ComPet Announcement

Late in 2017, MindArk performed a major overhaul and update to ComPet with the goal of improving conversion and retention of new players. After this overhaul was implemented and refined, a comprehensive marketing campaign was initiated early in 2018. Analysis of that marketing campaign and the resulting conversion rates indicated that the current model was not sustainable. The marketing analysis was conducted by a leading mobile marketing firm.

As such, the MindArk Board of Directors has decided to suspend any further development or marketing of ComPet, and is exploring options for potential development and/or publishing partnerships with established mobile game organizations.

In order to minimize the impact of the decision to suspend development of ComPet, MindArk is offering ComPet Deed holders the ability to exchange ComPet Deeds for Arkadia Moon Deeds at a ratio of five ComPet Deeds for two Arkadia Moon Deed. The upcoming release will place two different NPC:s on Planet Calypso which will handle the transfer, one in Port Atlantis Mall Teleporter and one in Twin Peaks. The NPC:s will be available until December.

Update; The transfer NPC has been relocated to Celeste Harbour on Planet Arkadia, location [29820, 10165].

Best regards,
Henrik Nel
CEO MindArk