded as part of two new mission chains: one on Planet Calypso and one on Planet Arkadia! 

The mission chains — which are listed as “Colonist Jumpsuit” in the Mission Tracker — are intended for new players but are open to all. Check the Daily Mission Terminals on Calypso or the IFN Challenge Terminals on Arkadia for details.

The missions are designed to aid the orientation and socialization of beginners by enabling them to share a common starter experience. 

2016-10-05 14:58

Gardening has Arrived!

Entropia Universe is proud to present the new Gardening System! Land Plot owners that have a House within the CLD Estate System can now build Gardening Boxes and start producing goods. Further updates to the Gardening System are already being planned, so expect more content soon!

Here is a gardening guide to get you started.  

Building Gardening Boxes

Each house you build adds a number of ‘Gardening Points’ to your Plot. Gardening Points define how many Gardening Boxes you can build. For instance, a basic “Omegaton Acorn” Gardening Box is 1 point. The number of Gardening Points are shown next to the green square in the Plot Management UI.

Choose Construction Mode (middle button) on the Plot Management UI, choose the Gardening Box and then “Construct”. Execute the first stage to place the Gardening Box on your plot. If you wish to move the Gardening Box after placing it, choose Logistics Mode (right button) on the Plot Management UI and then click the icon above the Gardening Box. 

Once your Gardening box is placed on your Plot you need to finish building it. To do this remain in Construction Mode and click the icon over the Gardening Box. There are 3 more building stages. Click the icon over the Gardening Box to see these stages.  Each stage will show the materials needed to execute that stage. 

Growing Plants 
Once your Gardening box is finished it’s time to start growing plants! 

Choose Production Mode (left button) on the Plot Management UI and click the icon above one of the Plant Slots. This will bring up a list of available plants to grow. Select the plant you wish grow to view the materials required for the next stage. After initiating a stage you will have to wait for that stage to be completed. The waiting time is shown by a counter under the stage description. After all stages are complete you can harvest your plant and obtain the fruit!


Have a great time gardening!